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Sunday, February 2, 2020

In State Constitutional Convention, Part 7, Oath Not To Touch Underlying Constitution

(By; Chuck Thompson)

The risk is to great.  Once the politicians start on a convention, they will destroy what is there.

  Slow down.  There will be an Oath administered before the Convention even begins.  WIthin that Oath will be a provision that each delegate will swear to that will ensure the underlying Constitution can not be touched for any reason and everyone is going to know that it's not the intention of the Convention to even consider.  The only area that will be open is a chance to create an amendment to the present Constitution that will make it very easy to remove any politician from office if they break any area of our Commonwealth Constitution or our Federal Constitution and any of our Bill of Rights.

  They will have to prove that what they are proposing does meet the intention of the Constitution.  That will be it.  There will be absolutely no tolerance for anyone breaching the Oath administered.  Besides, the way the plans are starting to come together, there will not be time for that anyway.  The intention is to keep costs down so the meeting schedule will be very tight.  Plus, I do not believe for a minute that our local representatives to the convention would want to even try to take that on.

  We need your help.  Get these posts to your local boards and have them put this on the agenda for the public to vote on.  It's much easier to maintain our unalienable rights than to have to try and fight to get them back.  Voting them out does nothing to reverse the destruction that will be caused and many of the new codes can be killed here, but once put into play, will be nearly impossible to reverse.  You can hope and pray that they get reversed, but many are not likely to.

Now is the time for action.  Don't sit and hope someone else does this for us.  We have that opportunity now.  Take advantage of this.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Virginia Patriots, We Must Prepare For The Next Mission


Now that the current tyrants in power were shown a small sample of our Unity and determination in Richmond on January 20th, it is time to prepare for a future mission that is growing closer with each passing day.

Personally, I am loyal to no party and never have been. I have always felt each is corrupt in its own way, but something is different now. The Democratic party has reformed into a radicalized Communist party. Some like me will argue it is Communist, while others will say it is Socialist. I say, one leads to the other and both desire to destroy the USA.

Patriots, we must now prepare for a much larger demonstration of Unity and determination. It must unfold swiftly, decisively and endure many years of attacks by those who wish to destroy everything the USA stands for.

The mission I speak of is taking control of OUR Commonwealth Government. In case some of you have not noticed, elections DO have consequences. Even after seeing our Unity and determination in Richmond and in every Sanctuary/Constitutional county, city and town in the Commonwealth, the tyrants have continued forward with the destruction of our Rights and our Constitutions.

We must harness the momentum we have generated as believers in our Constitutions and our Right to Possess and Bear Arms. We must accelerate the momentum by registering to vote, becoming active in all local Republican Committees, voting every chance we get and encouraging likeminded people to do the same. Some people will say why should I vote, it’s all rigged anyway, my vote doesn’t mean anything, etc. To all of them I say, United we can do anything, register to vote and vote. Let me explain how much power we will have if we continue to Unite to save our Commonwealth and Country.

-         The population of Virginia is around 8.5 million.

-         There are over 2.5 million gun owners in Virginia.  

-         There are roughly 5.5 million people registered to vote in Virginia.

-         During Trump’s election, just short of 4 million people voted.

-         During Northam’s election only 2.6 million people voted.

Nearly the same number of people who own guns in Virginia voted during Northam’s election.

Northam won with 54% of 2.6 million total votes cast. Only 54%!!! What would have happened if all gun owners had voted? I’ll tell you what would have happened, Northam would still be seeing patients instead of leading a charge to destroy our Commonwealth and Country.

Had all Virginia gun owners voted in 2016, Trump would have won Virginia. If all gun owners had voted last November, the radical Communists would not have taken control of our Commonwealth government.

United gun owners in Virginia have the power to make a huge difference in who gets elected to Our Commonwealth government because they can potentially cast 50% or more of the votes in every election.

The heart of the mission lies with infiltrating and reforming the Virginia Republican party. Many efforts to create a third party have failed over the years, but party reform has occurred often throughout history. Look at what has happened to the Democratic party. Infiltration and reform will clear out a lot of what are commonly referred to as RINO’s, will eliminate building and financing political infrastructure, will increase the number of people in the force and much more. But most importantly, it will create the force necessary to reject and eject those from our Commonwealth government who wish to destroy everything that makes Virginia what it is and makes the USA the greatest country on the planet.

