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Friday, September 1, 2017

The Untold History of Public Education, Part 3

Although I am not in agreement with the author of this video as he seems to be against any form of Christian based education in any form, I am not posting this video to either argue that aspect for or against.  What is shown here is past, present and future plans of public education.  In the future, I will be showing and it has already been partially shown, the system is rigged in a way that it can not be fixed.  That is right, no matter what anyone does, the system is rigged so that it can not ever be fixed.

  So throw all the money you want at public or private education,   It will not get any better.  There is only one plan that will work.  A mass exiting of adults taking their children out of this insane system of pure indoctrination.  Sending your children to be with people you do not know, to be trained in areas you have no idea about, is insane.  Public schools are teaching a new religion and yes, they do call it a new religion, but not at the media level where you will be offended.  That is only at the highest level that it's called a new religion and it's designed to replace all other religions.  That new religion has a name and it's called humanism.  Yes, that is a new religion and you are sending your children to school to become a part of this new religion.  Evidence on this coming soon.

  Any teachers offended by any of this, not to worry, we are still working on a sensitivity program for you.  The same for our elected school board.  Folk's do not send your children back into this horrible public system of deceit and corruption.   Also, take the time and do your own research.  We have asked the local school board to look at all of this information and we invited them to a public dialogue.  So far, they refuse to respond.  I would love it if all of this could be refuted and proven either wrong or somehow not correct.  But their silence is proving the information we are covering scares them because it is true and shows the fraud they are part and partial to.

  But lets be fair.  Many of them have no clue about a lot of this.  Some should.  It may very well be that their eyes are now being open and they will soon learn that there is nothing they can do about it and except maintain the deception.  I would like to think that many of them are seeing the real issues now and are starting to look for answers.  Keep your fingers crossed and pray they are on our side.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Gloucester, VA: Can We Trust The School Board? Failed Utopia

Can we trust the school board?  You may need to watch this video several times over and really listen to what John Hutchinson is actually saying and not what you may think he may be saying because when you first hear him you are likely to get the wrong message.  John Hutchinson appears to be addressing the issue of a Homeland Security audit.  On the one had he is.  On the other hand, it's not anywhere near as comprehensive as you may have been led to believe.  It's a very clever tactic used to send you the wrong information and making you think that the School Board has done everything in their power to ensure the safety of the students, teachers and staff.  We are going to show you that this may not be the case and give you the proper tools to figure it out for yourself.  Let's start with a video on body language.

Now let's go back to the joint meeting between the school board and the board of supervisors.  Let's discuss John Hutchinson's location of his hands when he was talking about the Homeland Security evaluation.  His one hand was in his pocket.  If you will also look again at how his head was dodging back and forth, he did not appear to be actually looking at anyone but instead below the level of anyone before him.  What did you just see in the video here on body language?  I am not suggesting he was lying.  I am suggesting that he may have been trying to pull the wool over the eyes of everyone listening.  Again, listen to what John Hutchinson says.  The security evaluation was a transportation evaluation.

  That means John Hutchinson was talking about the security for the bus system where Gloucester received high marks and why John did not want to get into specifics is because that would have revealed the slight of hand he just pulled in our opinion.  That is a trust issue.

  So does Page Middle school meet Homeland Security guidelines for safety?  Is there such a thing as guidelines for safety from Homeland Security?  Yes there are actual guidelines for safety and we have those guidelines and we are going to share them with everyone here reading this.  You can make up your own mind after doing the proper research whether or not the school board has done due diligence in ensuring the safety of the students.  The guidelines are 317 pages long and very comprehensive and well done.  It's a very impressive document.  At the end of the book is a checklist that you can take with you and conduct your own evaluation.  What we see is failure after failure after failure here to meet most of those guidelines.

  What will they argue back on this?  The Homeland Security guidelines are just that.  Guidelines.  As we understand how the federal government works, if they are mandatory, then the federal government would have to fund each project.  So guidelines are setup instead allowing states and localities to determine what the priorities should be.

