Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gloucester, VA- The Fight To Control Your Mind - 911 Special Edition Launch

There is a massive media contest going on larger than at anytime in known history .  That fight is the fight to control your mind.  At every level, on every issue, with extreme amounts of data from more sides than you could ever imagine, how does one sort through all the confusion?  It used to take years to become an expert on just about any given subject.  Now one can compile a massive and impressive data file loaded with audio, video, e-books, PDF files and more within a matter of days.

  We have decided to take you on a journey through this fight and at times we will offer commentary that is within our own opinion, but respect the rights for you to form your opinions on the subject matter we publish here.  We are launching this series with a special 911 edition that is video footage shot by an independent film maker that resides in New Jersey, just across the river from Manhattan, where the  main 911 incident took place.  Caution, the video can get boring very fast as you keep thinking to yourself, "I'm waiting for it, waiting for it?  Ugh, when is it going to get there?  Oh there it is!"

  The video is one hour and 44 plus minutes long so make sure you have plenty of time to view this piece.  We think it is worth your time as it is the best alternative and well researched piece we have seen to date on 911 possibly being an inside job.  We are not taking sides, we are presenting what is out there that you may not have seen and will never be able to see on the local or national news or newspapers and magazines.  View the video and make your own decisions.  This is the piece of history that has altered life both here in the United States and the world.

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