Register to Vote, Become Involved in Your Local Republican Committee, VOTE Every Chance You Get and Encourage Likeminded People To Do The Same.


Kenny Hogge, Sr.

Gloucester Point, Va.

Here is a link to Virginia voter registration: 

Here is a link to find your “Local Republican Party”:

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

What Is The Militia And How Can It Save Our 2nd Amendment Rights?

(By:  Chuck Thompson)
What is the Militia and how can it save our 2nd Amendment rights?  The militia folks is a Constitutionally authorized part of "We The People", and the power and or force behind "We The People", in regards to our government.  It is meant to be our first line of home defense.  When I say home defense it includes your actual household and all members therein, but is meant to include local communities and even our state which we live in.

  There are 4 militia clauses found in the United States Constitution as well as in just about every state constitution.  Right now, main stream media either through ignorance or an act of the poison pen and propaganda is working overtime to discredit the militia by calling Anarchists and or paramilitary operations militias.  There is very clearly some serious differences here.  Militias properly structured and run according to the laws of these United States and each of the several states is fully legal and or lawful.  Paramilitary organizations follow whatever laws they create or no laws at all.  The militia is not about violence.  It is about defending against violence and unlawful disorder.  So let's stop confusing the two.  They look similar until you break them down and look at the structure.

  The militia upholds the Constitution and the common law.  It protects and is the power behind "We The People".  It's members who decide to register as active unorganized militia, will be working with the local sheriff's offices throughout the nation.  Paramilitary are not structured like that.  To put it simply, "We The People are the authority of a Constitutional Government.  The Militia, composed of "We The People" are the power or force behind that authority.  It's government by consent as it should be.  It's what we have failed to uphold and let slip away over the past 175 years.  It's time to bring it back.  Militias are forming throughout the Commonwealth and there are other militias that have already been here.  There are also paramilitary organizations throughout the Commonwealth and more of them forming as well.  You will want to know the difference. 

  A new organization known as the National Militia Alliance has been formed and is partnered with the National Liberty Alliance to help folks either create or become members of local militias throughout the Commonwealth as well as throughout the nation.  The NMA is not in charge of any militia in any area but instead is a central location to help people receive the proper training, education, communications and networking needed to be in compliance with the Constitution of these United States of America and of each state.  There is no fee to register or for most of the education, training communications or assistance in starting or becoming members of the militia in any area of these United States of America.  Click the link provided to register now.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Americans Very Quickly Losing Their Freedoms, An Oration at Gloucester Might Help Restore Them

Oration at Gloucester, July 4th, 1827 from Chuck Thompson

Today the mass media is doing a bang up job propagandizing everyone into the philosophies of the left or should we say the collective mentality.  Where you no longer have freedoms.  Wait, most of you know the word freedom but have no real clue what that means.  Its more than free to drink a beer if you want or free from being in jail.  Its about what you are free to do without having to pay someone else for the privilege that may grant you a license to do what you want.

  Owning a business is not a privilege.  It is a right.  Zoning is not a privilege you have to meet requirements for.  Zoning is for County owned or state owned or Federal owned properties only.  They do not apply to you.  But you think they do so you allow yourself to be fooled into paying fees and hoping to get approval for what you already have the right to do.

In a recent discussion with a friend, he explained to me that Gloucester officials would not let him do what he wanted to with his land because officials told him that whatever the state does not give permission for, it's simply not allowed.  Can anyone read the 10th amendment to the bill of rights above and show me how anyone could come up with such an insane statement?  What is not granted to the Federal Government by the Constitution is reserved for the states, or the people.  That means if the Commonwealth does not allow it, then its already a right of the people.  Permission does not need to be sought.

  But even that is going way overboard.  I really do not care what the state allows or does not allow.  As long as its lawful within the confines of the Common Law, then that is all that matters.

