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Friday, November 29, 2013

Battle of the Hook, 2013 Now Over 1,800 Images Up Online

We now have over 1,800 images up online from the 2013 Battle of the Hook event.  That means we have finally managed to put a dent in our overall collection of images we shot at this event.  Our team was at the event for 3 days starting on Friday evening and didn't finish up until late Sunday afternoon.  We still do not have a final count on how many images we shot.  We had numerous cameras all over and the team was spread out everywhere.

  We have one of the most unique image sets out there as we shot in everything from straight on traditional pictures to panoramic views in various sizes.  Our team was not only at the battlefields we were also in the camps, up close and personal.  What we can say is that we are not even close to half way done with all of the images we have.  To date we have put the majority of finished images from the collection up on Flickr.  We have also shared the images through Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter and we just put up over 700 images on Google+ .

  Not to take anything away from other media outlets, we have seen some truly spectacular images coming from a number of places.  The Daily Press put up a tiny series that has some wonderful photos in it.  Minimeridith is the name of this particular collection, by Meridith of website.  She has a really nice collection of images taken at the battle of the Hook that are well worth your time to check out.  A number of great photos and further information about the Battle of the Hook and it's history is well documented on this Facebook page.  Another great place to check out photos.  These however are from the 2008 event but still worth the time to check out.

We will keep everyone up to date as we continue to put out more images.  It's going to take us several months to finish everything.  We still have not even finished our collection from Friday evening of the event.  Our initial count was around 5,000 images, however, we now know that it is closer to 8,000 images total at this point.  This set on Flickr has 1,575 images to it.  Some are duplicates.  We try not to do this, but with all the images we are working with, it's hard not to.  294 images starting with Friday evening showing set up for the event as well as the battlefield before troops hit it on Saturday.
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Monday, November 4, 2013

Battle of the Hook, 2013 Canons Firing Photo Images

Some photos from the Battle of the Hook.  A short series of cannons being fired at the event.  These are pictures taken of each canon firing in a series of 4 canons.  We just didn't post them up here in their proper sequence.  We hope you can forgive us for this oversight.  We have now posted hundreds of photos online already with sites like Flickr, Tumblr, and Pinterest.  Plus we have about 6 or 7 videos online at YouTube.  We have already posted a few of them on here.  More to come.  We have thousands of images we are still working on.

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Battle of the Hook, Cold Spring Guard Fife and Drum Video, HD

This is the Cold Spring Guard fife and drum video just put up a couple of days ago.  This is in full 1080P High Definition.  They played this especially for us at our request.  This is the first of two videos of them that we have.  We still have the second one to get up as of yet.  It's a short video so it won't take up much of your time and it's well worth the watch.  Check it out.
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Battle of the Hook, Farmhouse Burning Video - High Definition

We just got this video up the other day.  It's the raw footage we shot of the Farmhouse burning at the Battle of the Hook event that took place just a few short weeks ago.  The video starts before the farmhouse is burned so you can see the full sequence of events that lead up to the burning and then the video continues on with more of the battle scenes.  The video is full High Definition.  You can open the video up in full screen to view it.

  They burned the house down on Sunday, the last day of the event.  It was quite a site.  Overall, the numbers we got back show that there were a solid 1,500 reenactors that participated in this event and a solid 5,000 spectators over the course of the event.  We have other videos we put up as well including a fife and drum video featuring Cold Spring Guard.  We still have more to put up as well.  Enjoy.
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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Battle of the Hook, 2013 Latest Grapahic Art Prints and New Photobook

These are the latest creations we made based on photos from the recent Battle of the Hook event a few weekends ago.  We have a lot of content we are going through and it's going to take us a long time to get up everything we want to share.  We have already put up a calendar as well as a photobook on for purchase and we are working on creating a series of calendars and photobooks for anyone interested.  We have over 750 images up on Flickr from the Battle of the Hook, 2013 event as well as 60 images from the 2008 event.  When you have a moment, you want to check those out.  There are some really great shots on there that have gained a lot of attention.  This is the link to the new photobook on  It's 21 pages of incredible photos.  Many we are not putting up on any sites.  The price of the photobook is only $24.99.

Battle of the Hook, 2013  American Revolution

Cover of the new photobook.
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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Battle of the Hook 2014 Calendar Now Available

We just finished creating this new 2014 Battle of the Hook calendar based on some of the photos we took at the 2013 event.  It's for sale up on and here is the link for this exclusive calendar.

The price is only $16.99 per unit.  The cover of the actual calendar does not have the watermark like the picture above does and none of the other pictures in the calendar have any form of watermarks so it makes for a great keepsake after 2014 is over.  We have included British, French and Canadian holidays in the calendar along with the standard American holidays.  So this calendar makes a great gift to those in other countries as well.

  We will be putting together a series of very exclusive photo books from the Battle of the Hook, 2013 event soon and will post them on here once they are finished and ready.  These will make for great Christmas gifts.  Plus we will be putting up some new posters and other exclusive Battle of the Hook merchandise for those interested.  Spread the word.
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