Homeland Security Building Recommendations 

So above is the Homeland Security guidelines for schools.  Look through it and learn what those guidelines are and then take a copy of the checklist to Page Middle school and see how it stacks up.  We can tell you that one local resident pounded on the school board about these issues and even provided the school board with the exact information above before Page Middle school was constructed.  The School Board ignored these recommendations and that you can easily prove to yourself.

  To make it easier for you we have made a separate checklist that you can download for free from our slideshare site.  It's the same checklist as in the above Homeland Security book we just made it easier to print out for you because we want you to see all of this for yourself.

Homeland Security Building Design Recommendations Checklist 

We apologize for the annoying auto play of the Bos, School Board, meeting video as it is out of our control and the default option from the county that can not be changed even though it shows as an option.  We did not choose the auto play option which means it's supposed to be off.  Technical difficulties the county needs to address.  This is only one area in that video from the BoS/School Board where we have a lot of issues.  More stories coming very soon.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

From About One Year Ago, Gloucester School Board - What Has Changed?

Gloucester CountyVirginia’s Board of Supervisors seems to be headed in a more sensible direction than it has been for many years.  If this governing body continues to make decisions on the side of what makes sense things will become better for Gloucester as a whole. However, there is one significant area where the governing body has little or no ability to apply sensibility or even successfully encourage it at this point.  That area is the Gloucester County public education system. 
The School Board is also a governing body whose primary function is to oversee the application and function of an effective public education system.  Many sensible thinkers believe the fateful aspects of Gloucester’s public education system stem primarily from the fact that Dr. Howard Benjamin (Ben) Kiser was hired and allowed to manipulate the School Board into a tool to facilitate his own aspirations, desires and gains.
The Kiser’s, record in Gloucester includes; ignoring negative disciplinary trends within the school system; failing to ensure the effective administration of mathematics at Gloucester’s only public high school; creating an atmosphere of un-trust and low morale among Gloucester’s teaching staff; turning Gloucester’s public school system and School Board into political tools; creating animosity and dysfunction between the Board of Supervisors and the School Board; disregarding input from the Gloucester Community after a tornado partially destroyed Page Middle School; allowing the unnecessary and unwarranted demolition of needed and usable infrastructure; excessive and disproportionate spending; creating biased and non-transparent citizen committees; sending Freedom of Information Act and Records Retention Act protected information to more than one of his private email accounts and failing to provide such emails in response to FOIA requests; 
manipulating Commonwealth of Virginia and Gloucester County Professional Service procurement procedures; placing his personal gain and ambitions above administering a quality public education program; failing to examine and correct significantly flawed accountability procedures intended to protect approximately 1.4 million dollars annually in school activities funds; and the list goes on and on. 
Now the rest of the Commonwealth of Virginia will have the opportunity to witness the workings of a Virginia K-12 public education administration failure as The Kiser now becomes Director of the Virginia Association of School Superintendents.  This non-governmental position will enhance his ability to distort the sensible mind sets of public school Superintendents in every district throughout the Commonwealth. Well done Dr. Howard Benjamin (Ben) Kiser.  Well done.  As a member of the sensible thinking Gloucester Community I thank you for the excessive debt, the unfocused School Board, the disruptive school environments, the inadequate teaching at Gloucester High School and all of the other many wonderful knife in the back gifts you are leaving Gloucester County as you continue your journey to self gratification utopia.
Kenneth E. Hogge, Sr

Our Notes:  We were asked to review an article posted last year and ask everyone the simple question, what has changed?

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Gloucester Schools Want More Funding For Page Middle School

Here we go.  This point has already been put up before the Board of Supervisors already and the Board pretty much said no.  So what do the propagandists do?  They start the media campaign in an effort to publicly  embarrass the Board of Supervisors in an expectation that the School Board will get its way.

  This is not a new trick.  Its a very old trick and it works very well.  Especially when you can get any area of the media to run the story such as channel 13 news.  The school board is bloated with way too many administrative staff and spent a fortune on a refurbishing an entire school building for themselves all at the same time knowing that they had to fund Page.  But hey, its your money so who cares how much they spend?