The eBook above was an oration given to Gloucester by Thomas Stephenson back on July 4th, 1827.  Mr Stephenson explained to the people of Gloucester what their rights are as people of this country.  Most people would be hard pressed to understand it these days thanks to all the years of brainwashing by the mass media.  Although you may understand the words, you won't understand the meaning or how it applies to you.  Now that is very sad and why American freedoms are being taken away at lightening speed.  You are giving them up without even a fight.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

You Do Not Need A Driver's License For The Average Man or Woman

Here is yet another must watch video, showing that the average man or woman, does not need to have or posses a driver's license to travel down the road or highway.  That means when you get a ticket, they are robbing you at gunpoint.  That also means that the judges are also robbing you at gunpoint.  You need to be armed with the knowledge on how to stop these criminals from infringing on your rights.

  If you do not exercise your rights, then you have none.  So you must know and exercise them in order to actually have them.  Watch this video and understand it to the fullest.  Research the information.  We have been researching this for some time and now we are sharing as much as we can to help you protect yourself.

  This video shows you a number of illegal statutes that are in the what are called law books?  So called laws that you may be violating?  Codes, statutes and or ordinances are strictly the color of law and not actual law.  But they rob you with very nasty tricks they created for you to purposely not understand.  This is by design.

  Now the word is getting out.  You can legally ignore these statutes, codes and or ordinances with impunity according to the laws of the united states Constitution of America.  We will cover that in the future.  The criminals are wearing uniforms and or robs or suits.  They claim to be upholding the law, yet they violate it at every level.  And they wonder why we no longer trust any of them?  Really?

  Let's be fair.  There are some very decent people locked into this criminal system being used against us.  They are being forced to do their jobs in order to keep food on their own tables and roofs over their heads and their families.  They know what they are doing is wrong and try to do what they can to protect people.  But there are others who only view you as chattle and they want to take everything they can from you.

  If you are facing a traffic ticket and think you cannot defend yourself, you must realize that you can.  Everything you need is right here.  If you are saying to yourself that someone should do something about all of this, then why not be that somebody?  You be the somebody to do something about it.  We are fighting this everyday.  We can't be the only ones doing so.  The more people who fight these folks, the better we will all be.  We are all fighting for our rights.  If we do not stand up for our rights, then we have none.  You surrender them by your own inaction.  That means you can only blame yourself for the loss of your rights.

  Are you willing to keep paying these folks for crimes you have not committed but they have?  They are committing the crimes against you and you are letting them?  You deserve no rights if that is the case.

This of course is not legal advice.  If you want legal advice, you must contact a British Bar attorney who unlawfully practices a franchise within the borders of the united states of America against the laws of the united states Constitution and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  You are then free to pay them for advice that will not work in your favor for the most part.  You are then free to have that attorney cut some form of deal on your behalf that will not help you in most cases.  But at least you think you have gotten the best deal you could get.  Good luck with that.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Gloucester, VA Delinquent Tax Property Auction Sale List

Gloucester, VA Tax Auction, Nov 2014 from Chuck Thompson

Above is a list of properties going up for public auction for delinquent tax payments.  This only goes to show that no matter what you think, you do not own the land you think you own.  It can very quickly be taken from you for many reasons.  If any of these properties are occupied by someone who simply can not afford to pay the taxes, then it is a crime against God to take their home.  Read the bible here.  If you want to get a deal on real estate at the expense of someone else's hardship?  By participating in buying any of these properties, you are saying that you do not believe in ownership of land to yourself and everyone else as well.  You just gain control over it for a cost.

  If anyone out there has fairly deep pockets and can afford to help out a family that may need it then we recommend researching these properties and seeing if you can't pay those back taxes for a family or person in desperate need.  Where are the non profit foundations now?  Temporarily house the homeless during the winter but let's create homeless folks instead of helping prevent the crisis to begin with?  Put together a group of private individuals who can pool money to help out anyone of the people in the above list.  It may make you eligible for extra tax deductions.  You would have to check with a good accountant or lawyer who specializes in this area.

The US Constitution as well as the original state Constitution does not allow for personal property taxes.  No one can show where they are.  The 16th Amendment is not legal as it is written as a right of the Government against the people which is not what the Bill of Rights were designed for.  The Bill of Rights is the rights of the PEOPLE.  It's clear we have a criminal government even at the local level.

