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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Jefferson Bible, Thomas Jefferson

The Jefferson Bible, Thomas Jefferson, Free eBook from Chuck Thompson

For years we have seen a debate about Thomas Jefferson's religious beliefs.  Some state he was an atheist while others state he was very religious.  Evidence we have seen would classify him more as a potential deist.  Though little evidence has ever been seen to show that Jefferson was a Freemason, we have come across in our research, a letter between Jefferson and Franklin where Jefferson was asking Franklin where certain diplomas were.  The letter reprinted below.

Paris, December 23, 1786.
Dear Sir,—I have received your favor of October 8, but the volume of transactions mentioned to come with it, did not; but I had received one from Mr. Hopkinson. You also mention the diplomas it covered for other persons, and some order of the society relative to myself, which I supposed were omitted by accident, and will come by some other conveyance. So far as relates to myself, whatever the order was, I beg leave to express to you my sense of their favor, and wish to merit it. I have several livraisons of the "Encyclopédie" for yourself and Mr. Hopkinson, which shall be sent in the spring, when they will be less liable to injury. Some books also which I received from Baron Blome must await that conveyance. I receive some discouraging accounts of the temper of the people in our new government, yet were I to judge only from the accounts given in the public papers, I should not fear their passing over without injury. I wish you may have given your opinion of them to some of your friends here, as your experience and knowledge of men would give us more confidence in your opinion. Russia and the Porte have patched up an accommodation through the mediation of this court. The coolness between Spain and Naples will remain, and will occasion the former to cease intermeddling with the affairs of the latter. The Dutch affairs are still to be settled. The new King of Prussia is more earnest in supporting the cause of the slaveholder than his uncle was, and in general an affectation begins to show itself of differing from his uncle. There is some fear of his throwing himself into the Austrian scale in the European division of power. Our treaty with Morocco is favorably concluded through the influence of Spain. That with Algiers affords no expectation. We have been rendered anxious here about your health, by hearing you have had a severe attack of your gout. Remarkable deaths are the Duchess of Chabot, of the House of Rochefoucault, Beaujon, and Peyronet, the architect who built the bridge of Neuilly, and was to have begun one the next spring from the Place Louis XV. to the Palais Bourbon. A dislocated wrist not yet re-established, obliges me to conclude here with assurances of the perfect esteem and respect with which I have the honor to be, your Excellency's most obedient, and most humble servant.

P. S. Will you permit my respects to your grandson, Mr. Franklin, to find their place here?

The above letter is where we see a potential clue to Thomas Jefferson possibly being a member of the secret society of Freemasonry or about to be introduced to it.   Benjamin Franklin is noted as both a Grand Master in both the US as well as in France.  The above letter was sent to Mr Franklin while Mr Jefferson was in France.  We have shown numerous times on this site what the school or religious thought of the Freemasons are.  On the lower levels, Freemasonry tolerates any and all religious beliefs.  Could this have been the start of Jefferson's questioning his own beliefs and replacing them with others?

For further reading is a sound article found on the Los Angeles Times news site.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Thomas Paine On Early American Freemasonry History, 1810

Thomas Paine; a painting by Auguste Millière (...
Thomas Paine; a painting by Auguste Millière (1880), after an engraving by William Sharp after a portrait by George Romney (1792) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Early American Freemasonry History, 1810 Thomas Paine from Chuck Thompson

Thomas Paine, best known for his works, "Common Sense", that helped spark the American Revolution was a Freemason as made very clear by the book above.  It has been said that Freemasons were behind the American Revolution in many ways and it would appear that this is the case.   The above book is only 32 pages in length and give an interesting inside view of what early American Freemasonry was like.  Free downloads are available on this book from our Slideshare site.  You have to be a member of Slideshare to get the free download but that does not mean that you have to upload any content.  We see a lot of people become members just to get free downloads of our books.  It only takes a few minutes to join.
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Dark Side of Freemasonry Part 2 of 2

Here is part two of the video we posted just a few days ago.  Although we do not agree with everything this guy has to say, overall, we can backup the majority of it.

Now this is a lot of time to spend watching videos online, however, it is well worth the time spent to learn about the real inner workings of a secret society that has had an incredible influence on the lives of everyone on the planet.  Do you really think this is a harmless group with harmless philosophies?  You need to see these videos to answer that question.

The Mysteries of Freemasonry, Free eBook from Chuck Thompson

This book is one of the books by one of the Authors that Bill talks about in the above videos.  In the above book, you can see for yourself the oaths that masons take and what those oaths are as well as what they mean.  It's not that benign.  Most of the books that are discussed in the above videos are available from us on our Slideshare site and available for free downloads.  Do your own research.  We are adding more books all the time that show exactly what is behind so much of the problems we face today.

Gloucester Main Street Shopping Center with the sign of BAAL, a trapezoid, pyramid lighting, pyramid at the very top of the square over the trapezoid, how magical.  Ask if they will offer you a square deal or if they know the widow's son.  If you are asked if you are a traveler, the answer is you travel from east to west and from the west to east.  If they ask what you are searching for, you answer, for that which is lost. 
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Saturday, March 15, 2014

A 90th Degree Mason - Whistle Blower (Full Disclosure)

The above video is part one.  Part two is linked above and not available for embedding.  It's by far more disturbing than the first one above.