  We have a solution to all of this.  Raise the tax rates on every registered democrat in Gloucester County by 3 times the present rate.  For the democrats hiding in the republican party raise their rates by the same amount.  Raise the rates on the socialists by 10 times the present amount.  They are free to complain but no one will care.  Anyone else who just feels bad about it all can pony up and donate all the money they want until it hurts.  Get another mortgage on your house and donate that money to the school board so they can continue their bloat at your expense.  This should allow them to add all new levels of bloat as well.

  We told everyone years ago before construction even started this would happen.  Yes we are saying we told you so.  What is even worse?  None of these folks feel the least bit bad about this crap.  In fact if you want to talk to any of them they will be more than happy to justify their claim and talk you out of more of your money.  Make it simple, just hand them all the money in your pocket before you even start to think about speaking to any of them.

One last thought.  If the school board can not afford to open this school they can always turn it into a homeless shelter that the area desperately needs anyway.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Gloucester, VA Public Schools: ACLU Counter Complaint Filings

How many people are just sick to death of reading and hearing about the Gavin Grimm story?  The girl who claims to be a boy?  Sorry, the girl is a girl.  We don't care what medical excuses the parents and so called medical profession or the sickos at the ACLU want to call it.  Gavin Grimm is a biological female.

  This is nothing more than a plant for creating a very sick and perverted societal change that infringes on the inherent rights of the people.  We could care less about the civil rights claims of this girl as they hold no weight against the unalienable rights of the people and because of this we are in the process of filing multiple counter claims against the ACLU complaint already filed.

  At present we have 6 signed  counter complaints now going to the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division with mandates from the people to have the ACLU complaint thrown out as well as have Gloucester County Public Schools not even supply any form of alternative bathroom for this girl.  If she needs to use a bathroom, she will just have to use the girls room, like it or not.

  Otherwise she can just hold it.  We do not care.  If you would like to file a counter complaint, we have already created the document for you.  All you have to do is copy what we post below and make a few changes to the document below.  Just paste the following into any word processor software on your computer.  If you do not have one, download a free version of open office.  It's excellent.

(Your Name Here): In Propria Persona
One of the People of Gloucester, Virginia
(Your Address Here)
(Your Area),Virginia (23062)

December 25th, 2014

Educational Opportunities Section
U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Educational Opportunities Section, PHB
Washington, D.C. 20530

To Whom It May Concern;

   I, (Your Name Here) , am one of the people of Gloucester County, Virginia and come before you In Propria Persona, and am filing a counter complaint to the recent ACLU complaint filed with this office on December 18th, 2014 to which the ACLU creates it's opening complaint as follows:

“a complaint against Gloucester County Public Schools (“GCPS”) on behalf of Gavin Grimm. On December 9, 2014, the Gloucester County Public School
Board (the “School Board”) adopted a policy stating that the use of boys’ and girls’ restroom and locker rooms “shall be limited to the corresponding biological genders, and students with sincere gender identity issues shall be provided an alternative private facility.” Gavin, who is a tenth-grade student at Gloucester High School and a transgender boy, had been using the boys’ restroom facilities at school without any complaints from peers, prior to the adoption of this policy. GCPS adopted its “biological gender” policy in direct response to Gavin in order to prevent him from continuing to use boys’ facilities. The “biological gender” policy on its face and as applied to Gavin discriminates against Gavin on the basis of his sex in violation of Title DC of the Educational Amendments of 1972, 20 U.S.C. § 168 1(a) (“Title IX”).”

My response to the above is that the ACLU has no grounds for argument here as any argument they present are in violation of the inherent rights of the people of Gloucester, Virginia. The inherent rights of the people supersede any civil rights complaints at every level and the people mandate that we do not consent to these complaints. Under the Constitution of the United States and the State of Virginia, it is the people who are the power and authority of government and that it is we who make the laws. As such we mandate that this agency before us throw out the entire complaint of the ACLU as having no weight against the wishes of the people.

