Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Have We Forgotten……

Over time, we all have seen history repeat itself.  A sneak attack on Fort Sumter in 1861, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the September 11 attack in New York and Washington D.C. and while these were attacks on our own homeland, we swore that we would never forget.  Have we?  Sailors that were never recovered in the U.S.S. Arizona forever entombed in a steel coffin surround by oil and water.  Soldier never recovered from the leveling of Fort Sumter and the thousands of people never to be found following the September 11 attacks.  Have we Forgotten?

During the civil war our own government attacked their countrymen in the south over a multitude of ideologies over fair taxation, agriculture versus industry, the expansion of slavery into the expanding western territories and the election of Lincoln to the presidency as a republican without winning a single electoral vote from a southern state.  Have we forgotten?

While the Japanese executed a well, thought out plan to destroy the Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, all for the political relations reasons between the 2 countries that had become strained.  While many mistakes were made by the Japanese such as leaving dry docks intact, this did help the country in recovering by the righting and repair of many of the damaged and thought destroyed warships at Pearl Harbor.   The saving grace was our carriers were out to sea.  Have we Forgotten?

During the morning of September 11, we came under attack by terrorist using our own commercial aircraft against us, as missiles that resulted in killing thousands of innocent people.  A country in shock and we vowed to Never Forget.  Now we vote these same people into political office.  Have we Forgotten?

2 years ago, we held a presidential election and while the person elected had no political experience, he has gotten the country’s economy back on track, unemployment under control and our trade between countries made fair to the United States.  The downside we elected radicals to office that have cursed and vowed to take down the newly elected president at any cost.  Have we Forgotten?  These people have spent millions of taxpayer dollars on a mission to destroy the very republic our forefathers established over two hundred years ago.  Again, Have we Forgotten?

Last Tuesday, Virginia set a dangerous precedence by electing people to office with felony records, twisted ideas, and goals to strip away rights, guaranteed to us by the Constitution of the United States and confirmed by the Supreme Court of this country.  Yet these people are on a path of socialism and liberal thinking that the government needs to control the population.  These are the same people we elected that are supposed to be working for the people and not to control the people.  Any time in history where this has occurred has not ended well.  Look at Nazi Germany in 1939 and the Jewish people that were being systematically exterminated.  Have we Forgotten? 

People the same government has given rights back to felons and executed by the same type liberal people that we just elected to office.  Corruption is among us, at the Federal, State and County Levels.  Have we Forgotten?  Have we forgotten, what we learned in school about history, but it seems history is doomed to repeat itself and we are seeing it occur again?  What will this outcome be this time?  War between us, riots, marches and protest, I don’t have that answer.  Before we forget our history, we need to read it and learn from this before our history is gone and forgotten.


John Tyson

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