Gloucester Virginia Links and News, GVLN
Gloucester, Virginia's Best News Source

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Individualism & Capitalism vs. Collectivism & Monopolies

Marxists Internet Archive
Marxists Internet Archive (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most people have no clue what the above titles words mean.  Most people have no real clue what Capitalism is nor do most people have a clue what real socialism or communism is either.  You may think you do, but do you really?  This video is one of the best sources for defining Capitalism for what it is really supposed to be and not what most consider it to be as well as what socialism really is as opposed to what most people think it is.

  Another piece we found on the Internet Archive.  We doubt this would be found on YouTube and if it is, chances are it gets very little views.  Most people do not want to know the meanings of these words.  We prefer real capitalism which unfortunately is dead.

9 TRILLION Dollars Missing from "Federal" Reserve - Fed Inspector Clueless

Various Federal Reserve Notes, c.1995. Only th...
Various Federal Reserve Notes, c.1995. Only the designs of the $1 and $2 (the latter not pictured) are still in print. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

30.000 dollars are missing from your personal bank account - that is, the one the money in your pocket (check 'em; "Federal Reserve Notes") is based upon. The "cop" you thought was watching your $30,000 dollars says... she doesn't know where it is. And frankly, she isn't even looking!

Fantasy? If only it were.

This is your life now.

For all Americans put together, that adds up to 9 TRILLION missing dollars. That's YOUR $30.000 added up with everyone else. Where did it go?

The so-called "Federal Reserve" is neither federal, nor is it a reserve. It is rather an ultra-secret private company which has illegally been put in charge of your money. What are they doing with your money? After many years, someone in government finally decided to take a look... and that is what was found! Quickly the faux Fed clammed up again - and no wonder.

(We found this on the Internet Archive.  Thought it was worth sharing.)

Undermining The Constitution A HISTORY OF LAWLESS GOVERNMENT (Part 13)

By Thomas James Norton

With the trickiness in the use of language which characterized the National Industrial Recovery Act, the Agricultural Adjustment Act, and the Bituminous Coal Act (all three held unconstitutional), to make believe that they were not what they were, Congress passed the second AAA and called it an act for "Soil Conservation," proceeding thereunder to irrigate the farming land with money of the taxpayers which it had been prevented by the decision of the Supreme Court from distributing under the first act. The second AAA was as lawless as the first.
For more than a decade Congress has been sending money to the farmers ostensibly to help them conserve their soil, an obligation resting upon them in the first instance, and upon the State when the erosion (or whatever is the matter) is so widespread as to call for the exertion of the police power, of which power the United States has none.
Illegal subsidies to agriculture of appalling magnitude
The magnitude of this drain upon the taxpayers of the country may be understood from the fact that in 1946

Washington gave to the farmers for "soil conservation" $57,000,000.
The total of subsidies to agriculture in 1947, as reported (1948) by the Secretary of the Treasury (p. 429), was $2,299,000,000. Yet in the Presidential campaign of 1948 the candidates of all parties promised the farmer more! The returns indicated that he voted for the party that had delivered.
And that misuse of money favored a powerful voting class who were marketing wheat at $3 a bushel, corn at about the same price, oats at a similar price, and livestock at rates so high that restaurants were charging their patrons $4 for a sirloin steak!
Through the years, $1 a bushel for wheat, 75¢ for corn, and the same price for oats were regarded on the land as good prices.
Of course, as before said, the conservation of soil is none of the business of the United States. It is the obligation of the landowner to take care of his land. He had done that from the time the Pilgrims cleared away the timber in the Massachusetts Colonies. He mastered rivers without knowing that he should have the help of a Big or Little T.V.A., and he opened roads wherever they were needed without a Federal Highway Act.
Why Constitution for independent individual
The men who wrote the Constitution being of that kind, they never gave authority to Congress to take the money of one class by taxation and pass it along with a bow and a smile to another group of great voting power. By Magna Carta their forebears made the King promise to keep hands off industry and trade, except under the necessity

