Friday, February 7, 2014

Will this cause Bitcoin's fall?

An American Gold Eagle.
An American Gold Eagle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Do NOT buy Bitcoin
until you watch this
public message

Here is information on a very secret currency that is so secret that not even this website can tell you about it.  It's used by all the world's old money billionaires.  It's better than gold and or silver and is backed by gold and silver.  But it's a secret.  It gives you returns that are better than gold and it's the secret how the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer.  

  How dumb are you to buy into this?  Well this guy is betting heavily that you are really dumb and would buy into this crap that he is not willing to share with you because it's a secret.  He even goes through all the trouble of showing you pictures of a bank in Switzerland and another picture he claims is a vault in that bank to try to convince you he knows something you do not know.

  Why he just didn't put up pictures of himself sitting next to his new Rolls Royce or Bentley because he knows what you do not know is beyond us.  Oh, but for taking the time to jump through a ton of hoops, he is willing to share some very secret information with you as long as you are willing to spend some money first.  (There is the secret).  This guy knows that everyone loves inside information and the lure of having something the ultra rich are supposed to have.  Can you say that yes, I am a fool and want to blindly give you my money?  

  We have checked into e-gold and there is nothing secret about it.  Is it the currency of the future?  No.  To many regulations and you have to file all kinds of private information on your ownership of it.

We have said it before and will say it again, the only real value of either gold or silver is in it's industrial or decorative use.  Lead is worth more.  Put two guys in a room.  One has a gun with a lead bullet and the other guy has a pocket full of gold.  They have to argue which one has more value and only one can walk out.  Guess who will walk out.  Gold and silver as an exchange was only created because the metals do not rust or corrode.  Other than that, no value unless you get to the monatomic value which is another story in and of itself.

This guy works for a brokerage house so he has something to sell.  Are you really willing to buy into it based on his need to make money for the business he is working for?   
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