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GVLN - Are Torrents Destroying Hollywood? Part 5 and Final

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This is the final part in our series of "Are Torrents Destroying Hollywood?".  This series has been very highly successful and so we are going to continue to explore various aspects of video downloads, burning, copyrights and so forth.  Each article in the future though will have it's own title and not be a part of an ongoing series.  In our final article here we have promised to discuss whether or not the disk is dead.  Arguments have been raging for several years now that the disk is dead.  That includes everything from music CD's, DVD movies, Blu Ray films, software and gaming disks.  The argument is that flash media, inexpensive mass storage hard drives, cloud storage, streaming media and instant downloads have changed the game.

  It has changed the game.  Sales on every type of media sold on disks is way down.  But does that mean that the disk is really dead?  We don't think so.  Here is why.  Let's look at the overall market force.  We are without question in some very tough financial times.  Sales on just about everything is down.  You can't site sales down in this area on a lack of interest.

  Another market pressure not usually considered in the sales numbers is the fact that the market is now flooded with all kinds of disks.  Retail marketing for disks of every sort is now available in more places and greater abundance.  Then there is the secondary market that is also very highly flooded.  Every thrift store, consignment shop, used or second hand store, pawn shop, flea market, yard sale and or garage sale has all kinds of disks for sale and now the prices are super cheap.  Local prices are between $2,00 to $4.00 per DVD title used.  CD's are now down to around $1.00 each.

  That's a lot of excess product out there.  There are a lot of people taking advantage of the lower prices on the secondary market that takes away from the primary retail market.  And the same with more retailers carrying more and more DVD titles.  Discounters have huge assortments to choose from these days and that includes movies, games, music and software.  Again, in the local market, if you don't want to pay the $10.00 price tag on a lower end jewel case game, wait until it is pulled off of Wal Mart's shelf and you can find it a week later at Ollie's Bargain store for only $3.99.

  Yet further considerations are the large amount of people without high speed Internet or even no Internet at all throughout rural and even suburban America.  All of these folks have no choice but to buy disks.

  Another area to consider is Blu Ray movies.  You do not want to play a hacked version of a Blu Ray movie on your Blu Ray player due to the fact that the next movie you buy may just shut the player down from playing that and all future Blu Ray movies again.  (Limited but becoming more common.  CLICK HERE for more information on this issue.

  We don't see the disk disappearing off the shelves for many years to come.  Also, compare the price of a 4 gig flash drive to a single layer DVD disk when transferring files and then giving the information to someone else.  A disk is still a much cheaper medium than a flash drive.

  One further issue.  When it comes to software, I would rather have the disk version than the download version any day of the week.  Re loading or setting up a new system and retiring an old system is much easier when you have the software disk.  Many downloaded software titles these days are not transferable to other computers even in the freeware arena.

  So no, the disk is not dead.  It's just fighting a highly saturated market force in a down economy.

We are ending this series with a nice freebie for everyone.  A Free downloadable video.  This is a legal video download and is in the MP4 format.  The title is Petticoat Junction - Herbie Get's Drafted.  This is an early 1960's sitcom.  It's in Black and White.  About 25 minutes in length and is around 111 mb's in size.
CLICK HERE for your free download.

  If you have problems with trying to figure out how to download the file. we have a link at the top of this site to one of our other sites that has full instructions there on how to get your copy.

Coming up next is a new series titled, "The Fight To Control Your Mind."

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