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Democrats and Republicans Should Seriously Consider Mitt Romney As Next President

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We are taking a different approach to discussing candidates in this upcoming election.  We are not going to sling any mud.  You can watch all the mud slinging and fighting on any TV channel, watch it all day long here on the Internet, listen to it on the radio or read about it in the newspapers or magazines.  Frankly, it's all very sickening to us.  Stick to the issues and bring forth the best of each candidate and stop the slimy backstabbing.

  We are not against Barack Obama in any way.  Let's just say he has done a fine job in one of the toughest periods this nation has ever gone through.  We are not going to say that he would not do fine in a second term.

What we are saying is let's look at the real facts of where we are right now and where we want to go as a nation.  Barack Obama has no real world business experience.  He was trained more for politics than anything else.  There is nothing wrong with that.  Mitt Romney brings forth to the podium for all of us to consider his background as both a very successful business man as well as a very successful politician.

  It is these two qualities that have the potential to bring us out of our present situation more than any other.  With Mitt Romney's background in both politics and business, who is more ready and able to deal with and work with businesses to help get the economy going?   Barack Obama does not easily speak the language of business.  As a politician, Mitt Romney is also ready to deal with tough issues of our nation and has been studying the problems for a number of years now.  Barack Obama has not had the luxury to sit back in a relaxed environment to study the issues, he has had to face them head on.

  Yes, Barack Obama knows where this nation is right now better than anyone based on his being the commander in chief.  However, how much time has he had to reflect on what is going on?  He has to act.  Mitt has had ample time to reflect and develop better plans.

  This next part you are welcome to argue all you want, but Mitt Romney is more likely to protect our Constitution, family values, religious rights as well as the right to not participate in any form of religious beliefs better than Barack Obama.  Mitt has a large family himself and so he knows what it takes to care for and protect than family.  That is not to knock Barack Obama who is also a family man, but Barack Obama does not know what it is like to take care of such a large family and do what it takes.

  You can easily get all the background information on both candidates all over the net.  What we are saying here is dig deeper into who you are considering and look at the bigger picture.  Get out of the mud slinging and just turn it off.  Look at what each candidate brings to the plate and make a careful consideration.

  If you are a Democrat, step back and take a look at Mitt's past and present and you will see that you share a lot of the same values.  Stop letting the press make your decisions for you.  This race is very close and will continue to the wire very close.  We wish both candidates the best.

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