Thursday, November 14, 2019

Violet's Rant: Using Your Head For Something Besides A Hat Rack

Well, what do you know! We finally got to see two of the most crucial witnesses in the impeachment farce. I don't know about you but these two characters who resembled a duo of Red Skelton (the one with the bowtie) and Jerry Lewis (the one with the "I'm so stupid" look) didn't impress me a whole lot. If you don't know who they are, that's probably why you can't remember a civil America, but that's not today's subject. 
Nope, today we are going to put on out thinking caps! Because we are discussing the American diplomat George P. Kent serving as Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eastern Europe Affairs and William B. Taylor, the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine. You know, two men who are the star witnesses for the Impeachment Inquisition. Yea, them. Quite an impressive set of knuckleheads, if you ask me. And people, if you weren't listening yesterday, brace yourself! These two men testified to their feelings and what they heard. Yup, that's who I want running our foreign affairs. What if he gets the feeling to run.....well, sorry about our bad luck, eh?
Now, let me ask you this.... do you think you could be convicted of a crime in a court of law.....if I testified to a judge that I had a "feeling" you did it? Or how about if I said, somebody told me they heard about something you did? You're absolutely right! A good lawyer would chew me up and spit me out. And more than likely I'd face charges for a false complaint or I am sure they'd find something to charge me with but that's exactly what happened yesterday. Don't take my word for it. Look up the hearing for yourself and for Lord's sake don't watch the news media, it's designed for the weak minded who'd fall for anything. And you're much smarter than that, now aren't you. No, look up the entire session. 
Okay, now we know who these two men are, I want you to ask yourself this. Should we have knuckleheads overseeing our foreign affairs who make decisions on feelings and word of mouth? I mean, come on now..... You don't have to be a genius to figure that out, now do you?
So, Ambassador Taylor started off pretty good I thought, reading that paper he wrote up was pretty impressive but when he was questioned, his eyes began to bulge out of his head like a deer caught in headlights. He was shuffling papers around like there was no tomorrow but he wasn't looking for anything! If that's not a sign that something wasn't going as planned, I mean nothing is.
And Mr. Kent, the man who immediately claimed friendship with the ex- Ambassador of Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, you know that woman, who doesn't represent us all, but has been crying because she got fired from her job as Ambassador of Ukraine. Yea, her. Now, I won't get started on her but I will say this. If my boss doesn't like me and wants to fire me, he can! Bottom line! There are no laws against it. Whether I like it or not. Now, I may have a few choice words for him but I'd move on with my life quickly. I wouldn't be trying to destroy the man. Good grief! It's called life and doesn't always work out how we want it. But that's Mr. Kent's friend. And thank God we didn't have her going through menopause and working off of her feelings! I mean where would we be now? 
So, there you have it! Those two men are the two STAR witnesses testifying for the basement squad.. Impressed yet?
Ambassador Taylor was quick to point out that Ukrainians were being killed by Russians, he even describes how they were dying with such empathy. Now that's a little ironic since Americans are being killed by Mexicans and Islamics right here on American soil but there is no one representing us Americans like that now is there? Nope, in fact they don't even want a wall to protect us. Now, don't you feel special? 
Pardon me for asking but, can someone please tell me why....these two men who have been scrutinizing our Potus so harshly didn't do the same thing after they discovered Joe Bidens son was receiving $50,000 a month on the board of Barisma? I mean, Mr. Kent's own words were that this large energy corporation was being investigated for corruption and bribes....ummm that was under Obama's watch. Don't look at me... Mr. Biden said himself that he had the lawyer who was investigating it fired and they could call and ask the President. That's right, or they wouldn't get paid. Now, hold on! That's a "quid quo pro"! And, if you failed to put on your thinking cap, that is it's defined as a favor or advantage granted or expected for something. Hmmmm.....don't take my word for it. Here you have it...You don't have to listen to it all but do yourself a favor by starting at 44:25
But they NEVER had a "feeling" about that illegal act, now did they? Even when Mr Biden made 6 trips to the Ukraine (Mr. Kent's observation)....and that was compliments of the American people....... ummmm Air Force Two. Geez, are you feeling like somebody is leading you to the desert for water yet? I am not feeling so sure about their "feelings" are you?
Well, I won't go on about how they have been deceiving you because I get that "feeling" sometimes too. But, I do want to just take your attention to one other subject. Remember that Russian investigation that kind of showed Hilary was the one working with Russia and not the President ( hmmm...and no one had a 'feeling' about that either) Yea, that fiasco we all endured when the President took office. It cost the American people about 34 million dollars!…/heres-how-much-the-mueller-in…
Now don't look at me, I don't need a drink of water that bad....
With that being said, I could tell you about the Ambassador who was widely known for taking notes and recording texts.... Yet couldn't "recall" one of them that Mr. Jordan asked him about. Of course "I don't recall" is always the best answer when you know you've been caught, now isn't it?
Now, I know this is a lot to think about already but let me drop this little bug in your ear. While they are diverting your attention.... What's happening in..... The 13th district of Michigan? And have you checked out the 14th district of New York lately? And let's not leave out the 5th congressional district of Minnesota? There's your assignment for my father used to always say, "Use your head for something besides a hatrack." and check those things out.
Now, while you do some homework.... I am going to go work on your next quiz.....okay?
Yup, we are going to do some brain exercises for the next few rants and if you're not interested, it's not my brain wasting away on stuff that's meant to take my mind off of what's important to Americans.
 Nope, that desert doesn't look too wet to me.

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