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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

8 Shires Distillery Investment Opportunities

There is presently an investment opportunity available with 8 Shires Distillery in Williamsburg, Virginia.  The investment type is called a debt derivative.  What is a debt derivative?  As defined on Wikipedia;  In finance, a derivative is a contract that derives its value from the performance of an underlying entity. ...Derivatives are one of the three main categories of financial instruments, the other two being stocks (i.e., equities or shares) and debt (i.e., bonds and mortgages).  This opportunity is only available for about one more week.

(By:  Chuck Thompson)

Today being May 29th, 2018.  A little about 8 Shires Distillery.  From farm to table.  Locally sourced grains come from a local Virginia farm known as Hart and Son located between Gloucester and West Point.  750 acres of farmland and these folks use natural farming techniques producing high quality grains which include indian corn used in both 8 Shires bourbon and gin products creating very unique flavors.

  What sets 8 Shires apart from any other Distillery anywhere is the commitment to 17th and 18th century interpretations of spirits produced by this distillery.  Years have been spent researching recipes and techniques in an effort to recreate the flavors of the past.  This caused interest with folks over at the Jamestown Island who do the archaeological excavations and interpretations.  They approached 8 Shires with the idea of recreating the first spirit ever made in what is now the United States.  They offered a very unique proposition that was just to good to pass up.  They found a well that was capped by Captain John Smith which was no longer producing enough water for the settlers.  The Jamestown folks managed to pull 20 gallons of water from the well and save it.  8 Shires has reproduced a single malt spirit using 10 gallons of that water for recreating the spirit of the time.  It's a single malt and it is slated to be bottled in hand blown glass bottles and topped with natural cork wired to the rim of the neck of the bottle.

  Release date is expected to coincide with a special event happening at Jamestown Island in April, 2019.  Bottles will be 375 ml each and are expected to sell for about $500.00 each.  Other spirits being produced by 8 Shires are as follows, Silver rum, dark or aged rum, spiced rum, cordials that change with the seasons are about to be released, George Thorpe original which is a bourbon mash bill white whiskey honoring the father of American Bourbon, and the distillery is also working on a single malt similar to the first spirits ever produced in North America.

  A trip to the distillery is quite a treat as you can view reproduction stills from the late 16th century all the way up to the late 18th century.  Plans are being finalized now to start outdoor interpretations of colonial distilling using some of the stills on display at the distillery.  While you are there, be sure to try one or several colonial drinks like the wicked maiden that is a favorite by just about everyone who tries it.  Also try a stone fence and be sure to hear the story behind the drink which is a wonderful American Revolution story that is indeed well reputed.  The distillery is located at 7218 Merrimac Trail in Williamsburg.  It is a bit difficult to find as the distillery is located in a building in the back part and the front of the building houses a church.

Check out this link to view more details about this investment opportunity.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pat Robertson On Investing In Gold IN This Economy; Why You SHould

American Buffalo (coin)
American Buffalo (coin) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pat Robertson talks about investing in gold and why everyone should consider this option.  There are many ways to invest in gold.  We have seen a number of ways of investing in gold that include online investments where you hold fractional shares in an account based on the amount of money you invest and the spot price of gold on each time you make an investment.  Issue with that option is that you usually have to pay a storage fee and account fee.

  Another option is buying and holding actual gold holdings in your home which can be risky and very expensive.  You can buy bullion or coins or even jewelry.  There are many ways to do this.  One issue with buying and holding actual gold in the way of coins is that if the government decides to once again make gold illegal for individuals to hold, they can force you to turn it in and in a worse case scenario, only pay you face value of those coins.

  For bullion, they could set a price that will be paid that could prove to be below actual market value, but you will not have a choice.  Further issues with buying bullion or coins is the cost.  Bullion prices for an ounce of gold or half ounce must be paid in full before you can take possession.  Are there any options out there that make sense?

  One option we have come across is buying bullion by the gram and if you set up your account just right, you can have it stored without cost and the account set up is free.  Karatbars, International offers an interesting option that is worth exploring.  The way you want to set up your account is as an affiliate that allows you the opportunity to store the gold offshore for free and at affordable prices starting in the one gram weight.

