Thursday, May 22, 2014

Gloucester, VA BoS Member, Chris Huston, Violating State Code? Conflict of Interests?

On Tuesday night, May 20, 2014Gloucester County, Virginia Supervisor Christopher A. “Chris” Hutson voted to approve the Terrapin Cove Sewer project.  Part of the project entails installing public sewer along Laurel Drive at Gloucester Point.  The vote was 4 in favor of the project and 3 against it.
The following information was obtained from the Gloucester County website and is for property on Laurel drive that is owned by the parents of Hope Hutson.  Hope Hutson is the wife of Gloucester Supervisor Christopher Hutson and the property is where Mrs. Hutson grew up. 
Mr. Hutson should have abstained from voting on anything to do with the Terrapin Cove sewer project from our view.
General Property Information:
Owner Information:
Owner Address:
PO BOX 122
RPC #: 32740
Property Information:
Legal Description: RIVERDALE SUBD SEC C
Total Land Area: 0.383
Physical Location:
Magisterial District: Gloucester Point
Tax Map #: 051C 5 C 5
Building 1  $129,400.00   
Other Improvements:  $13,800.00   
Land Value:  $53,000.00   
Total Value:  $196,200.00

Our Notes:  How many other board members were aware that Mr Hutson has personal interests in this area?  Did Mr Hutson ask certain other BoS members for favors to get the above passed in his favor?  What must Mr Huston vote on that he might be against in the future that he will be forced to change his vote on in order to return any favors?  Is this one of the tests that we talked about yesterday on why certain people are in public service?  Did Mr Hutson just show us that he is in Public Service for his own personal interests and personal gain?  We actually have more information on that that helps to answer this question and some big surprises are coming up about Mr Hutson's background.

  In the mean time, we recommend that the BoS consult an outside source competent attorney that can explain to them the meanings of conflict of interest.  Ted seems to have a history that would suggest he just covers those up.

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