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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

The most Expensive Spirit Ever Produced In Virginia, 8 Shires Jamestowne 1608 Single Malt Whiskey At $1,195.00 Per Bottle


(By; Chuck Thompson)

What is the most expensive spirit ever produced in Virginia?  8 Shires 1608 Single Malt Whiskey at a price tag of about $1,195.00 before tax.  So what makes this release so darn expensive?  The story behind this release is a very long one that is best experienced at the 8 Shires Coloniale Distillery in Williamsburg, but we are going to touch on a good amount of it here.  Back some years ago, the archeologists at Jamestown unearthed a well on Jamestown island that they estimated to have been capped back in 1608.  The well was no longer producing water.  When the archeologists uncapped that well, they found roughly 20 gallons of water at the bottom of the well.  They recovered the water and set it aside trying to figure out what to do with it.

  One of the archeologists is a brewer of beer, so he decided to try and make a special beer with some of the water.  It didn't come out very well.  With 10 gallons left, the archeologists still wanted to see something done with it.

  Enter Dr William Dodson, owner of 8 Shires Coloniale Distillery in Williamsburg.  After Dr Dodson was giving a lecture in town, the archeologist who had attended his lecture went up to meet him and told him about their find and that they still had 10 gallons of water left and did he have any ideas on what to do with it?  Dr Dodson knew exactly what to do with it.  Dr Dodson said, let's recreate the first distillations done in Virginia, aka North American continent and we will add this water into the release making it a very special limited edition.  This water is 412 years old now.  It was tested and is free of any contaminants.  

  Based on research, it was determined that Single Malt whiskey was the most likely base for spirits in Jamestown at that time period.   Dr Dodson set out to find a malt house in England that was in business during the Early 1600's and is still in business today.  He found one.  So the malt was brought in from England to make the Single Malt.  The next question, what kind of still did they use?  The archeologists were able to answer that having unearthed a glass alembic still.  So now the mission was to have several glass alembic still heads recreated so as to produce an authentic time period distillation.  Corning Glass works in New York State covered that.  They hand blew 5 period pieces.  

  Now, how was the spirit collected, into what kind of vessel and how long would it might have sat?  The research shows the most likely vessel for collecting the distilled spirits was into a wooden barrel and the barrels would have been set aside until needed.  Ah, the aging process.  Distilling was mainly done in the spring and the fall and enough was made to put into storage for a multiple amount of reasons.  So it may have sat for up to a year and a half before being used.  

  Now, packaging.  What Dr Dodson knew, glass blowing was one of the first industries in Jamestown and started in the year of 1608.  Each bottle of Jamestowne 1608 is hand blown by the glassblowers in Jamestown and the release comes with 2 shot glasses that were the common design of the time period, also hand blown by the Jamestown glass blowers.  The release comes in a hand made wooden box made with exotic woods.  The main wood used is walnut.  Each bottle is also hand dipped in wax to seal the tops and each waxed top has a special seal stamped into the wax.  Once this release sells through that's the end of them.  10 gallons of water only goes so far.  

  This is the most unique spirit I have ever seen produced anywhere by anyone.  This is not the full complete story, but it's the main gist of it.  The Jamestowne 1608 Single Malt is a distillery only release and can not be bought anywhere else including Virginia ABC stores.  So you will have to visit them at 7218 Merrimac Trail in Williamsburg.  They are open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 1pm til 7pm.  The Distillery just released these and has already sold 108 bottles as of this writing.  A visit to the Distillery allows you to see and learn the rest of the story not covered here.  Cheers.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

8 Shires Distillery Investment Opportunities

There is presently an investment opportunity available with 8 Shires Distillery in Williamsburg, Virginia.  The investment type is called a debt derivative.  What is a debt derivative?  As defined on Wikipedia;  In finance, a derivative is a contract that derives its value from the performance of an underlying entity. ...Derivatives are one of the three main categories of financial instruments, the other two being stocks (i.e., equities or shares) and debt (i.e., bonds and mortgages).  This opportunity is only available for about one more week.

