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Friday, October 24, 2014

Open Letter to the Citizens of Gloucester County Virginia

Open Letter to the Citizens of Gloucester County Virginia

Your meetings seem to get more interesting overtime. Where can you go to a county meeting to talk about a “cat house”? Did you not go to or see the meeting. Check out the video.

"The Land of the Life Worth Living" for everyone in the county.
If you have not seen this meeting it is available on Mr. Thompson’s website. I cannot do justice to what was shared in the meeting. But here are a few highlights to whet your appetite.

At hour 3 in the meeting Mr “Ted” Wilmot, you know his complete name with out me have to write it out, started discussing changes to the Animal Control Ordinances to bring them into compliance with Virginia Code. He used phrases like: “consistent with state definition”, “track state code definitions”, “track precisely with state code”.

Now after hearing him use these phrases I have to wonder why Gloucester County Ordinance Chapter 3 Section 3-18 is still part of the code?

Amend Section 3-18 as follows:
Sec. 3-18. Animals in enclosed vehicles.
(a) It shall be unlawful to leave any animal in a vehicle without the
benefit of air conditioning when the outside temperature reaches
eighty (80) degrees fahrenheit or greater.
(b) Any person who confines an animal in an unattended vehicle so as
to cause the animal to suffer from heat stress, shall be guilty of a
Class 1 misdemeanor. The animal control officer or other officer
shall have the authority to remove any animal foundleft in an
enclosed a vehicle that appears to be suffering from heat stress.
The animal shall be provided immediate veterinary care. The
animal owner or custodian shall be responsible for all expenses
incurred during the removal of the animal or its subsequent
treatment and impoundment.
(c) In the event that the person responsible for the violation cannot be
ascertained, the registered owner of the vehicle, as required by
Chapter 6 of Title 46.2 of the Code of Virginia, shall constitute in
evidence a prima facie presumption that such registered owner
was the person who committed the violation.”

Virginia Code Title 3.2 Chapter 65 Comprehensive Animal Care (3.2-6500 thru 3.2-6590) and specifically 3.2-6508 Transporting animals; requirements; penalty.

"§ 3.2-6508. Transporting animals; requirements; penalty.

A. No owner, railroad or other common carrier when transporting any animal shall allow that animal to be confined in any type of conveyance more than 24 consecutive hours without being exercised, properly rested, fed and watered as necessary for that particular type and species of animal. A reasonable extension of this time shall be permitted when an accident, storm or other act of God causes a delay. Adequate space in the primary enclosure within any type of conveyance shall be provided each animal depending upon the particular type and species of animal.

B. No person shall import into the Commonwealth, nor export from the Commonwealth, for the purpose of sale or offering for sale any dog or cat under the age of eight weeks without its dam.

C. Violation of this section is a Class 1 misdemeanor. “

I do not see anything that looks like the county code in this section or as Mr. Wilmot would say “consistent with state definition”, “track state code definitions”, “track precisely with state code”. Does Mr. Wilmot know we live in a Commonwealth and not a state? Inquiring minds want to know?

Lets look further: 3.2-6566 Preventing cruelty to animals; interference; penalty

Ҥ 3.2-6566. Preventing cruelty to animals; interference; penalty.

Each animal control officer, humane investigator or State Veterinarian's representative shall interfere to prevent the perpetration of any act of cruelty upon any animal in his presence. Any person who shall interfere with or obstruct or resist any humane investigator or State Veterinarian's representative in the discharge of his rights, powers, and duties as authorized and prescribed by law is guilty of a Class 4 misdemeanor. “

Not here either. Lets continue: 3.2-6568 Power of search for violations of statutes against cruelty to animals

Ҥ 3.2-6568. Power of search for violations of statutes against cruelty to animals.

When an affidavit is made under oath before a magistrate or court of competent jurisdiction by any animal control officer, humane investigator, law-enforcement officer, or State Veterinarian's representative that the complainant believes and has reasonable cause to believe that the laws in relation to cruelty to animals have been, are being, or are about to be violated in any particular building or place, such magistrate or judge, if satisfied that there is reasonable cause for such belief, shall issue a warrant authorizing any sheriff, deputy sheriff, or police officer to search the building or place. After issuing a warrant under this section, the magistrate or judge shall file the affidavit in the manner prescribed by § 19.2-54. After executing the warrant, the animal control officer, humane investigator, law-enforcement officer, or State Veterinarian's representative shall return the warrant to the clerk of the circuit court of the city or county wherein the search was made. “

I believe Section 3-18 paragraph (b) violates Virginia Code. Does Mr. Wilmot have a real law degree and everything or did he just forget to stop at a “Bar” or was that pass a bar? Maybe his vast staff did this work and he did not check it to make sure it was legal?