We further mandate that the Gloucester County, Virginia Public Schools do not even create a segregated bathroom for the said person above and that the said person, being one Gavin Grimm, born of female persuasion, only be permitted to use a bathroom fitting her gender, being that of the female.

SEAL: (Your Name Here)                                              Notary Public:
In Propria Persona


Do not change the wording on any part of the document or you could mess up the meaning of it.  There are certain legal words used in here that are used by design to mean a very specific purpose.  For instance, In Propria Persona means that you are flesh and blood, not a fictitious entity and that you stand in the proper person.  That makes you one of the people.  Keep the zip code in ( ) as it separates a legal definition for federal zone.

  If you have no problems with what the ACLU is doing, then do nothing.  Let the ACLU handle the situation for you.  In the mean time, the rest of us are going to knock the ACLU out of the ball park and bury them.  Each suit they file in this matter will result in multiple counter suits filed against them.  

  We are not doing this for county officials, they messed all of this up big time.  We are doing it because it is a violation of our inherent rights and we will not tolerate such.  We will not tolerate the sick vulgar perverts at the ACLU that think it's just fine for girls to use the boys bathroom at their pleasure. 

Again, please feel free to copy the counter complaint above and send it to the address listed.  Each counter complaint lets the ACLU know that we will not tolerate abuses to our inherent rights.  No one else will tell you how to fight this.  But we will show you exactly how it is done and invite you to help.  You can make a difference.  Do Not Bury Your Head In The Sand!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Gloucester, VA Public School Officials Speak Out - Corruption At Highest Levels?

A Gloucester, Virginia Links and News Exclusive Report:

Greetings Board Members:
As many of you may know; I submitted the following FOIA request on January 21, 2014.
1)     Please provide all emails pertaining to GloucesterCountyGloucester County Public Schools and or PageMiddle School between Ben Kiser and RRMM Architects, their Principles, Officers representatives or employees for the period of April 11, 2011 thru May 31, 2011.  Please include messages stored in Mr. Kiser’ account, account and any other private email accounts that Mr. Kiser may use.
2)     On June 28, 2011 at 4:43PM an email conversation from was sent  Subject of the email is Page Committee.  Please provide said email as received in email account along with all sent, forwarded, carbon copied and received versions of said email.
3)     On July 17, 2011 at 9:49AM an email was sent to  The subject of the email is Fw: committees & proposals. Please provide said email as received in email account along with all sent, forwarded, carbon copied and received versions of said email.
4)     On July 17, 2011 at 10:02AM an email message was sent to kiserben@gmail.comand to  The subject is Fw: Powerpoint for Monday.  Please provide said email as received in email account and email account along with all sent, forwarded, carbon copied and received versions of said email.
On January 28, 2014 I received the following response.