(By:  Chuck Thompson)

Today being May 29th, 2018.  A little about 8 Shires Distillery.  From farm to table.  Locally sourced grains come from a local Virginia farm known as Hart and Son located between Gloucester and West Point.  750 acres of farmland and these folks use natural farming techniques producing high quality grains which include indian corn used in both 8 Shires bourbon and gin products creating very unique flavors.

  What sets 8 Shires apart from any other Distillery anywhere is the commitment to 17th and 18th century interpretations of spirits produced by this distillery.  Years have been spent researching recipes and techniques in an effort to recreate the flavors of the past.  This caused interest with folks over at the Jamestown Island who do the archaeological excavations and interpretations.  They approached 8 Shires with the idea of recreating the first spirit ever made in what is now the United States.  They offered a very unique proposition that was just to good to pass up.  They found a well that was capped by Captain John Smith which was no longer producing enough water for the settlers.  The Jamestown folks managed to pull 20 gallons of water from the well and save it.  8 Shires has reproduced a single malt spirit using 10 gallons of that water for recreating the spirit of the time.  It's a single malt and it is slated to be bottled in hand blown glass bottles and topped with natural cork wired to the rim of the neck of the bottle.

  Release date is expected to coincide with a special event happening at Jamestown Island in April, 2019.  Bottles will be 375 ml each and are expected to sell for about $500.00 each.  Other spirits being produced by 8 Shires are as follows, Silver rum, dark or aged rum, spiced rum, cordials that change with the seasons are about to be released, George Thorpe original which is a bourbon mash bill white whiskey honoring the father of American Bourbon, and the distillery is also working on a single malt similar to the first spirits ever produced in North America.

  A trip to the distillery is quite a treat as you can view reproduction stills from the late 16th century all the way up to the late 18th century.  Plans are being finalized now to start outdoor interpretations of colonial distilling using some of the stills on display at the distillery.  While you are there, be sure to try one or several colonial drinks like the wicked maiden that is a favorite by just about everyone who tries it.  Also try a stone fence and be sure to hear the story behind the drink which is a wonderful American Revolution story that is indeed well reputed.  The distillery is located at 7218 Merrimac Trail in Williamsburg.  It is a bit difficult to find as the distillery is located in a building in the back part and the front of the building houses a church.

Check out this link to view more details about this investment opportunity.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Williamsburg Distillery Takes Home 2 More Gold Medals

Williamsburg Distillery, located at 7218 Merrimac Trail, Williamsburg, Virginia has just brought home 2 more gold medals from the American Distilling Institute.

  The majority of the employees were up in Baltimore this past week to receive those awards.  Normally GVLN reports on Gloucester news so one may be asking why we are covering news in Williamsburg?  Simple, everyone who works at the Williamsburg Distillery are residents of Gloucester.

The two gold awards are for the Jamestown Gin which is a Genever style Gin or put another way, a whiskey based Gin.  The Gin itself won the Gold.  Now Williamsburg Distillery isn't the only distillery making a Genever Gin.  The second gold medal was won by the Williamsburg Distillery for best in class as well.

  The whiskey base used for creating the multi gold award winning Gin is an American wheat based whiskey.  Ninety Five percent of whiskey's on the market are rye based whiskies.  Only five percent of American whiskey is wheat based which is a milder whiskey flavor profile.  For those of you who love Gin, most Gin you are familiar with is a vodka or pure ethanol based spirit.  The spirit itself has no flavor.  Only the botanical's put the flavor into most of the Gins on the market.  One of the secrets of the Williamsburg Distillery is this, Dr Bill Dodson wanted to stick with grains of the period, well, yellow corn was not one of the grains of the period, Indian corn was. Indian corn has no commercial use anymore except during Thanksgiving with the Indian Corn being used for decoration.  Dr Dodson and his staff worked out contracts with local farmers to supply Indian Corn exclusively for the Distillery.

