Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Violet's Rant: Sesame Street comes to Pennsylvania Avenue

Well, well, well, looks like another day on Sesame Street. Which rumor has it..., it goes something like this...Miss Piggy got fired and she's telling on Big Bird, 'cause it "ain't fair!" And didn't you hear.... Oscar the Grouch told the Cookie Monster that Bert and Ernie said that Kermit the Frog told them that Big Bird's going down.
Yup, you heard it here first folks. Pennsylvania Avenue has become a joke. I mean, we have Adam Schiff who lied to the American people by reading a bogus transcript that was altered to fool the American people and guess what? There are still knuckleheads who believe him!
If only I could have been a fly on the wall when the bag of Schiff heard the REAL transcript had come out. Dang skippy! They leave the most entertaining parts out. 
And how 'bout that whistle blower? The Cowardly Lion who is still praying for Dorothy to show up and give him some courage. Poor thing..... the way his Attorney is blowing up his own credibility by claiming in 2017 he was starting an impeachment....doesn't help him a whole heck of a lot, now does it? Nope, the two of them will go down in history as Thing One and Thing Two. It's a shame Dr. Suess didn't give us pictures of them so we could have seen them coming. Somebody. please give them some green eggs and ham so they won't be so hungry for Big Birds blood.
Now, let's not forget those Californians, who by the way....  that bag of Schiff works alongside of .. come on now... you know who they are.... Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris....yup the modern day, equal rights three stooges. ...who have been working so hard for "the people" yet haven't even come out once and commented on the fires that have been devastating their state and the lives of their own "people". Oh yea, never ye mind the homeless who are defecating in the streets because of "Larry, Curly and Moe's undying "love for the people". Sounds like to me they forgot all about them, huh? 
I mean...... Dorothy landed down on the wicked witch of the East when the House fell on top of her but that Wicked Witch of the West has a bunch of monkeys helping her out, no I didn't say they were helping "the people" out but they're helping the Wicked Witch of the West out. Hmmmm.... if make believe can't be real, you sure could have fooled me. 
I mean, the next thing you know we'll see Chuck Schumer walking around singing, "If I only had a brain". Afterall,  his buddy, Mayor Bill de Blasio can't even walk down the street without his own citizens "booing" him and asking him to leave New York. Think that may be because of the forgotten the homeless there? Chuck Schumer sure does lose a lot of sleep for his own, now doesn't he?
 But .... but .... but..... aren't New York and California sanctuary cities? So, wait a minute.... hold on! You mean to tell me the Scarecrow Chuckie isn't scaring the crows away and can not even help his own? Well ain't that the new American way? or NOT.
Geez, people I am waiting for Rod Serling to step out any minute now and say, "Welcome to the"Twilight Zone".
Oh, well. I guess I need to go get my popcorn ready. Rumor has it for the first time in history two people are testifying at once. I guess that's the new justice system. You know.... once upon a time..... you couldn't hear the other witnesses so you couldn't make your answers coincide with the previous witnesses..... but that's what you get when you get to Sesame Street.... I sure do wish those muppets never grew up. I kind of liked them when they displayed 
character and education,  didn't you? I'd say it might be time to send them back to Sesame Street they still have some things to learn about the American people

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