Thursday, September 20, 2012

Secrets of Nikola Tesla - Free Energy Now

The above movie is part of the story about Nikola Tesla and what he achieved in his lifetime.  The movie is one hour and thirty seven minutes long.  At first it's a little dry and boring but it does get better and gives you a true view of the money powers that be.

  This video is a documentary on Tesla's work.  Interestingly, they site the top video throughout the documentary.  Tesla proved free energy was and is viable.  However, no one makes money off of free energy.  When you look at everything around you today, you must ask the question, why are we paying for electricity?  Why is it wired?  Why do we need wires?  Why are people paying for cable TV?  TV used to be broadcast for free.  Now everyone wants you to pay for it.  Why are we paying for Internet?  The Internet can be broadcast over the air the same as radio and the way TV was and TV in many metropolitan areas still is.
English: Tesla's Polyphase Alternating Current...
English: Tesla's Polyphase Alternating Current 500 horse power generator, in Westinghouse exhibit in the Electricity building of the 1893 World Columbian Exposition in Chicago. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  For those who do not understand the point here, AC is alternating current.  We do not use alternating current in our homes.  We use DC or direct current.  This is why your home has power lines.  We do not need power lines if we switch to AC and transmit that AC power.  What that also means.  We do not need oil or gas.  We can run cars on an unlimited supply of free AC power that is being transmitted through the air waves.  AC power is not produced using petroleum or coal.

Within one generation, we can transform the entire world if the powers that be really wanted us to.  That would destroy their strangle hold on us though.  The present economy we live in is fully dependent on us being dependent on it.  So do you really think that when Washington, DC claims we need to look for new and alternative energy sources to oil, they really mean it?

  The technology has been there for over one hundred years already.  By the way, in the event you believe that the Washington power brokers are serious about alternative power, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell to you.  Oil prices are where they are because they can get away with it.  we have reported on this site before, there is no oil shortage and there is no such thing as limited resources on this earth for our needs.  We have no over population problem.  Those are myths sold to you to keep you paying the power brokers who break your bank everyday.

  Enron sold people on the idea that they were going to save everyone money with their plans on how energy was going to be made available.  California is now bankrupt partially because of Enron's plans.  Way to many people pay by far to much for electricity because of the mess Enron made.  Laws were never changed that Enron got put into place.  Enron liked DC power.  We all know the rest of the story.

  There is a fight to control your mind and it is waged everyday.  It is launched in the least likely and the most likely places.

Tesla Motors car company.  Interesting video.

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