Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bitcoin 101 - What is Bitcoin? - A Beginning Video for Bitcoin New Comers

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Having trouble understanding Bitcoin as a beginner? Well, even Bitcoin's anonymous developer, Satoshi Nakamoto, commented on how difficult it is to explain Bitcoin to a beginner.

But we've been teaching Bitcoin for over a year now and we're starting to figure it out. This video is the result of a talk we did at Harvard University in April 2014 for Bitcoin beginners. Many of them mentioned that this talk helped them to finally understood the basic idea and we hope it works for you too. Even better, it is a story, covering the failures and difficulties of creating a digital currency, so for non-techies it is more accessible as well.

Our Notes:
A new video but an old story for people on this site.  The news of Bitcoin continues to grow and more people are becoming very interested in all of the potentials behind this digital currency, and all for good reason, so we take those new to the trend back to the very beginning.
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