Thursday, May 22, 2014

Never Shower Again? News You Have To See.

Shower Water Snake feeding :)
Shower Water Snake feeding :) (Photo credit: Images by John 'K')

AOBiome has created a new spray on tonic, featured in New York Times Magazine.  ABC News.

Our Notes:  Now here is going green taken to an all new level.  We predicted this would come but not this soon.  Yesterday we showed how it is now being promoted that you should not wash your jeans.  Now you are seeing early promotions on why should not use water to shower?  This is how all the nonsense gets started.  Next thing we will all be told is not to flush toilets as the odor has health benefits?  When you can offend a skunk with your body odor, then you have hit the height of fashion?  

  We will stay orange, the anti green, and continue to waste as much water as possible as the Earth seems to have plenty of it.  On the other side of all of this however, is that showering daily when one has not done anything to add considerable levels of dirt, grime and or grease to one's person, is excessive and strips off beneficial body oils that help protect you.  If you have an office job, then showering every other day is actually healthier.  If you work in a garage, then showering every day may prove best.  (Based on research and advice from medical professionals, please consult your own doctor to determine what might be best for you). 

Link showing that over showering may damage your health.   

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