  The results are numerous gold medals now won by the distillery with the top award being a triple gold won last year for the Jamestown Gin that was won at the Denver International Spirits Competition.  The distillery has also won  numerous gold medals for their rum with 91 points given at the Los Angles International Spirits Competition.  This is a distillery to watch and without question, worth your time to visit and buy some spirits while you are there.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Gloucester, Virginia History: Extremely Old Tombstone Headings

Tombstones of gloucester, virginia 1 from Chuck Thompson

Gloucester, Virginia is one of the oldest areas in the nation when it comes to early English settlements.  Its as old as Jamestown, Virginia as it was once a part of Jamestown back on 1607.  Later it was a part of Yorktown, but records show Yorktown being even younger than Gloucester which is just the way things get recorded.  For that matter, everything from North Carolina to Massachusetts was all a part of Virginia.  For the record, the American Indians or what is commonly know as native Americans which turns out are Chinese immigrants, were here before English settlers and so was Spain.  But its the English who were successful at settling the area.  (Politically correct history reporting is a pain in the ...).

  The main focus here is maintaining history.  Above is from the College of William and Mary that recorded the headings of old Gloucester tombstones.  Many which can no longer be read.  Some blame acid rain for not being able to read these headings, I blame nature.  Water is the worlds finest solvent.  It has nothing to do with so called acid rain.  (I refuse to argue politically correct areas when there is no real science behind it.)  There are many folks who like to wander through old grave yards and read the Tombstone headings and there are also family who can no longer read what the tombstones once said, so for these reasons, we have decided to reprint the information.

  Anyone is free to print out the above pages for historical research and or family posterity.  You may also download free copies of the above from our Slideshare site.  You have to be a member of Slideshare and if you are not already, then you can join for free.

Above:  The Godspeed.  One of the 3 ships that came from England to Virginia in 1607.  Jamestown Yorktown Foundation re creation.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Gloucester, Sacred Va. Indian Site May Become National Park

RICHMOND – Land along the York River that archaeologists believe was the center of a vast Indian empire before the first Europeans settled in Virginia is gaining White House attention as a possible addition to the National Park System.

This could give the much needed reason to move forward with an up river crossing.  

As noted in the picture above of a Gloucester Map that we drew an overlay on that shows what looks to us like what the plans are for future development, the new park is right along the line where the up river crossing would be put in.  The yellow line is present route 17.  To the left is where the crossing would be put in across the York River.

  Present concerns are certain aspects of local politics that need to be adjusted in the proper directions in order for the funding to properly go through.  If certain aspects of local politics do not straighten out, then funding could be lost.

  What all of this means to everyone in Gloucester and surrounding areas is as follows, at present we have the historic triangle that includes Jamestown, Williamsburg and Yorktown.  This would change to the Historic Circle if this funding goes through and an up river crossing is put in.  This would finally put Gloucester on the National map where it belongs.  That also means massive development throughout Gloucester that would eventually create something akin to what Williamsburg presently looks like and bring in all kinds of development and jobs.

  This also means that there is some very serious investments that anyone with the money can make now to profit from these future concepts, however, it's still prudent to wait and see how the funding for all of this works out and we are looking at long term investments.  Again we have leadership issues in this county that need to be corrected in order for this to happen though we seem to be in a somewhat better position today than we were last year thanks to the addition of 3 new board of supervisors that seem to be watching out for the people of the county that in our view was very much lacking in the past.

  This is an area everyone should keep a close eye on.

An email went out to top officials in this county and reads as follows:

