Saturday, March 16, 2013

Gloucester, VA, County Attorney Ted Wilmot Lying To Board of Supervisors?

The above video clip is a behavioral analysis of Ted Wilmot during two Gloucester, VA Board of Supervisors meetings.  In our opinion he was lying on both clips, however, his actions on the second clip are more clear than they are on the first.  We took video clips from various You Tube posts that are experts in the field of detecting when people are lying and incorporated them in with clips from Gloucester County Board of Supervisor meeting video clips.

  The results speak for themselves and we suggest you make up your own mind on whether or not you think this man is lying to his bosses.  What we do know.  In the first clip, Ted Wilmot says that he and Animal Control were on top of changes to state law and county ordinances well before we started our complaints on the ordinances being in violation of state law.  In the second clip, Mr Wilmot dropped that argument.  What we had pointed out to Mr Wilmot is that his proposed changes to section 3-15 that were published on January 2nd, for that first clip meeting, were still in violation of state law.  After we pointed that out, the county had published the changes and they are all found on this site.

  So he did have to change the January 2nd, Animal Control ordinances proposal  per part of our suggestions to meet state law requirements.  That's how we knew he was lying in the second clip.  We have a copy of the original proposal and it's on this site and we have the changed proposal on this site as well.

  But lets go even further.  The state laws changed back in 2011.  Why did both Animal Control and Ted Wilmot wait until 2013 to play catch up?  Let's make it worse.  We have already shown on this site that the new ordinances still have violations to state laws.  That means Mr Wilmot is lying down on the job of protecting the county.

  Just when you think we are done.  Mr Wilmot prosecuted a woman in a Gloucester Court with a supposed violation to section 3-15 which is the ordinance that was being changed because it was in violation of state laws, only a few days after this meeting.  He knew he was prosecuting a person with an ordinance that was not valid.  Still more.  The judge for the case, went along with the prosecution filing misdemeanor charges, court costs and penalties.  They are still forcing this woman to pay those fees for an ordinance violation that in itself was a violation of state law.

  Welcome to the new wild wild west.

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