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Friday, September 26, 2014

Gloucester, VA General News For September From The Town Crier And Job Listings

Winter Homeless Shelter Efforts Continuing: The Gloucester United Emergency Shelter Team is back in action and planning for the 2014-15 winter season! Last year's effort was a success with 30 homeless individuals spending at least one night in the GUEST program. Plans are to open a homeless day shelter close to the Gloucester Moose Lodge (6536 Moose Drive). To prepare the home for use, the following is needed: (1) volunteers to help with interior modifications; (2) volunteers (individuals, church members and civic organizations, etc.) to assist with staffing the facility during operational hours; (3) monetary donations always, always welcome and needed!  Call 804-803-1755 to help! 

Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society is currently seeking a part-time Bookkeeper (20 hours a week/flexible). Must have people and computer skills including QuickBooks and Excel. Send resume and salary requirements HERE.

Gloucester County: Subscribe to Gloucester Connection Employment Opportunities e-mail service and receive automatic notification of all new job vacancies as soon as they are announced. Be one of the first to know and never miss an opportunity! Available job opportunities have been posted to the Gloucester County employment website.

Featured County Jobs: Network VOIP Administrator and Specialty Instructor. For more information or to apply on-line visit:

Gloucester County Public Schools: Featured jobs include: Special Education Teacher for the Visually Impaired, Physical Therapist, Elementary School Principal, Language Arts Teacher and School Counselor. Please call 693-5300 for more information and visit the GCPS Human Resources Department website.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Gloucester, VA Animal Control On Patrol?

8:25 AM Monday, March 10th, 2014.  Animal Control vehicle number 72 driven by Laura Dickie, Senior Animal Control officer for Gloucester County, Virginia stopped at 7-Eleven for breakfast on the run.  Using a county vehicle for personal use while on the clock.   (She came from behind the shopping center main building where Animal Control has their Animal Shelter).

There she is coming out of 7-Eleven now.

She had some trash from other stops where she has done the same thing as she is throwing away a McDonald's bag and other trash that was in the truck.

Here is yet another shot of her getting rid of trash.  Truck must have been stuffed.

There she goes.  Time to head in to the office and check in.  Hope she got enough for everyone.

We started posting about Gloucester County employees using county vehicles for personal use back in April of 2013.  It all started with Animal Control.  Here we are one year later and we still see Animal Control continuing to break county employee rules.  This is an officer sworn to uphold both county and state laws.  Plus to add insult to injury, the Animal Control truck she is driving does not appear to have proper ventilation on the back bed for animals that need to be transported.

  Since Steve Baranek has taken office as the Chief Animal Control officer, we have now reported that each member of his staff has seemed to violate a number of county and state codes.  Again, these folks are sworn to uphold laws, not break them.  What gives?

  We are in budget time here in Gloucester County.  We would suggest that the Board look this department over as possibly being bloated with more employees than really needed.

Now the above is the latest monthly report coming out of Animal Control and it shows pretty much all of their number are down.  How are they justifying such a large department?  Here is something for the board to consider if they do not wish to cut this department.  To seriously reduce or eliminate overtime and weekend calls, create two shifts and a weekend shift.  With two shifts, there are no after hours calls in most cases.  Work the staff from whatever hours they presently have and stagger them until 10 or 11 o'clock at night.

  With a weekend shift, there are no overtime calls for weekend calls.  That can save a pretty substantial amount without changing anything else.  Right now, Animal Control has at least 4 full time staff on Monday through Friday from 7:30 until 4:00PM?  One part timer that comes in during those same hours for a total of 5 on during this short shift.  Not very cost effective.

  Or just eliminate all but one full time person and cut expenses way down and put that money to better use.  We do not need dog catchers that cost us $600.00 per doggie incarcerated when one can save a life for under $500.00.   Just something to consider and there are substantial savings when county employees are not using county vehicles for personal use, violating codes and laws and just making everyone look bad.
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Monday, September 9, 2013

Animal Control Criminals of Gloucester, VA Should Be Fired?

