Thursday, May 22, 2014

Gloucester, VA, A Thank You To 3 BoS Members

I sent the following email thank you note to the Board of Supervisors after four of them voted to spend over $500,000 dollars to unnecessarily extend public sewer into an existing neighborhood at Gloucester Point. I can hardly wait until the next election season. 
I and many others say “thank you” to Mr. Myer, Mr. Winebarger and Mr. Bazzani for voting against proceeding with the Terrapin Cove sewer project.  Unfortunately for the majority of the County, the project is moving forward.
Spending that amount of money without proven justification of the need is not demonstrating good stewardship of the citizen’s money.  There were no condemnation orders and no warnings from any regulatory agencies.  There were no reports indicating sewer infiltration into the adjacent waterways. There were no inspection reports indicating unsuitable soils.  There were no reports of sewer water rising out of the ground.  The monitoring wells placed by public works were not secured to prevent tampering and soil was not properly mounded around the wells to prevent runoff infiltration.  The same results will be achieved throughout the majority of Guinea and in many other areas without sewer if such a test were done.  No swimming pools in the neighborhood have floated out of the ground including on Berkley Court.  Numerous owners on Berkley Court have allowed their drain fields to be overgrown with trees, shrubs and the likes.  Now the majority of the citizens in Gloucester will pay because those property owners failed to maintain their systems.  It is very likely that the majority of the homes associated with the project will not connect and no commitment from the associated homeowners was obtained before deciding to have the majority of citizens pay for the convenience of a hand full.
I will refrain from listing what could have been accomplished with that amount of money, but only until the next election season.

Kenneth E. Hogge, Sr.
Gloucester Point

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