I will be sending you a total of nine (9) emails in response to your FOIA request (as it appears below).
Specifically, I will send four (4) emails in response to Item # 1; one (1) email in response to Item #2; one (1) email in response to Item # 3; and three (3) emails in response to Item # 4; however, please be advised that I am unable to provide messages stored in or
Diane Clements Gamache
Executive Associate to the Superintendent/
Clerk of the School Board
Gloucester County Public Schools
This response was followed by nine more emails.  The last of which arrived almost two hours later even though I did not ask for further clarification.
As a follow-up to my earlier email sent to you today regarding response to your 1-24-2014 FOIA request, here is additional clarification:
Please be advised that Dr. Kiser moved in the Spring of 2013, and subsequently closed his Cox email ( account.  He has reviewed that account and emails as requested were not available.
He also reviewed his gmail account ( and emails as requested were not available as well.
Thank you,
Diane Clements Gamache
Executive Associate to the Superintendent/
Clerk of the School Board
Gloucester County Public Schools
The response email attachments are all of emails stored within the school systems account.  Three of the emails are of a single email conversation with a power point presentation and are dated outside of the dates for which information was requested.  The bill for compiling this information was $80.00 which equates to four hours of processing time.  The specifics contained in my request narrowed the search parameters within limits that make this fee seem ridiculously elevated.  The same request was also sent to Christi Lewis, Gloucester Community Education Director, as item number one requested information from the County and the School System. Ms. Lewis responded within two days, provided four attachments to the single response email and made no mention of a fee for search time.  I received a total of 11 emails from Ms. Gamache. (All 13 email attachments received are attached to this email)  Nine emails contained one attachment each plus the two emails shown above.  Why is there such a difference?    
The email conversations I requested were all created prior to July 18, 2011 therefore they should have been retained until the end of year 2014.  On the other hand, it could be claimed the emails in question were courtesy or reference copies that Mr. Kiser sent to himself.  As you can see no such claim was made in either response.  Such a claim could be acceptable if there was only one private email account involved.  The fact that users of the school system’s email system are afforded continuous access just like private email accounts would make the courtesy or reference copies scenario hard to accept.  The inability to produce the requested emails further illuminates the apparent decisive efforts to control and limit involvement in the post tornado Page Middle School process.  This is one more element to add to the many other questionable occurrences during that process.
At this point, Gloucester County Public Schools does not appear to have control over security, accountability or use of information contained within or accessible by its email system.  The fact that the Schools Superintendent facilitates this lack of control through his own violations of record keeping laws and regulations is clearly confirmed by the responses to my FOIA request. Considering the apparent lack of control in this area; one cannot help but wonder how much confidential or proprietary information has been sent to private email accounts where the school system’s ability to control security, accountability and access is remarkably degraded or non-existent.
Taking time to review records management policies and practices and implementing necessary improvements will result in enhanced functionality, search ability, organization and less labor hours.  Establishment and implementation of responsible, ethical and transparency driven policies and guidelines that either incorporate or prohibit private email account use will enhance records management, security and accountability of government information.  It will also show the citizens of Gloucesterthat things are being done correctly.
I encourage each of you to review the supporting information below.