I cannot find in Virginia Code where this is a legal ordinance. Lets look at the proposed ordinance to see what it says:

Animals in enclosed vehicles.

(a) It shall be unlawful to leave any animal in a vehicle without the
 benefit of air conditioning when the outside temperature reaches eighty (80) degrees fahrenheit or greater.”

This says animals in a vehicle a horse trailer back of an open pickup truck, etc. if it is 80 degrees Fahrenheit or greater you can have your animal taken with this new change if you do not have air conditioning. When are the animal control vehicles going to meet this requirement. Bring them into compliance and then consider 3-18 after it is made part of the Virginia Code.

If the Board considers passing this they are “criminals with no regards for the rule of law”? I believe your oath of office state you will uphold the US and Virginia Constitution and laws. This does not appear to meet those requirements?

If you want to hear about these changes listen at hour 3 for about 10 minutes and learn about the county's position on cat houses.

I am not a lawyer and cannot give legal advice. Our founding fathers used common sense and Christian scripture when establishing our founding documents. This change does not meet either of these., you decide?

"The Land of the Life Worth Living" for everyone in the county.

Alexander James Jay

P.S. So why are we hiring another Animal Control Officer don't the ones we have get in enough mischief without needing another one?

"Bigotry is the disease of ignorance, of morbid minds; enthusiasm of the free and buoyant. Education and free discussion are the antidotes of both." --Thomas Jefferson, letter to John Adams, 1816

"Man, once surrendering his reason, has no remaining guard against absurdities the most monstrous, and like a ship without rudder, is the sport of every wind. With such persons, gullibility, which they call faith, takes the helm from the hand of reason and the mind becomes a wreck." --Thomas Jefferson, letter to James Smith, 1822

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Gloucester, VA Board of Supervisors Meeting Video Nov. 2013

We are running late putting up a copy of this video as we took the week off for meetings and some rather deep investigations.  This particular BoS meeting is rather short compared to many in the past.  It has it's laughs however.  Twitching Ted, (I'm not an attorney), Wilmot, court jester was allowed to speak in this meeting.  Of course he was presenting a new ordinance that seems to be in clear violations of the Dillon rule, hence state code, so even though he has learned to control his hands better than in the past, his facial twitches and deep swallows were still evident that he was less than comfortable with his presentation of the ordinance choices he drafted.  As we keep saying, if you have to go up against an attorney, this is the guy you want to go up against.  You can easily read him like a book.   Sorry Ted, you are still not ready for the prime time players.

The laughing jester // Art museum of Sweden, S...
The laughing jester // Art museum of Sweden, Stockholm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 You can also catch a good laugh as both Hutson and Theberge try to force the private chambers for the judge's personal cars down the taxpayers throats.  Kudos to Chrisco for not allowing it and forcing it over to CPI where it belongs.

  The big question we still have is why is this board trying to go out with passing yet further ordinances that in every way appear as such blatant violations to state code?  Are they trying to go out with maximum damage to the taxpayers?  Be sure to thank them for all the money they have taken out of your pocket for years to come.  If we continue to see this kind of garbage, Gloucester will get renamed Tumbleweed county as everyone flocks to leave because of the ridiculous taxes and lack of return on investments from those higher taxes.

In our opinion, Gloucester is still a prefered place to live on our list with only a handful of places throughout the state that also include a few minor hidden sections around Williamsburg, James City County and York County and maybe a few choice areas around Charles City county and New Kent County, otherwise the rest of the state has fun places to play, but not to live.  The rest of the list for us is short on a national level and only includes minor selections in PA, Florida and Georgia.  Everywhere else we have been are just not our cup of tea.  Sure there are a lot of great places throughout the nation to play in, but living there, no thanks.

