Monday, October 28, 2013

Statement of Governor Bob McDonnell on I-264 Downtown Tunnel Project in Portsmouth

English: Governor of Virginia at CPAC in .
English: Governor of Virginia at CPAC in . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
RICHMOND – Governor Bob McDonnell today issued the following statement in response to concerns from the City of Portsmouth regarding the Elizabeth River Tunnels Project weekend tunnel closures and its impact to the local business community:

“I directed the Virginia Department of Transportation, the Commonwealth Transportation Board and Elizabeth River Crossings (ERC) to work with the City of Portsmouth to develop the most balanced solution for the work that needs to be done on the I-264 Westbound Tunnel in Portsmouth.  As a result of collaboration by all partners involved, the Commonwealth and ERC listened to the concerns of Portsmouth and developed an alternate plan to ease the impact of tunnel closures on local businesses.  Moving forward, there will be no full weekend tunnel closures, so businesses and the community will be able to use the tunnel during the daytime and early evening hours through the weekends and weekdays.  The westbound tunnel will be closed for work during the nights only.  This is a viable solution reached by the state, Portsmouth and the private sector.  Rehabilitation of the existing Downtown and Midtown tunnels is part of the Elizabeth River Tunnels Project to improve safety and extend the life of these facilities. This work must be done to improve safety and mobility in the Hampton Roads region.  As construction continues, the project team will continue to work with the community and motorists to maximize safety and create the least impacts as possible.  When the project is finished, motorists and citizens will have a greatly improved transportation facility.”
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