For clarification purposes I have included the following information which is provided on the Library ofVirginia’s website at:
Under Code of Virginia § 42.1-85, the Library of Virginia (LVA) has the authority to issue regulations governing the retention and disposition of state and local public records. In keeping with the Code's mandate, LVA has developed Records Retention & Disposition Schedules outlining the disposition of public records.
Under this policy, the LVA issues two types of schedules. General Schedules apply to the records of common functions performed by or for all localities and state agencies. Specific Schedules apply to records that are unique to an individual state agency.
General Schedule # GS-19 covers administrative County and Municipal Government records.  Series 010037 applies to Department or Division Heads.   This series of records consists of incoming and outgoing letters, memoranda, faxes, notes, and their attachments, in any format including, but not limited to, paper and e-mail.  These records must be retained for 3 years after the end of the calendar year.
The Library of Virginia provides the following guidance:
E-mail messages—both sent and received—that provide evidence of a government transaction are considered public records and are subject to the same legal requirements regarding access as other government records. Some examples of e-mail that are considered public records are policies and directives; correspondence or memos pertaining to the organization’s business; work schedules and assignments; documents circulated for approval or comment; and any message that initiates, authorizes, or completes a business transaction, final report, or recommendation. Some examples of e-mail that are not considered public records are personal messages or announcements, courtesy or reference copies, phone message reminders, routine chat on e-mail listservs, and announcements of social events.
E-mail is not a records series. It is a format or manner of delivering content. The content of an e-mail determines the retention requirements. Since e-mail is usually considered correspondence, refer to General Schedule 101 for administrative records of state agencies and General Schedule 19 for localities.
Not all e-mail is plain correspondence. For instance, work orders must be retained for three years, regardless if they are sent through e-mail, form, or memo. If you have determined that an e-mail is something other than correspondence, review the appropriate retention schedule to determine the applicable retention period. Just as with all other public records, e-mail must be maintained and accessible throughout the life span of the record.
Many factors contribute to the determination that documentary materials are public records. If the answer to any of the following questions is “yes,” the document is a public record.
-Did the agency require creation or submission and maintenance of the document?
-Was the document used to conduct or facilitate agency business?
-If the document is a draft or preliminary document created for back- ground or a similar purpose, does it contain unique information that explains formulation of significant program policies and decisions?
-Was the document distributed to other offices or agencies for formal approval or clearance?
-Is the document part of an electronic information system used to conduct government business?
Megan Rhyne, Executive Director, Virginia Coalition for Open Government, provided the following thoughts on the last FOIA response email I received.
“FOIA is a snapshot of the records that exist at the time of the request. If the records do not exist at that time, then FOIA cannot compel the creation (or recreation) of them.
From a records management standpoint, it is irresponsible to let public officials unilaterally delete records about public business from their personal email accounts. Unfortunately, there is no enforcement for failure to follow guidelines under the Public Records Act.
From a FOIA perspective, though, it is not a violation to delete records/accounts, so long as the records were not deleted (or accounts closed) AFTER the request was made.
Further, though you are definitely not the first one to express well-founded skepticism over an individual's self-review of his/her private emails, that's also not prohibited by FOIA. All records request have an element of self-selection in their review procedures. It's a leap of faith in every FOIA request, though the implications are far more stark when it comes to the review of one's own email/correspondence.
I would encourage the school division to develop better records management policies for non-government account use for public business.
Hope this helps,
A few examples of limiting involvement and questionable occurrences during the post tornado Page process.  (Emails referenced herein were obtained from multiple FOIA requests)
An email conversation dated June 15, 2011 from School Board member Ann Burruss to Mr. Kiser, the School Board and others starts out with Ms. Burruss providing an update on the WHRO Committee meeting she attended.  Ms. Burruss then writes:
“After speaking to Anita today, I feel that I was in error in not “announcing” that I had spoken to Dr. Kiser about serving on this Ad Hoc committee for Page at the same time it was determined that there would be one, which I believe was at the meeting giving the update on Page.  I am reasonably sure that something can get worked out before any final committee membership is determined by Dr. Kiser, as we did foist upon him the task of deciding the make-up of this body.”  
School Board member Starr Belvin then writes:
“Does this mean that the board will now have 3 representatives on the committee (you, Anita and Jean)?” 
Mr. Kiser then writes:
Only two board members can serve on this committee.  Ms. Parker and Dr. Pugh were the only ones to express their interest last night.  If the meetings are open to the public, then anyone can be in the audience.  If the Board wishes to give me further guidance on this matter then time can be set aside next week.  Thank you.” 
In an August 4, 2011 email from Mr. Kiser to the members of the Ad Hoc Committee; Mr. Kiser thanks the members for their two days hard work discussing ideas on what to do about Page Middle School.  Mr. Kiser goes on to say:
“Please consider this information confidential until it is presented to the School Board.  We will be saying to the School Board that the cost projections are still quite tentative.  I realize the danger in putting numbers out too soon, but Duane has done a good job in projecting costs based on general information, realizing that more refined projections will be made as we decide on the final solution.