  One of the areas that has captured our attention is that Karatbars, International is working on establishing it's products as a payment system in place of cash and they are doing this worldwide.  You will be able to take your Karatbars and use them to make purchases or get cash at participating merchants.  If you are a merchant and this appeals to you, you can set up a free account and sign up to accept Karatbars fro your customers.

  The only way to get an account is through an affiliate.  We have become an affiliate because we like the merchant option and see it as very viable in the near future and we also like the fact that you do not have to buy large amounts in order to invest in gold.  We have more information on this site on the side bar as well as at the bottom of this site.  Not to worry, if you need more information you can visit the link below for more or if you are interested in signing up for a free account, you can use this link to do so.

CLICK HERE for your free account or for more information.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Governor McAuliffe Announces 40 New Jobs in Russell County

Sugar cane residue can be used as a biofuel
Sugar cane residue can be used as a biofuel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
~Appalachian Biofuels LLC to invest $3.5 million in headquarters and new biodiesel production facility ~

(Please ignore the other jobs lost)

RICHMOND – Governor Terry McAuliffe announced today that Appalachian Biofuels LLC will invest $3.5 million to establish its headquarters and enzymatic biodiesel production facility in Russell County. Virginia successfully competed against South Carolina for the project, which will create 40 new jobs paying above the prevailing average wage. Appalachian Biofuels is a new company that will process multiple waste feedstock material and refine it using an enzyme, developed and manufactured in Haifa, Israel, to produce biodiesel.

Speaking about today’s announcement, Governor McAuliffe said, “The addition of a new company and job creator in Russell County is tremendous for a region that has been hard hit by economic loss. Appalachian Biofuels has the advantage of locating its headquarters and center of operations in a formerly vacant facility that can be retrofitted to meet its needs, allowing for quick start-up to production. This green energy company processes multiple waste feedstock material and refines it to produce biofuel to be blended with petroleum diesel fuel as mandated by the federal government. My recently released Virginia Energy Plan aims to catalyze the growth of green energy companies in the Commonwealth, and we are proud that Appalachian Biofuels will produce this alternative fuel right here in Virginia. Jobs in the energy industry aid in our efforts to build a new Virginia economy with diverse opportunities for growth, and we look forward to the company’s success in the Commonwealth.”

“The energy industry in Virginia is gaining momentum, and we are proud that Appalachian Biofuels will join this thriving sector,” said Maurice Jones, Virginia Secretary of Commerce and Trade. “The company’s new headquarters and biodiesel production facility will play an important role in fulfilling Virginia’s increased commitment to alternative energy solutions. This project also strengthens Virginia’s business relationship with Israel, as the enzymes used in Appalachian Biofuels’ process are developed and manufactured in Haifa. Today is a significant win for the company, Russell County and the Commonwealth.”

“We were introduced to Southwest Virginia and to this new ‘immobilized enzyme’ through the Virginia Israel Advisory Board and its Director, Ralph Robbins,” said Chuck Lessin,President and CEO of Appalachian Biofuels LLC. “This revolutionary process will allow us to use the many tools, information and human resources that the Commonwealth has available. We are proud to be hiring former coal miners in the region who will transfer their significant experience in mining energy underground to our new green energy above ground in beautiful Russell County. We are excited to call Virginia our home, and we hope to grow and expand our business here in Southwest.”

The Virginia Economic Development Partnership worked with the Russell County Industrial Development Authority, the Virginia Coalfield Economic Development Authority (VCEDA), and the Virginia Israel Advisory Board to secure the project for Virginia. Governor McAuliffe approved a $200,000 grant from the Governor’s Opportunity Fund to assist Russell County with the project. The Virginia Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission approved $210,000 in Tobacco Region Opportunity Funds for the project. The company qualifies for rail access funding from the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation, and will also be eligible for Sales and Use tax exemptions on equipment. Funding and services to support the company’s employee training activities will be provided through the Virginia Jobs Investment Program.