Recently we showed how the deputies of  Animal Control in Gloucester, Virginia were in violation of a number of their own ordinances, making them criminals without any regard for the law, what we are now going to show is the state law that shows that these criminals need to be fired for their actions in our view.  Below in the slideshare container is the story in PDF format that shows what ordinances these deputies have violated in our view as well as picture evidence of those violations.  We are linking the original story at the bottom of this post as well.

Gloucester Animal Control In Violation of Ordinances? from Chuck Thompson

Here is the state code of Virginia that shows that these criminals need to go in our view.

§ 3.2-6557. Animal control officers and humane investigators; limitations; records; penalties.

A. No animal control officer, humane investigator, humane society or custodian of any pound or animal shelter shall: (i) obtain the release or transfer of an animal by the animal's owner to such animal control officer, humane investigator, humane society or custodian for personal gain; or (ii) give or sell or negotiate for the gift or sale to any individual, pet shop, dealer, or research facility of any animal that may come into his custody in the course of carrying out his official assignments. No animal control officer, humane investigator or custodian of any pound or animal shelter shall be granted a dealer's license. Violation of this subsection is a Class 1 misdemeanor. Nothing in this section shall preclude any animal control officer or humane investigator from lawfully impounding any animal pursuant to § 3.2-6569.

B. An animal control officer, law-enforcement officer, humane investigator or custodian of any pound or animal shelter, upon taking custody of any animal in the course of his official duties, or any representative of a humane society, upon obtaining custody of any animal on behalf of the society, shall immediately make a record of the matter. Such record shall include:

1. The date on which the animal was taken into custody;

2. The date of the making of the record;

3. A description of the animal including the animal's species, color, breed, sex, 
approximate age and approximate weight;

4. The reason for taking custody of the animal and the location where custody was taken;

5. The name and address of the animal's owner, if known;

6. Any license or rabies tag, tattoo, collar or other identification number carried by or appearing on the animal; and

7. The disposition of the animal.

Records required by this subsection shall be maintained for at least five years, and shall be available for public inspection upon request. A summary of such records shall be submitted annually to the State Veterinarian in a format prescribed by him.

C. Any animal control officer or custodian of any pound who violates any provision of this chapter that relates to the seizure, impoundment and custody of animals by an animal control officer may be subject to suspension or dismissal from his position.

D. Custodians and animal control officers engaged in the operation of a pound shall be required to have knowledge of the laws of the Commonwealth governing animals, including this chapter, as well as basic animal care.

We can not argue for suspension as it would imply that these criminals, in our view, would have only transported one animal, one time in a hazardous and inhumane way.  It is clear that this would not be the case.  Each and every Animal Control Officer is required to know state codes as well as local ordinances.  for them to even considering claiming they had no idea is not justified.

§ 15.2-612. Manager responsible for administration of affairs of county; appointment of officers and employees.

The county manager shall be responsible to the board for the proper administration of all the affairs of the county which the board has authority to control. To that end he shall appoint all officers and employees in the county's administrative service, except as otherwise provided in this form of county organization and government, and except as he authorizes the head of a department or office responsible to him to appoint subordinates in such department or office. All appointments shall be based on the ability, training and experience of the appointees which are relevant to the work which they are to perform.

County Administrator, Brenda Garton would be the one now who is responsible for firing them or comes under full responsibility for the criminal behavior of these criminals without any regard for the laws based on the above from what we are reading.   Someone has to speak for all the animals who are not able to speak for themselves that have been hamed, treated with cruelty and in inhumane ways by Animal Control Officers.  

Now of course, we are not attorneys and none of this should be considered legal advice in any way, only a competent attorney can legally advise you.  We are only asking questions based on our research and showing our opinions based on that research.  Should the research prove correct, we would expect appropriate actions to go fourth.
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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gloucester, VA - Readers Respond To Animal Control Law Section 3-15 - Is It Legal?

One of the people who responded early to the national survey on whether or not Gloucester, VA law , Section 3-15 is even a legal law has quoted some further interesting information and leaves some clues that they have a much higher knowledge of law than they originally stated.  The following is a new message that they have left.  We still see legal problems with their comments.

"Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Gloucester, VA - Animal Control Law 3-15 Early Res...": 

From your "yes" voter ... I referenced that State law supports the local law. SPECIFICALLY see 3.2-6503 which mimics local law. If you have a problem, you are barking up the wrong tree:

§ 3.2-6503. Care of companion animals by owner; penalty.

A. Each owner shall provide for each of his companion animals:

1. Adequate feed;

2. Adequate water;

3. Adequate shelter that is properly cleaned;

4. Adequate space in the primary enclosure for the particular type of animal depending upon its age, size, species, and weight;

5. Adequate exercise;

6. Adequate care, treatment, and transportation; and

7. Veterinary care when needed to prevent suffering or disease transmission.

The provisions of this section shall also apply to every pound, animal shelter, or other releasing agency, and every foster care provider, dealer, pet shop, exhibitor, kennel, groomer, and boarding establishment. This section shall not require that animals used as food for other animals be euthanized.

B. Violation of this section is a Class 4 misdemeanor. A second or subsequent violation of subdivision A 1, A 2, A 3, or A 7 is a Class 2 misdemeanor and a second or subsequent violation of subdivision A 4, A 5, or A 6 is a Class 3 misdemeanor.

This is an updated argument and we want to thank the person who sent this.  However, we are still arguing that 3-15 is not being properly used in Gloucester, VA by Animal Control.  Section 3-15 is not supported as a law that can be adopted by a locality as further evidenced through state law 3.2-6543.

Sec. 3-15.  Failure to perform duties of ownership; penalty.
(a)       Each owner or custodian of an animal shall provide for each of his animals all the following as defined in section 3.2-6500 of the Code of Virginia:
(1)       Adequate feed;
(2)       Adequate water;
(3)       Adequate shelter that is properly cleaned and sanitized;
(4)       Adequate space in the primary enclosure for the particular type of animal depending upon its age, size, species, and weight;
(5)       Adequate exercise;
(6)       Adequate care, treatment and transportation; and
(7)       Veterinary care when needed for disease control or to prevent suffering or disease transmission.
The provisions of this section shall apply to an owner or custodian of any animal, fowl, or reptile, including every private owner, animal shelter, pound, dealer, pet shop, exhibitor, kennel, groomer, and boarding establishment. This section shall not require that animals used as food for other animals be euthanized.
(b)       Game and wildlife species shall be cared for in accordance with current regulations promulgated by the Virginia Department of Games and Inland Fisheries.
            (c)        Violation of this section is a Class 4 misdemeanor.
I like this person's argument as it shows us where the flaw in our own argument stands.  That required us to re write our survey to ask the correct question.  Let's look at Virginia Code 3.2-6503 a little closer.  It states that it''s a penalty.  What is the penalty?  A class 4 misdemeanor charge.  It does not show where the violation stems from but only a broad definition of what has been violated and that the penalty for the violation is a class 4 misdemeanor.  3.2-6500 of the Virginia code only defines terminology, or gives definitions to terms used.  However, it could logically be argued that the definition of terms is the source of origin.  New problem though is this.  Virginia law section 3.2-6543 provides the following.  

A. The governing body of any locality of the Commonwealth may adopt, and make more stringent, ordinances that parallel §§ 3.2-6521 through 3.2-65393.2-6546 through 3.2-65553.2-65623.2-65693.2-65703.2-6574 through 3.2-6580, and 3.2-6585 through 3.2-6590. Any town may choose to adopt by reference any ordinance of the surrounding county adopted under this section to be applied within its town limits, in lieu of adopting an ordinance of its own.   

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We would like to note that 3.2-6503 is not part of what a county may adopt and or make more stringent according to Virginia State law 3.2-6543 
With that said, how can Gloucester Animal Control law 3-15 that parallel's 3.2-6503 then be considered legal if Virginia state law does not permit it to be adopted and or paralleled as shown above?   It was a sound sounding argument as long as you did not dig deeper into state laws.  I'm going to give that person a free pass here as they said they were not a legal professional and I want to thank that person for further input.  It helped us clarify our survey and our argument.  And as we like to note, we are not attorney's and this is not to be considered legal advice.  Only an attorney can advice you.  We are not trying to practice law on this site.  We are only questioning what we are seeing.

The following is the survey, updated to reflect the proper context of our arguments.

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