of war. Hence, the Constitution contains no grant of power to Congress to pass anything of even the remotest resemblance to the National Industrial Recovery Act. And as they extracted a pledge from King John to let trade alone, the Constitution authorizes Congress only to "regulate" commerce carried on by men, not to engage in commerce by any branch of government, or by a Fascist corporation set up by it. The early American tilled his land without expecting any help from anybody, and he had no idea that Government could by either punitive or predatory taxation place any limit on the fruits of his industry. Accordingly, no grant for paternalism or imperialism was given by the Constitution to Congress.
Soil conservation important, but not to Washington
To be sure, the conservation of the soil of the farmer may become in some localities of so burdensome a nature that it ceases to be the obligation of the individual. Where erosion or some other peril is so widely extended and affects so many owners and so much property that it cannot be dealt with successfully by individuals or by a group of them, then it becomes the duty of the State, either to assist in the task of prevention or take it over altogether. But the United States has no police power. And the Tenth Amendment was designed to prevent it forever from usurping any.
"Soil conservation" is a deceiving term, like "commerce" in the National Labor Relations Act. It is a cover for subsidies from the pockets of the country to those on the land, a transfer of money from one class to another which the Supreme Court held could not be made when it pro-

nounced the first Agricultural Adjustment Act unconstitutional.
As mentioned in a preceding chapter, the farmer has been put in a bad situation by the mismanagement in Government which ballooned his costs and those of everybody else beyond all endurance. But that must be mended by removal of the cause, not by subsidies, which the taxpayers cannot carry indefinitely, even if they were legal.
Procedure provided by Constitution adequate for conservation
In a condition of erosion, or of a "dust bowl," involving several States, they have open to them the "Agreement or Compact with another State" authorized by the closing words of Article I of the Constitution, with "the Consent of Congress." The seven States in the basin of the Colorado River made use of this provision to work out an agreement for a fair division of the valuable water of that stream. So when the erosion or other trouble is beyond the ability of the landowner, it becomes the duty of the State to take hold. And when the difficulty belongs to more than one State, there is a constitutional way to solve the problem.
But the subject is as far beyond the constitutional field of Congress as are the sands of the Sahara.
On July 22,1947, the Associated Press reported that the House of Representatives "had voted twice to eliminate the benefit-payment program for 1948 and sharply cut back payments on this year's crops." The Senate-House conference group agreed "to continue the main farm program into 1948." In addition to that, it agreed to a fund of $265,000,000 "to make the benefit payments and meet other costs of the farm crop program on the 1947 crop."

The "other costs" were $24,000,000 to pay the bureaucrats "for expenses of farmer committeemen who plan and check the programs"!
The farm bill compromise would provide $960,000,000 "for agricultural purposes during the fiscal year 1948 in comparison with last year's expenditures of $2,275,000,000" President Truman asked for $1,188,000,000.
National government without feeling for taxpayers
The disrespect for the rights and property of the people in general, in order to favor highly organized voting groups, is, in addition to being unconstitutional, morally wrong. In the Congress for the last decade and a half, in the White House, in the legislatures, in the city councils, everywhere in public office where there is authority to spend, there has developed, through indifference or incompetence of those who should have been on guard, the grossest unconcern for the taxpayer. As a capital illustration of this, there is cited the veto by the President of a tax-reduction bill passed by the new Congress in 1947 which had been voted into power on a platform promising relief from exorbitant taxation.[1]
In the concluding chapter of this work it is shown that we must take the President out of this kind of politics by returning to the strictest observance of the method of election prescribed by the Constitution.

1. The ruthless course of the Government at Washington respecting the taxpayers brings to mind the denunciation by Saint Simon of the Bourbon monarchy, which brought on by taxes the French Revolution, that it "has scourged, rather than governed, the state."

From the fine folks over at Barefoot's world.
Pay a visit to them.  It's a great site.

Liberty?  You have the right to complain.  Nothing more.
That right too will soon end.

Morality Beyond Same Sex Marriage; Morality? It's Now Gone.

President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the 1964 Civ...
President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the 1964 Civil Rights Act as Martin Luther King, Jr., and others, look on. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Please note; the following arguments we are about to present do not reflect our actual positions on the subject.

