Monday, October 28, 2013

Buying It Used, Criminal Sales Activity? Gloucester, VA

Section 13-28: Bidding to Purchase County Property No County employee or member of his/her immediate family shall be eligible to bid to purchase any County property at County sponsored auctions. For the purpose of this policy, a member of the immediate family shall be defined as any person who is a natural or legally defined offspring, spouse, or parent of the employee.

  One of the owners of the store, Buy It Used, is also a part time employee of Gloucester County in the Animal Control unit of Gloucester County, Virginia.  That is not at all criminal.  

If you look very close at this picture to the left, you will note that it was once the property of Gloucester County public schools, particularly, Petsworth Elementary school.  It's written right there on the side.  The projector is for sale at Buy It Used for a mere $30.00.  Their signature sales tage is seen to the left of the power cord.

We did some enhancements to this picture to show the Petsworth name a little clearer than the last picture.  We have reported on this store in the past because so much of their merchandise looks like it came out of the county and the store often looks like a county surplus store selling merchandise that looks like it came out of Gloucester government offices or schools.

Usually the way you obtain that stuff is through county auctions.  Those auctions are on the Internet and we have shown how to get to those pages to see what the county is selling.  

  Now if they are not getting county goods at auction, is the county using this store as a front to sell merchandise and not reporting the sales?  If that is the case, who is pocketing the money?  Is someone in the county giving them this merchandise for free which would fall under unreported income?  Both a State as well as IRS tax violations?

  We are going to be fair here, it could be that they bought this piece at a local yard sale, (not likely), or they could have bought it at a non government auction, however, with the county employment code the way it is, why would any employee who owns a business take the chance of having something like this in their store knowing what the potential appearance looks like?  What does that appearance look like?  Well that is what we started out with.  Illegal activity.  A front for unscrupulous employees working together to fatten their own pockets at tax payer expenses.  Is this store moving stolen county goods?  We don't know.  We only know what we saw and took pictures of.  Is this the only piece?  Well this is the only one that still had an ID on it.  Plenty of other stuff looks like it came out of the local schools but there are no identifiers.

  This looks like more of the typical Animal Control employee criminal activity that the entire department seems to keep finding itself wrapped up in.  Criminals with no regard for the law.  

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