  Gloucester has key amenities in place in select sections of the county and is sustainable for a gated bedroom community.  It is not self sustaining and if it were made to be self sustaining, then it would be lost as a prefered location as it would become overpopulated with numerous undesirable elements.  Is anyone looking for an extension of Newport News here or Williamsburg for that matter?

  Controlled growth is needed, but it must be smart and not at tremendous costs to the taxpayers and for the benefit of the few within the county.  The county right now is very blessed with tremendous talent.  A talent that needs to be taken advantage of for the good of the county overall and not abused by the county.  It is our sincere hope that the new Board of Supervisors will be bringing the proper mix of talent and dedication to clean up the mess that is being left to them and that the present board members follow the new lead coming in.  We are also hoping that the new board members resist the Rotary club indoctrinations as well, but there is no way to know that right off.  Time will tell.
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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Gloucester County Attorney Ted Wilmot Tells Local Residents He Ins't An Attorney While He's In Office?

Gloucester County, Virginia;

~Gloucester County Attorney, Ted Wilmot Tells Local Residents He Isn't An Attorney While Sitting In His Office At The County~

We need to go back to an earlier story found only on this site as no one else wanted to report it.  (Why we keep saying, what you won't read anywhere else).  This is an internal link to a story about how Gloucester County, VA animal control ordinace section 3-15 was in violation of Virginia State law.  Ted Wilmot knew this and was working at the county level to amend the ordinance.  However, that did not stop him from prosecuting Gloucester, Virginia's largest animal control case in it's history.  At least on paper record.  Problem was that 20 out of 26 charges were under section 3-15 that itself was within state code violation.  This is another internal link to the origin of the story and how this was Gloucester, VA's largest animal control case ever and how it came about.

Now for the story;  Earlier this week the couple of women with these outrageous charges against them went to pay on the fines from this case.  They asked the court clerk if they still had to pay the costs since what they were charged with is no longer a law.  (Old ordinance as it stood did not stand the test against state code), the clerk recommended that the two ladies speak to Ted Wilmot, the county attorney who prosecuted the case.  She told them where his office was and so they went to see Mr Wilmot and find out the answer.

  Here is what happened;  The two ladies introduced themselves to Ted once in his office.  They asked him about still having to pay the fees since what they were charged with was not an actual legal ordinance.  Ted first told them that he did not remember them.  He then went on to tell them that he did not remember the case.  Afterward he then went to explain to them that he was not an attorney.

    The two ladies pointed to his door sign, "Ted Wilmot, County Attorney", and then he ignored them.  The two ladies have told us that he was twitching the entire time they were there.  The mouth lies, the body does not.

It seems Ted (The Twitcher) Wilmot was staying true to form.  Advice for any attorney or anyone meeting Ted in court, watch Ted's body language very closely, he can not maintain control over it while his mouth is not agreeing with him.

  Now if that does not make you mad, consider this.  The Gloucester County Board of Supervisors saw fit to give Ted a raise recently.  Over $6,000.00 worth of a raise in fact.  Ted is now earning over $126,000.00 per year and he is treating local residents like this?

  Questions we have is why the county is giving raises in this economy, (not that a great deal of county employees do not deserve it as they do), especially after hearing the concerns of local residents and not raising taxes this past year because of public outrage.  The county was crying that it needed the money.  Who reading this has gotten a $6,000.00 raise this year?  Another employee received over $8,000.00 in a raise recently as well.  That's $14,000.00 in raises to two employees in the county alone.

  The county is also working on plans to raise your taxes before the end of this year on other foolish ideas.  Federal employees in the area have just been laid off for the next 11 weeks creating very serious financial hardships and they still have to pay the taxes on the county's spendthrift plans?  We know a number of federal employees who are getting more outraged by the day over the board of supervisors plans.

If Ted does not remember that he is an attorney, is he suffering from early stages of dementia?  If he was twitching while talking to these two ladies, does he have early stages of Parkinson's disease?  Is Ted Wilmot fit to continue in his role as county attorney? This is your tax dollars working hard.  Either way, Ted has now earned the nickname from us as either Twitching Ted or Ted, The Twitcher, Wilmot. 

