Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pyramids of Waste, AKA The Lightbulb Conspiracy Planned obsolescence documentary

Diagram showing the major parts of a modern in...
Diagram showing the major parts of a modern incandescent light bulb. Glass bulb Inert gas Tungsten filament Contact wire (goes to foot) Contact wire (goes to base) Support wires Glass mount/support Base contact wire Screw threads Insulation Electrical foot contact (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pyramids of Waste (2010) also known as "The lightbulb conspiracy" is a documentary about how our economic system based on consumerism and planned obsolescence is breaking our planet down.  

  It's an interesting video.  For anyone who wants to argue man made global warming and complain about all of the excess garbage we all produce, you might want to consider exactly how all of it came about to begin with.  When we are dealing with planned economies created by corporate giants that dictate how media will be distributed, what and how food will be distributed, what and how cleaning supplies will be distributed, what and how transportation will be distributed and ad infinity to that what and how list, you can see that it's not the people who create the problems but are made to suffer by them.

  This is not a liberal problem or a conservative problem.  This is an issue that everyone has been conditioned to accept.  The question is, ...... Why?

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