I will also forward to the School Board and the Board of Supervisors the proposals as soon as we refine this document.  It will be good for the two Boards to receive this information prior to the public during the open meeting on the 9th.  Thanks again for your assistance.”
On August 9, 2011 at 10:44AM Mr. Kiser sent an email to the School Board members, school staff, the Board of Supervisors, the County Administrator and one of his personal email addresses.  In this email he presents the Page Ad Hoc Committee’s recommendations, complete with a Power Point presentation.  The School Board meeting was on this date at 7:00PM.  On August 4, 2011the agenda packet for the August 9, 2011 monthly School Board meeting was posted on the Schools’ website without the supporting documentation from the Committee.  The Ad Hoc Committee’s recommendations and supporting Power Point presentation were not available for the public to review until arriving at the August 9th meeting.
An email conversation between Mr. Kiser and Ad Hoc Committee member Mike Hagar, begins on June 30, 2011 with Mr. Hagar saying,
“Dr. Kiser, I received your voicemail request for volunteers to serve on a planning board that will address how best to recover from the destruction of Page Middle School.”
An email conversation between Mr. Kiser and Committee member Jay Napier begins with Mr. Napier’s request to be on the Committee and reminding Mr. Kiser of them previously playing golf at a Virginia Association of School Superintendents conference and of Mr. Kiser inviting him to the Abingdon Ruritan Club.
In an email conversation between Committee member Jennifer Latour and Mr. Kiser, Ms. Latour informs Mr. Kiser that she would be unable to attend the second of three meetings. Mr. Kiser responds:
“The second day will probably be a critical day in the committee’s deliberations but Mr. Daniel speaks highly of your involvement.   I am unsure at this point whether the third day will be needed but maybe we could communicate prior to the 27th in order to get you up to speed.  I have a committee of 17 people and something may prevent any of them from attending on a given day.  With that said, I look forward to your participation on the 18th and let’s see what will be needed from that point.  Take care.”  
Property records reflect that one day prior to the Gloucester School Board publicly voting to rebuild Page Middle School on property it received from the Pella P. Hundley Trust, Harry Corr purchased all 26.79 acres of Route 17 road frontage property that is connected to the Gloucester County property where the new school is being built.
An email conversation dated May 13, 2011 betweenGloucester’s Chief Purchasing Manager, Bill Lindsey and Ben Kiser pertaining to post tornado Page Middle Schoolcontains the following as written by Mr. Lindsey to Mr. Kiser:
“If I understand your needs, it appears that the resulting contract that you desire will encompass not only the development of a conceptual design and professional consulting services for your Board, but also a second phase that will include the development of plans and construction documents.
All of these services may be included in a proposal which I can develop for your review. For this development, I would need your staff to provide me with a Scope of Work and any other pertinent requirements that are envisioned for such an engagement. I must caution you that staff would need to be careful in establishing a business relationship with any engineering firm for the development of the work scope. I offer this caution because such a linkage could disqualify the firm from offering a proposal for the future services to rebuild the school. This prohibition is contained in §22-74 of the Code of Gloucester County.
Rather, I would encourage your staff to communicate with peers across the Commonwealth in the development of the work scope and requirements. Needless to say, I am available to work with your staff on this objective.”
In an email conversation between Mr. Kiser and Duane Harver with RRMM Architects dated June 29, 2011; Mr. Harver expresses concerns to Mr. Kiser about being able to participate in the bidding process to design the newPage Middle School if they commit to facilitating the Page Middle School Ad Hoc Committee.  Mr. Harver referenced a previous instance in which RRMM’s participation was excluded in Chesapeake because of their involvement in a study pertaining to the services contained in the Request for Proposals.  Mr. Kiser responded that RRMM’s work with the Committee would not preclude them from bidding and that he and Bill Lindsey, CPPO, CPM for the Gloucester Purchasing Office, had already spoken about it. 
Sec. 22-74. Participation in bid preparation; limitation on submitting bid for same procurement.
No person who, for compensation, prepares an invitation to bid or request for proposal for or on behalf of the county shall (i) submit a bid or proposal for that procurement or any portion thereof or (ii) disclose to any bidder or offeror information concerning the procurement which is not available to the public. However, the purchasing manager may permit such person to submit a bid or proposal for that procurement or any portion thereof if he/she determines that the exclusion of such a person would limit the number of potential qualified bidder or offerors in a manner contrary to the best interests of the county.
  It says no person shall (ii) disclose to any bidder or offeror information concerning the procurement which is not available to the public. 
From Mr. Kiser’s afore mentioned email dated August 4, 2011
“Please consider this information confidential until it is presented to the School Board”  “It will be good for the two Boards to receive this information prior to the public during the open meeting on the 9th.” 
On June 15, 2011 a Request for Professional Services to “review the potential for reconstructing Page Middle School was advertised.  Proposals for the June 15thRFP were received by July 11, 2011.  On August 9, 2011Duane Harver with RRMM presented the Ad Hoc committee’s recommendations to the School Board. Until August 9, 2011 RRMM possessed concerning information that was not available to the public, the School Board or to bidders competing for the June 15thRFP contract. 

Our Notes:  We will be posting PDF files in the very near future showing all of these communications in full detail.  What has been hidden from public view is slowly coming to light.  
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