With same sex marriage now being thrown upon many within various states throughout the United States questions of what is moral and of civil liberty or civil rights now come into full question.  That question being what exactly are civil rights?  The claim for allowing same sex marriage is based on civil rights.  Now that these arguments have been winning so much ground, it's time to seriously explore civil rights and start asking a lot of questions and even demanding further civil rights.

  Since these arguments are civil rights then one has to start arguing for further civil rights.  The civil rights of polygamy which is the ability to marry more than one person.  If a man wishes to marry more than one person, then under the liberty of civil rights, he should be allowed to.  If a woman wants more than one husband or wife, then she should have full legal rights and ability to do so.

  And what of the rights of those who practice beastiality?  Under the liberty of civil rights, if a man or woman wishes to marry an animal and practice whatever they wish with that animal under the liberties of civil rights, then they should be fully allowed and legal.  Under the liberty of civil rights then either a man or woman should be able to marry any person and or multiple animals and live in whatever manner they so wish practicing whatever desires they wish.

  Further under the liberty of civil rights, if a man or woman wishes to marry a minor of any age, that person should be allowed to.  If a man wishes to marry a 7 year old boy, what right does anyone have to block the civil rights of that man?  Where can morality be reasonably be argued?  Morality has become strictly subjective now.  Not later on down the road but right now.  

  Prostitution needs to be legalized now as does every form of gambling.  All drugs need to be fully legalized as who is anyone to determine the morality of anyone who wishes to use them?  Abortion equally is a a civil right, not a question of morality.

  Same sex marriage has never been about rights, it's about breaking the backbone of Christianity and the questions of a moral society.  Now that it has been broken, one can no longer block any of these other arguments on a sound foundation.  There are groups now working on infiltrating Christian churches in an effort to demand that same sex marriages are recognized and not blocked, which is the full destruction of the Christian church.

  And how will they win this battle?  Through the tax structure for one.  In other ways, laws will be enacted against ministers in a way where ministers can be arrested and convicted of crimes for not recognizing same sex marriages.  And again, I argue, that the rest of the above arguments are just as valid.  Why not have 8 men marry each other creating a new definition of marriage?

  Property rights laws will become one of the biggest headaches ever seen once polygamy becomes law.  But why stop there?  The rights to contract slavery should also be recognized.  If a person wishes to sell themselves into slavery, under the liberties of civil rights and equally under contractual laws, why should this not be allowed?  Who is to define the morality against such?  The doors are now fully open to all of these matters and the battles are now about to begin.  We have already seen battles beginning for the full legalization of prostitution.  Gambling has been making slow inroads for decades, now it will go onto the fast track.

  Why not gamble your life?  If you lose, you become a slave or a prostitute, for x amount of time or for life based on the contract you gamble for?  Sounds rather tempting does it not?  Who is to say that these issues are wrong now?  What rights do judges have to hear any case?  Anarchism has become the law based on recent forced decisions on "WE THE PEOPLE" who did NOT authorize these decisions.  Who cares what your opinion is on these issues as everyone has to ask why your opinion should even count as your opinion violates the civil rights of others who have different opinions.  When society spoke, the vast majority of people voted against same sex marriages.  The politicians stole the rights of the people and in our opinion, (which now does not count as it violates someone's civil rights to their own opinions), forced immoral, indecent, anti Christian principals on us all against the will of the people.

  The United States, once the flame of liberty and freedom, has become an international joke of black smoke and dust in this modern day.  No longer a leader of freedom but instead a leader of tyranny against the people.  There is no longer any right to argue rights as anyone should now be free to argue against those rights that are no longer rights but instead civil liberty rights add infinity add nausea.  

  What the future should hold?  Super centers where one can go in, marry the first prostitute that makes them feel good, gamble with their lives risking slavery while taking an insane amount of drugs and if pregnancy becomes an issue later on down the road, an abortion clinic right there under that same roof.  Shows for entertainment featuring some of the most bizarre forms of beastiality with an option to marry the animal going to the highest bidder.  Take your children but if one of them gets married while there, you do not have the option of bringing them back home or defending your child against that option.

  The door is now open to such a future society.  Are you ready for it?  How can you now argue against it?

Again, these are not our positions, just the handwriting on the walls that we see.