Saturday, November 2, 2013

Battle of the Hook, 2013 Latest Grapahic Art Prints and New Photobook

These are the latest creations we made based on photos from the recent Battle of the Hook event a few weekends ago.  We have a lot of content we are going through and it's going to take us a long time to get up everything we want to share.  We have already put up a calendar as well as a photobook on for purchase and we are working on creating a series of calendars and photobooks for anyone interested.  We have over 750 images up on Flickr from the Battle of the Hook, 2013 event as well as 60 images from the 2008 event.  When you have a moment, you want to check those out.  There are some really great shots on there that have gained a lot of attention.  This is the link to the new photobook on  It's 21 pages of incredible photos.  Many we are not putting up on any sites.  The price of the photobook is only $24.99.

Battle of the Hook, 2013  American Revolution

Cover of the new photobook.
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