Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Michael Tellinger - The Ubuntu Liberation Movement

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The first section of this video is weird and off the hook for most people.  One has to look at history as well as present economic conditions to see where we should be leaning for economic survival.  

Link to the main website for the Ubuntu Liberation Movement.  For all intents and purposes of argument, we are talking about pure communism.  Not socialist communism, but pure communism.  The question has always stood however can pure communism work?  It sounds good and always has.  That is the allure of communism.  No country has ever experimented with pure communism.  There have been small experiments with pure communism all around the world and also right here in the US.  None of the communities ever lasted.  Oneida was one such community here in the US.  If you are familiar with the name, it's because it's a major brand corporate name for the famous silverware makers.  They started as a pure communist community.  It didn't work.

The link above shows what we are talking about is not at all made up.  The story can be found right on wiki.  If you actually take the time to read the full story, you will find that pure communism does not seem to work either.  It's a nice pipe dream, but someone always figures they have to be in charge and leadership is always needed when dealing with groups.  At least it's a bit more sound than the Zeitgeist Movement that also shreds down religion.  Now if you could start taking the best from Zeitgeist, Thrive and the Ubuntu movements, maybe we could start having a more sound idea to work from?  Maybe we should consider going back to the principle of how the United States was created and once again look at the works of Adam Smith.  
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