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Gloucester, VA - The Thrive Movement and the Fight To Control your Mind

website is down
website is down (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)
This is the official Thrive video.  The launch of the Thrive Movement.  The video is 2 hours and 12 minutes long.  It's loaded with some very interesting information but it turns a lot of people off early in the viewing due to it's alien visitation inputs. The main web site is http://www.thrivemovement.com/ and the site is loaded with a good deal of information.  High budget video and web site one has to wonder what the real agenda is here.

  We first visited the web site a few weeks ago after watching the video.  The site was not at all functional.  Only the video was hosted and the main page had a donation and sales area.  We thought it strange since this movement has been around for almost a year now.  Every page we visited was the same as the home page and none of the links worked.  We checked this through multiple browsers and computers as well as a tablet.  Same issues each time for several days.

  We decided to dig deeper into the matter and found the Thrive Movement on Facebook where we made contacts with some of the people there.  We were told that they had no other reports of site problems or other issues.  Then again they may have told 10,000 other people the same story.  Your always the only one who is having this issue.

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  To further the issues with the alien agenda in the film, Foster Gamble of the Proctor and Gamble fortune would have you believe that crop circles are placed here by aliens as a message to us regarding free energy.  (Please see the film).  Further research on crop circles simply does not support this.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crop_circle  This link is to a Wiki site that covers crop circles in more detail.

  The more we delve into the Thrive Movement and follow the links, the more we see well funded sites that are professionally laid out and not part of any form of grass roots movement.

Overall, we liked the video and it made a lot of sense in many areas but leaves other areas wide open for questions and the more we question the Thrive Movement, the more we keep finding more to question.  Yes Thrive is bringing up some very valid points in their video and on their site, but there is some serious money behind the entire movement.  One of the areas on the thrive Movement site right now that is being heavily promoted is Chemtrails.  Chemical trails that we all see nearly every day up in the sky being spread by planes.  Yes Chem Trails are real, however, none of the original sites or early reported coverage is used on the Thrive site.  Only newer sites and videos are used through Thrive.  Sort of like an exclusive club where only members are allowed.

  http://thrivedebunked.wordpress.com/2012/04/20/gambles-fire-back-accusing-thrive-critics-of-disinformation-campaign/  This link is to a site that argues that the Thrive Movement is loaded with a ton of garbage.  We have found some flaws in the arguments against Thrive, however, we also found some valid points as well.  The Thrive Movement site has Google Analytics loaded onto it to track how much time you spend on the site and what you are looking at.  We use the same technology on this site as well as it gives us somewhat of an edge on the direction of where we need to go.


  How the fight to control your mind works.  You give people a certain amount of truth and douse it with a certain amount of fabrication to make the entire story believable.  This technique has been used for centuries because it is extremely effective.  With advanced communications these days, the techniques have been brought to a much higher level than at any other time in history.  The evening news uses it as does the White house and every government body on the face of the earth.  It has become impossible to separate the truth from the fabrications now as there are tons of documented evidence to support both the truth and the fabrications.

  As we continue to grow the level of information, tons if disinformation will follow.  Is the Thrive Movement the capitalist answer to Zeitgeist?  The two look a lot alike.  In many areas we respect the work of the Thrive Movement and agree with some of it's messages.  In other areas we highly question the movement and it's works.  The more we dig through Thrive, the more uneasy we are about it.  It's up to each one of us to determine what we believe and what we think as well as support.  You can support the Baptist church but will be criticized by the Catholics for that choice.  You can support the Republican party but will be criticized by the Democrats and other parties.  We are all individuals with different experiences that help to determine our beliefs.  But are those beliefs the right ones?  That's part of the human experience.

   On a last word, keep in mind that people do not spend a great deal of money without expecting to receive some kind of return.  The Thrive Movement is well financed which means that they have an agenda somewhere.  They are not spending all this money because they think it is the right humanitarian thing to do.  Somehow, somewhere, they expect to get some kind of return on this investment.

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