The proposed Werowocomoco National Park will open the doors to a level of growth never before seen inGloucester County.  Along with the National Park also comes Gloucester’s inclusion in the Historic Tourism Triangle which will now become a circle. The triangle is currently made up by JamestownWilliamsburg andYorktown
Hotels, timeshares, restaurants, theaters, theme parks and more will soon become interested in bringing their businesses to Gloucester.  These types of businesses are not going to squabble over how much it will cost to cross Rt. 17 with water or sewer service; they will simply want permits issued as expeditiously as possible.  These businesses will not complain about landscape requirements as the public’s opinion on the appearance of their establishments is very important to their success.  If the park is truly realized, a second York River crossing will be constructed sooner than later to complete the transportation circle. 
This type of growth will be good for the County only if it is managed properly.  Growth of this nature is what was truly in mind when the Highway Corridor Overlay District (HCOD) was developed in 1991 due to the growth spurt that occurred during the few years in which there was no toll on the Coleman Bridge.  Many are now calling the HCOD a form of government regulation that is restricting business growth; when in fact it was concisely developed for growth management purposes.  All one needs to do to get a snap shot of Gloucester’s new found growth potential, is to take a look at Richmond Rd. and the surrounding area in Williamsburg, to include the Newtown and High Street mixed use developments.  This link to the Historic Tourism industry will provide Gloucester with the necessary anchor required to ensure the success of such mixed use developments.
Over the past several years there have been persons inGloucester County who have somehow known this scenario of growth was coming in the near future.  Some of these persons have used this information to secure lucrative future gains through calculated land acquisitions and purchases.  Some have also used the information to set a plan in motion to cause the rerouting of the connection of Rt. 17 to Rt. 14 through land owned or controlled by them or their associates.  These types of insider knowledge behaviors must be eradicated as part of enhancing the appearance of Gloucester as a good place to establish a business, visit, reside or raise a family.
There are numerous areas within the County’s administration and services departments that need immediate attention.  The Public Utilities Department is one of the primary areas in need of serious work. If this department is currently struggling to meet current demands and certain areas of the systems are inefficient and or near collapse; there is no way the demands of rapid growth will be met.  Gloucester’s water and sewer systems should be one of the top items on a list of areas that require immediate intervention, significant improvements and or complete overhaul.
The image of the School Board and public school system is another primary area requiring immediate attention.  Residential growth associated with inclusion in the historic tourism circle will not flourish if Gloucester cannot or refuses to transform its public education system into one of being reputably and statistically successful.  The School Board’s only focus should be on ensuring that an above average, efficient and equal education opportunity is provided for all students. The division and dysfunction that currently exists between the School Board and the Board of Supervisors and the School Board and the Gloucester Community must be alleviated before any remarkable success will be achieved; as it will take both boards and the community working together to transform the public school system into all it can possibly be.
There are other areas within the County that will require varying levels of improvement or modification before substantial growth can take place.  Plans to accommodate this future growth should be established post-haste. Analysis of all County departments and functions relative to such growth plans should be conducted and appropriate steps taken to ensure each department can adequately manage and capitalize on future development of this magnitude.   
The new National Park and everything that will accompany it will provide substantial revenue and create many jobs for Gloucester’s adults and work eligible youth.  Personal property and real estate tax rates for citizens could actually decrease and property values could increase if future growth is managed properly.
Kenneth E. Hogge, Sr.
Gloucester Point
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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mapping Gloucester, Virginia's Future? The Heart of Gloucester County

The above picture is what we have been able to put together based on over a year of watching the Gloucester Board of Supervisors meetings, watching the actions of the Gloucester School board, and looking into what the golden triangle has been planning and promoting as well as viewing the plans of a few local developers.  We like to call this the new Heart of Gloucester.  It's what it looks like when you draw out the plans of what is both seen and not seen.  It looks like a heart.

  What is within that heart;  The up river crossing.  606 across the river to York County to meet up with route 199.  A gateway to Williamsburg and a much faster route to I64.  Plus on the other side is a new road that would need to be constructed to alleviate the traffic congestion along business route 17 moving onto route 14 in the courthouse area.  A road that may go through some very interesting properties and who holds some of those properties.

  Questions that we will be raising over the coming months, has a newly created landmark been put in place to maintain traffic congestion?  What is the future of that landmark if that is the case?  Is mixed use development in the plans of those who are behind secret plans?  Has inside information been used for insider trading?  Have property deals been made to enrich the few privy to secret information and how did they get to those secrets?

  What place does the golden triangle play in all of this?  Who are those in the golden triangle?  How can you profit from this information?  Beware letting certain property sell cheap.  It may just be worth much more than you think.  Are certain people being considered for judge positions based on their willingness to further certain plans now in place even if it means not following the law?  Some odd questions, we know.  But we have seen some odd facts that brought us to this point and are causing us to ask these questions.