This video is part one.  We will post part two of this tomorrow.  This is the same guy who is above in the first video.  If you think you know and understand anything about Freemasonry, you have no idea.  This information comes from someone who was in the middle of all of the occult underworld.
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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Decoding The Gloucester Main Street Shopping Center Symbols

In the picture above, we see the Main Street Office.  This is located at the Gloucester Main Street Shopping Center.  Where the Gloucester Main Street Library is located.  Just above the Main Street Office name on the building is a round circle with a cross in the middle of a white background.  What does it mean?  Well we asked the folks who own the shopping center, specifically, Jenny Crittenden, who is the executive director.  The answer we got back was that the design means nothing and is not associated with anything.  Well to us that means one of two issues.  One, she is possibly lying.  Two, she really has no idea.

  In all fairness, we do not think she was lying to us.  It is our opinion that she really does not know what the symbols used throughout the shopping center and by the Gloucester Main Street Association mean.  So what does that emblem mean?  Well so far we have compiled 6 pages of facts as to the meaning of this symbol.  The main clues is to realize that Gloucester, and specifically, Main Street, has a very large and old history of Masonry.  One of the oldest lodges in the nation is found right on Main Street.  Lodge number 7 to be exact.

  Symbols have meaning in a town like this.  We are going to give you the Masonic meaning of the symbol as well as other meanings.  We will leave it all up to you as to whether or not you think the symbol or design has any meaning at all.  In Freemasonry, it is the symbol of Baal.


 A Hebrew or Canaanitish name, signifying lord.  The phoenicians or Sidonians who went to Judea to build Solomon's Temple carried with them the mysteries of Baal represented by the sun, and many of the decorations of the temple referred to his system of worship.  The sun was a significant symbol of the Tyrian architects, and also of the Druids, as it is now of the Masonic Brotherhood.

(Baal:  Meaning in Masonic lore from; "A Dictionary of Freemasonry, by Robert Macoy.  Gramercy Books, Publication Date; Unknown").

Other names and histories of the above symbol is the sun wheel and the solar wheel.  Just about all representing the sun.  It is used in Celtic, Pagan, Hedonist, Satanic, Luciferian, Wiccan, Catholic and other occult as well as religious theories and thoughts.

Isn't it striking how this above picture taken from a site on the Internet that shows the cross of Baal is so similar to the symbol used at the Gloucester Main Street Shopping center?

Now let's look at what is above the cross of Ball at the Main Street Shopping Center Main Office.  Well that looks like a pyramid or capstone.  And then there are the pyramid light fixtures.  But hey, it's just a design coincidence, right?  The Masonic order does not use Egyptian symbols now do they?  Nah, they are just loaded with it at every level and we would have to write a book here to to show you all of it.  So let's just say it reeks of Masonic symbols.

The main sign at the Gloucester Main Street Center or Shopping Center.  Oh, look, a little lamppost in the center of a circle.  What could that mean?  It could very well be illumination.  Let's study illumination for a moment shall we?

  What is illumination?  False Light?  Let's look at this concept for a moment.

Spiritual or intellectual enlightenment.
synonyms: enlightenment, insight, understanding,awareness;
learning, education, edification
"it was an era of great illumination"

Now here is a very serious secret that you will need to read very carefully and closely.  Illumination only comes from the dark.  You can only be enlightened from the dark.  It is very limited light.  In the dark, when illumination occurs, it is only able to take place in a small field.  

  Again, pay very close attention here.  Hold off on your illumination and wait for the light of day.  The light of day paints a much larger picture that you just can not get from illumination.  Under illumination, the darkness still persists around it.  In the light of day, there is no darkness.

Here is an example;  It is interesting to note that when Christianity was introduced to Rome, the Roman empire crumbled.  (Illumination).  The phrase just given is correct.  However, let's now put that same information before the light of day.

Rome was already in a major state of decay when Christianity was being introduced.  The Pagan's of the period fought the Christians tooth and nail in every area of thought.  As the Pagan's prevailed, Rome crumbled before them.  
(Light of day information).  

Illumination often leads those who seek information to the wrong conclusions.  It's not that the information was incorrect, it was just highly limited.  You just didn't get the full story.  

Under illumination, you get a limited picture of the entire scope of things.  Here is what is coming at you let's say.

Now here is the same picture, only with the full light of day.  Here is what is really coming at you.  That is a very different view, but both are correct.  It's the same picture.  Just one is illuminated and the other is the light of day. 

So the next time someone seeks to illuminate you, you can thank them for the information, but hold off on it and wait to see what the light of day says about that information.  Illumination is a very crafty fellow.

Now, the owners of the Main Street Center here in Gloucester are the Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust.  Let's look at a few more of their symbols.

Above is a screenshot from their main website and we use this under fair use laws of the United States for this news story.  Look to the left hand side of their name.  A pretty 5 patterned emblem.  Does it have any meaning?  Nah, it can't.  Besides, it's just to cute.  Let's look a little closer anyway.

Oh look.  It's a pentagram.  A 5 pointed star in a circle.  Invisible at first glance.   But it just has to be a coincidence.  

Oh wait, there is still more.  Inside that yellow circle is an 8 pointed star.  The 8 pointed star by the way is perfectly designed inside that area and made as two square boxes put together.  Under certain mystery schools, this is the symbol of the goddess Venus.  The goddess of Love.  How magical.  So we have the goddess of love in the center of a pentagram.  Now that really is magical.  

  In an area steeped in Masonic tradition, to tell us that these design elements have no meaning and are just design creations, one has to be pretty far out on another planet to buy that.  But hey, it's still possible.  There sure seems to be a lot of coincidences here now don't ya think?

  To be as fair as possible, most people in the Masonic order are on lower levels of the order.  Most can not nor will not progress to the top levels as their own faiths and or belief systems just will not allow them to.   They are never told that they are being blocked for these reasons either.  It is the ones at or near the very top of the order that you really need to question what they are up to as they seek to illuminate so many.

Gloucester County Library at the Gloucester Main Street Center.  Become illuminated.  

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