Friday, February 7, 2014

More Men In Prime Working Ages Don't Have Jobs

From the folks over at the Wall Street Journal This Morning.  More men in prime working ages do not have jobs.  Wait.  Aren't we being told that the economy is going along just fine and that everything is just hunky dorey?  Didn't CNN just tell us that Obamacare is not causing the loss of jobs?

  Wait, jobs having been shifted overseas is part of the problem we are being told?  Wait, they failed to mention all the illegal immigrants that American citizens have to fight against to try and get a very lousy job?  Wait.  The costs of everything have gone so sky high that even looking for a job is now a major expense when you have no money coming in?  Wait, these folks say that the experts, (whomever they are) do not have any answers?  Why are they called experts then?

  Maybe, just maybe, we should outsource all of our politicians, corporations and banks to other countries and while they are not looking, reinstall a constitutional government back?  Nah, that would just make sense.

If you really want a job, outsource yourself to China.
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