Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Come Out this Thursday Evening to Support Teresa Altemus

In a recent news publication much enthusiasm was directed at supporting Gloucester Point Supervisor Chris Hutson in his reelection efforts and the actions of the infamous Gloucester 40 and Gloucester’s former Commonwealth Attorney. The article also cast a negative cloud about Teresa Altemus who is seeking the Republican Party’s nomination for Supervisor of the Gloucester Point District; even though she and the other targeted Supervisors were cleared of all charges. In fact it was not Mrs. Altemus and the other targeted Supervisors who cost Gloucester County hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. It was a group of people who were unhappy about the results of an election that were all associated with a single local civic organization that cost Gloucester County all of that money.
There was absolutely nothing in the article about Mrs. Altemus’ previous track record or her conservative and sensible views on issues that matter to the People of Gloucester County. There were no quotes from anyone supporting Mrs. Altemus. There were however, multiple quotes from members of the Gloucester 40 and from Mr. Hutson. In fact the article, in its own subtle way, tends to steer the reader away from Mrs. Altemus in favor of Mr. Hutson. What or who is the driving force behind Mr. Hutson having that privilege? It certainly cannot be a result of his track record as Supervisor for the Gloucester Point district.
Mr. Hutson’s track record includes failing to disclose his personal interest in property that would have been impacted by the Terrapin Cove sewer extension and voting to approve the project without disclosing the personal interest. When the appearance of conflict and Mr. Hutson’s failure to disclose his interest in the property was discovered, Mr. Hutson publicly claimed his wife did not tell him about the property. More recently he was heard claiming that his wife didn’t know about the property until the conflict appearance became public. Why the change of story at election time?
Mr. Hutson voted against lifting the boat tax and suggested taxing boats owned by already struggling commercial water-men. He voted against the recently adopted 2016 budget because real estate tax rates were not raised to 70 plus cents. He has stated that the only way the Board of Supervisors knows what the People and Citizens want is through comments made at Board of Supervisor meetings during citizen comment periods. What about emails to the Board or to ones district representative, or phone calls, letters and face to face communications? I can honestly say Mr. Hutson has never responded to a single email I have sent to him and I live in the Gloucester Point district.   
At the Republican Party Mass Meeting being held at Achilles Elementary School this Thursday evening; Gloucester Point residents will vote to determine which of these individuals will receive the Republican nomination to run for the position of the Party's representative on the Board of Supervisors. Those wishing to participate must register between 5:30 and 6:45 P.M.and bring with them a picture ID (as is required for elections in Virginia). Please come and vote for Teresa Altemus for Gloucester Point Supervisor.
Kenneth E. Hogge, Sr.

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