  Is a certain popular teenager's park going to go away on route 14 to make way for a new road?  Did the tear down of remains and a move to a new location of Page Middle school play a place in all of this?  We can not answer a lot of these questions.  But we are going to be showing you the facts and information that has led us to ask all of these questions and many more.  We think that if secret information is being used to enrich the few whom are privy to such, then everyone should have equal access to that same information and have the same privileges to make money on these deals as well wherever possible.  Plus it sheds a light on those who are behind those deals and makes those deals much harder to profit from and lets everyone know the kind of people they are dealing with.

  We will leave you to come to your own conclusions as we go through all of the information we have been collecting as well as information already shared along with all of the new information we will be bringing you.  It's been a very long and tedious process and the culmination and joint efforts of many to bring you what we will be sharing.  So stay tuned.  We promise that it's going to get very interesting.
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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A History of County Names In Virginia

English: Virginia population map based on Cens...
English: Virginia population map based on Census 2000. See the data lineage for a description of the process. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
We are taking a few days off as a number of us have developed colds.  So that we are not missed to much, we are posting this history book for you to enjoy and research.  It's a history of the names behind the counties of Virginia.  A fascinating read if you are into that kind of stuff.  If not, this site is so loaded with information it's hard to be missed at this point.

Virginia County Names - A History from Chuck Thompson

Enjoy and we will be back as soon as we can.
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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Slavery in Virginia and it's Religious Origins - E-Book

English: At Thomson above Augusta will be sold...
English: At Thomson above Augusta will be sold the following valuable negroes... (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of the Negroeswith the Planting and Management of Indian Corn, Tobacco, &c. and of their Timber, Stock, Fruits, Provision, and Habitations, &c.

The Negroes live in small Cottages called Quarters, in about six in a Gang, under the Direction of an Overseer or Bailiff; who takes Care that they tend such Land as the Owner allots and orders, upon which they raise Hogs and Cattle, and plant Indian Corn (or Maize) and Tobacco for the Use of their Master; out of which the Overseer has a Dividend (or Share) in Proportion to the Number of Hands including himself; this with several Privileges is his Salary, and is an ample Recompence for his Pains, and[Pg 37] Encouragement of his industrious Care, as to the Labour, Health, and Provision of the Negroes.
The Negroes are very numerous, some Gentlemen having Hundreds of them of all Sorts, to whom they bring great Profit; for the Sake of which they are obliged to keep them well, and not over-work, starve, or famish them, besides other Inducements to favour them; which is done in a great Degree, to such especially that are laborious, careful, and honest; tho' indeed some Masters, careless of their own Interest or Reputation, are too cruel and negligent.
The Negroes are not only encreased by fresh Supplies from Africa and the West India Islands, but also are very prolifick among themselves; and they that are born there talk good English, and affect our Language, Habits, and Customs; and tho' they be naturally of a barbarous and cruel Temper, yet are they kept under by severe Discipline upon Occasion, and by good Laws are prevented from running away, injuring the English, or neglecting their Business.
Their Work (or Chimerical hard Slavery) is not very laborious; their greatest Hardship consisting in that they and their Posterity are not at their own Liberty or Disposal, but are the Property of their Owners; and when they are free, they know not how to provide so well for themselves generally; neither did they live so plentifully nor (many of them) so easily in their own Country, where they are made Slaves to one another, or taken Captive by their Enemies.
OUR NOTES:  The above comes from the book below and is just a partial section within the pages.  It gives an historical view that can no longer be taught in schools thanks to the ill conceived separation of church and state.  It shows the religious beliefs behind slavery and what is often called the cruel and inhumane treatment of the Native American or American Indian.

  It is not our own views and is only presented for it's historical value and to uncover real history and not revisionist history that has been forced on us all in part by the so called separation of church and state. Servitude has it's foundations in religion and has been a part of Judaism, Christianity, Muslim, and other tenants of religious beliefs.  Servitude and slavery are not one and the same issue.  That is where the arguments against slavery were fought on moral grounds.

The State of Virginia - 1712 to 1725 from Chuck Thompson

Free downloads are available on this e-book from our slideshare site.  You will have to log in with either a Facebook account or a LinkedIn account or just set up a free account.  To read the book online, please left click the icon at the bottom right hand side of the slideshare container.  To exit full screen mode, hit the escape key on your keyboard.

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