“Due to the tremendous support of Governor McAuliffe, the Virginia Economic Development Partnership, the Office of the Secretary of Commerce and Trade, the Virginia Israel Advisory Board, VCEDA, the Tobacco Commission, Russell County Board of Supervisors, the members of the Industrial Development Authority of Russell County, Virginia and our friends in Wise County and the Town of St. Paul, we are able to see people working and money invested in a building that has been empty for years,” said Harry Rutherford, Chairman of the IDA of Russell County. “This is a winner for all, unemployed coal miners going back to work, a green energy facility keeping a waste product out of our landfills, increased tax base and a morale booster for people of the area.”

Gloucester, Virginia Links and News, GVLN
Gloucester, Virginia's Best News Source

Friday, October 10, 2014

GMSA and GMSPT Have Created GRLF Revolving Loan Fund, Watch Your Investment Disappear?

The folks who run the Gloucester Main Street Association and the Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust have developed a new way to get at potential business investors money.  It's called the GLFR, or Gloucester Revolving Loan Fund.  All hail BAAL for that.  These folks want you to invest in the dead area of Gloucester Main street.  A place with minimal parking at best, where the sidewalks barely meet residential standards, never mind commercial standards and there are areas considered potentially dangerous to pedestrians as the slopes on the sidewalks do not meet specs based on our research.  

  This is an area that has a lot of new business turnover as most people can not make a go of it here.  One must ask why.  Simple, no parking and no chance of ever attracting an anchor business.  An anchor business is pretty much a large retailer that has the capability of attracting large amounts of traffic into it's store and all the other stores in the area will hopefully benefit from the extra traffic in the area by offering complimentary goods and or services not carried by the anchor store.

  Not to take anything away from the well established businesses on Main Street, there are some wonderful shops there if you do not mind the lack of parking and poor pedestrian walkways throughout the area.  But look at what has been built in the area over the past decade and you will see that the only thing that might prove viable is senior service providers and if the population does go up with seniors, then maybe one candy store can make it in this environment.  I would not bank on anything else.  

  What also tickles our funny bone about the statements coming out of the Main Street Preservation Trust is their commitment to preserving main street.  Take a look at the present structures around the area and explain to us where preservation exists.  Look at the rents for the area and they are way to high for such poor traffic.  Most of the businesses that went out of business all complained of no customers or not enough customers to support the business.  

  So you want to go broke trying to make money on Main Street?  There are much better options and at better prices in other areas of the county where you are more likely to get traffic into your business.  If you listen to the hype these folks want to sell you, it all sounds rosy.  Your best bet is to walk the entire Main street area for one day and talk to present business owners and actually pay attention to everything you see.  You may save yourself a fortune and much heart ache.  Just be careful around these folks who want to give you such nice loans, they can sell ice to an Eskimo and water to fish.  And they can make everything very easy and handle all the paper work for you.  Just don't miss any payments even after you have gone belly up and have nothing left.  Isn't that just great news?

Link to all the wonderful news.  All hail BAAL!  And you even get to bow before the great BAAL when entering their office at their wonderful BAAL shopping center on Main Street.  Where our public library is as well.  That's just so special how they thought of all these wonderful ideas ahead of time.  Just remember, anyone after your money is going to be very helpful and offer more than you ever expected, that is until all your money is gone.  Then you get to see they are not sheep.  And you thought they were as gentle as lambs?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Governor McAuliffe Announces Third Microsoft Expansion in Mecklenburg County

English: The Microsoft Logo
English: The Microsoft Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
~ Company to invest $346.7 million and create 90 new jobs~

RICHMOND - Governor Terry McAuliffe announced today that Microsoft Corp. will invest $346.7 million to expand its data center site in Mecklenburg County and increase capacity to serve its growing customer base. Virginia successfully competed against other sites in the U.S. for the project, which will create 90 new jobs. Microsoft’s original project in 2010 involved an investment of up to $499 million and 50 new jobs. In 2011 the company invested an additional $150 million to expand the site, and in 2013 announced a $348 million expansion.

Speaking about today’s announcement, Governor McAuliffe said, “Microsoft’s data center campus in Mecklenburg County continues to represent transformational growth, opportunity, and investment for the region and for Virginia. The third expansion project brings the company’s total capital investment to more than $1.3 billion since 2010. Microsoft’s success and continued investment is a powerful testament to the benefits of doing business in Virginia and the thriving data center industry in the Commonwealth.”

