Monday, November 11, 2019

Violet's Rant: The Boy With No Name

He wasn't the the best man for the job. In fact, most of the people in town didn't think he was a man at all. It seemed like it was only yesterday he was seen riding his bike up and down the street. 
An average boy who would cut grass in the summer and could be seen building a snowman in the front yard of his home in the winters.Yes, he was just an average boy who really didn't seem much different than any other boy in the neighborhood. 
Just a boy with freckles and a mischievous smile who wore a baseball cap that bore the school team's symbol and played ball in the empty lot on the corner with the rest of the boys. Occasionally he was seen marching down the street with the band in the town's local parades yet few people knew his name.
Most didn't notice he was gone when he, the empty lot no longer existed..... Now, replaced and decorated with flowers around a new home with a new family, and you could no longer hear the boys playing.
Each year, The parade still continued each year and no one noticed who was and wasn't marching in the band anymore.
Yes...., he was just an average boy that simply wasn't around anymore until the day he returned home.
All the towns people gathered together awaiting his return. Each of them remembering something good about the boy ....... it didn't seem that long ago.
As they gathered all together ..., they watched and waited for his return .... his parents were seen standing in front of the crowd holding hands and standing tall.
It wasn't until the door of the plane opened and the soldiers marched out one by one and aligned themselves along the exit of the door, saluting to the boy who became hero and was carried down the ramp in a box draped with the American flag. Now, one of America's heroes and everyone knew his name...... Thank you to all of our veterans..... all gave some, some gave all. God Bless America and you our HEROES!!!!

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