Is this fact or is this fiction?  It's Ted's word against these two ladies as no one else was in the office with them.  The two ladies ended up paying the fine as they really do not want any more trouble.  A fine that never should have been assessed against them from what we see and in our opinion.
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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Gloucester, Attorney Ted Wilmot In The News Again

Gloucester County attorney Ted Wilmot in the news again.  Ted Wilmot, attorney hired to protect county interests was spotted out shopping on Monday, July 1st, 2013 at the local Farm Fresh at approximately 1:00 PM in the afternoon.  He was dressed in business attire.

  Now it could be that he was off that day and doing some personal shopping after going to a job interview.  It could be he was on the other side of the county on a very long lunch break on taxpayer payroll too.  If he was spending time on the county taxpayer payroll time doing some personal shopping, this could very well be a problem with a salary of over $112,000.00 per year.


The clock is ticking for Gloucester's county attorney to make move

The Gloucester Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday night to grant County Attorney Ted Wilmot an extra three months to move to Gloucester. Wilmot, who earns $112,000 a year, has been commuting from Hopewell since his hiring by the county in September 2008. The supervisors have given Wilmot until October to move to Gloucester, after his initial contract gave him until July. After the vote, Wilmot thanked the board. "The lack of moving here isn't because of a lack of desire," he said. "It's because I'm trying to get my kiddies off to college."    From a local story in the papers.


Mr Wilmot already has a series of questions surrounding him.  This is just another to hit him.  He has not done his job in getting county ordinances up to state compliance in a number of areas from what we see and has been very lack where he has gotten some areas up to state code after being publicly ridiculed for not doing such.  For the amount of money county taxpayers are shelling out for this guy, we should be expecting more for our money.

Note:  We are not attorney's and nothing in here should be construed as legal advice in any way shape or form.
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ware Neck resident wins case in circuit court ruling - Ted Wilmot Seeks Revenge?

1:45 p.m. EDTJune 18, 2013

GLOUCESTER — Ware Neck resident Judith Doyel won a small victory in Gloucester County Circuit Court on Tuesday when a judge granted her request to divide a single property with two homes on it over the objections of county officials.
But her victory was tempered when County Attorney Ted Wilmot said he would appeal the case to the Virginia Supreme Court, a move that will cost Doyel thousands more in legal fees and an unknown amount of time waiting out the legal process.
Doyel and her attorney, Bob Hicks, had successfully convinced visiting Judge Walter J. Ford to grant the request to divide equally 7.4 acres on Marshfield Road in Ware Neck. Doyel has been trying to sell the property with two homes on it since December 2011.

A contract on the property a year ago was nullified, however, because an appraiser couldn't find any comparable properties to arrive at a value and no mortgage companies would lend the purchaser money to finance the sale, according to court testimony.
Doyel applied to subdivide the property and filed an application with the county last year, but it was denied by Planning Director Anne Ducey-Ortiz. In court, Ducey-Ortiz testified that as much as she wants to help Doyel, she is supposed to enforce county ordinances.
In Doyel's case, those zoning ordinances in her area prohibit lots of less than five acres with homes on them and bars private roads such as Marshfield serving more than 3 lots; the road serves five.
A farmhouse and a manufactured home were on the property prior to the enactment of the county's zoning and planning ordinances in 1998.
Hicks told Ford that Doyel isn't asking to put anything new on the property. The homes have separate driveways, septic systems, wells and even addresses and keeping them has become a financial hardship for her.
In his ruling, Ford said that Doyel has been deprived of her right to sell her property and "that's a hardship."
Wilmot's move to appeal the case caught Doyel and Hicks by surprise.
"It makes no sense," Doyel said.

This is typical of Gloucester County government.  This article lacks detail in regards to the ordinance in question.  We have shown numerous times on this site that Gloucester County has little to no regard for state law when making local ordinances and have made a number of local ordinances in violation of state law. Could this be another area where the county has done just that?  

  Maybe someone should sue Ted Wilmot for the hardships he is creating here.  This is also part of the reason Louise Theberge was voted out recently.  The people of Gloucester County are tired of these kinds of cruel politics and have made it well known that we are not going to take it anymore.  It would seem to us that there is a grandfather clause in this case seeing as the homes existed on the property prior to the 1998 zoning ordinance.  Is Judith Doyel just being milked here?

This is your county tax dollars working against a citizen of Gloucester.  Send Ted Wilmot an email letting him know not to waste your tax dollars like this.  His email address is
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