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Gloucester, VA - The Fight To Control Your Mind - Zeitgeist Revisited

English: A photo taken of Peter Joseph as he a...
English: A photo taken of Peter Joseph as he answers questions at the Q&A session after the Zeitgeist: Moving Forward screening the day before Zday 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Zeitgeist, Zeitgeist Addendum and now Zeitgeist Moving Forward.  Films by Peter Joseph.  He is also creating new films that are about a half hour long and hosted on You Tube.  His new works contradict his earlier works in several areas.

  It all boils down to Peter Joseph promoting idealistic forms of communism. On paper and in films, it all sounds good and we would not have an issue with it if it could possibly be implemented, however, history has already shown us that it is not sustainable and has serious flaws.  There are no real plans in communism, even in it's idealistic state, for incentive rewards.

The guy is obviously very bright and talented as well as very well funded.  The question is what is his real agenda?  Is he trying to get people to switch their thinking to the communist agenda?  The above film is 2 hours and 42 minutes long and we have yet to get through it all but have downloaded a copy to dig deeper into it.  CLICK HERE to go to the Zeitgeist site to see all the films by Peter Joseph.  Some of the serious flaws in communism is that it attacks religion and does not allow for it.  Peter Joseph makes constant attacks on religion throughout all of his films.  Hard for the masses to take him seriously when he is blatant about attacking religion.

  When you use some strong research and are on the money in some areas and then attack the masses at core values, it does not matter how good of a job you do in most of your work, you lose people altogether when you attack their core beliefs and then they are just turned off by anything you even try to do in the future.

   There are real wars going on for your mind and it's coming from the highest levels imaginable.  Zeitgeist is just one of the many films out there fighting for some of that control.  We have enjoyed a great deal of Peter Joseph's works, but in the end for our own opinion, we do not agree with his ultimate agenda.  We will continue to watch his productions as they are very well done, but he has lost us on the mind control front.

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