Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Film That Is Sparking Middle Eastern Riots - The Fight To Control Your Mind

This above video trailer is part of what is sparking off all the riots against the US in Egypt and Libya.  We are not posting this video clip here to incite more issues, but to report on what the issues are.  The above video was posted on 9/11 by News Politics Now 3 on You Tube.  In fact You Tube now has a very large amount of trailers showing up on the site trying to claim a share of the hits.

This video above is the real trailer posted back in July that is said to be causing all of the riots now.  The film maker?  One Sam Bacile.  However, the name is fake. CBS news reports that he is not from the US at all.  The US is getting a lot of bad press because the video was produced here.  So where is this guy from?  It is said that he is an Arab Christian.  Why did he make the movie?  From two interviews he gave before he went into hiding, his family was attacked by Muslims while living in Egypt and he still has family there.

  The CBS news report shows that it is a common practice for Muslims to attack Christians in various areas of the middle east.  The trailer received little attention until Bacile, (Fake name), dubbed the video in Arabic.  It was this Arabic translation that sent the shock waves throughout the middle east.

  The official news here is that the video was produced to bring to light the plight of Christians being persecuted by Muslims throughout the Middle East.  Frankly, we smell a rat.  Look at the movie trailer and you see a low budget film purposely designed to poke fun at Muslim's.

This film is controversial in nature and may just explain what is really going on here.  Is it possible that the film was produced to continue the fighting in the Middle East?  To bring the US into Egypt and Libya?  These are just questions that we bring to you.  The entire matter is disturbing no matter how you look at it.

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