Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Levi's CEO Says Don't Wash Your Denim

Closeup of a copper rivet on blue jeans.
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Denim aficionados claim you should never wash your jeans, instead freeze them once a month..  ABC News.

Our Notes:  Now here is one way to go green.  Stop washing your cloths altogether.  If you do not have to wash your jeans, why should you have to wash any other cloths?  Don't play in the dirt and stay away from anything greasy or grimy.  If your cloths smell, blame it on top fashion experts.  In fact, it will probably become fashionable to not wash cloths or yourself as part of going green here in the future.  If you can offend a skunk with your own body odor, then you have hit the peak of fashion.

  I think we will stick to the orange philosophy and keep showering as if water were plentiful everywhere.  Wait, it is.  Now go wash your smelly jeans.
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