“Microsoft has played an important role in the success of Mecklenburg County and Southern Virginia since the establishment of its data center site in 2010,” said Maurice Jones, Virginia Secretary of Commerce and Trade. “The company continues to grow its operation, and this significant expansion is another example of state partners working together to meet a corporation’s needs within a short timeframe. As Microsoft’s customer base expands, we remain ready to help facilitate its success any way we can. We thank the company for its continued commitment and investment in Virginia.”
Founded in 1975, Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services, devices and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.
“We are excited to continue building our relationship with the Commonwealth of Virginia and the County of Mecklenburg,” said Christian Belady, General Manager, Data Center Services, Global Foundation Services at Microsoft. “Each expansion allows us to better meet our customers’ growing cloud service needs. As with the other expansions, we’re using the same state-of-the-art technology that minimizes environmental impact while maximizing our customers’ computing capacity.”

The Virginia Economic Development Partnership worked with Mecklenburg County to secure the project for Virginia. Dominion Virginia Power, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, and the Mid-Atlantic Broadband Communities Corporation also were instrumental in securing this project. Governor McAuliffe approved a $1.6 million grant from the Governor’s Opportunity Fund to assist Mecklenburg County with the project. The Virginia Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission approved $1.6 million in Tobacco Region Opportunity Funds for the project.

“Mecklenburg County is again very pleased to announce another expansion of Microsoft,” said Glenn Barbour, Chairman of the Mecklenburg County Board of Supervisors. “Our County Administrator Wayne Carter has been working closely with the company to offer all the assistance our county could provide. This expansion opens up many more opportunities for our county to offer jobs to our citizens and greatly expand our economic base. I encourage our citizens to pursue these opportunities. We look forward to working with Microsoft well into the future.”
"I am immensely proud that Mecklenburg County has proven to be a good place for Microsoft to continue to grow and expand," said Senator Frank Ruff, Vice Chairman of the Virginia Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission.

“We are pleased to work with and support the efforts of Mecklenburg County and the Virginia Economic Development Partnership to encourage business growth and expansion in the Commonwealth,” said Robert M. Blue, President of Dominion Virginia Power. “We are ready to do our part to make this opportunity a success for all involved.”

“We are proud that our robust, open-access fiber optic network continues to pay economic dividends to Southern Virginia,” said Tad Deriso, President & CEO of the Mid-Atlantic Broadband Communities Corporation. “We appreciate the strong support and collaboration with the Microsoft network team, and look forward to our continued partnership.”

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Governor McAuliffe Announces 70 New Jobs in City of Hopewell

The seals of the Commonwealth of Virginia
The seals of the Commonwealth of Virginia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
~ Vireol Bio Energy LLC to Invest $26.2 Million, Purchase More than 21.7 Million Bushels of Virginia Grains Over Next Three Years ~

Governor McAuliffe encouraged Vireol to commit to production in Virginia rather than shipping facility overseas

RICHMOND - Governor Terry McAuliffe announced today that Vireol Bio Energy LLC will commission the former Osage Bio Energy facility and begin production of ethanol in the City of Hopewell.  The company, which will produce ethanol from corn, barley and other small grains, will invest more than $26.2 million to begin production at the facility, creating 70 new jobs in the process.  The new state of the art plant will be the largest ethanol plant on the East Coast of the United States.  Governor McAuliffe began playing a significant role in keeping this project in Virginia during the first month of his term, meeting with representatives from Vireol to discuss the economic advantages of locating in Virginia, including port and transportation facilities as well as rich grain production, and the various business incentive programs Virginia offers.  The Commonwealth of Virginia is partnering with the City of Hopewell and Vireol Bio Energy on this project through the Governor’s Agriculture and Forestry Industries Development Fund (AFID).

            Speaking about today’s announcement, Governor McAuliffe said, “In the first month of my administration, I was able to sit down with Vireol’s business and investment team to share with them my commitment to creating jobs and diversifying the Commonwealth’s economy and encourage them to begin their ethanol production here in Virginia.  Vireol’s decision to invest in Virginia rather than sending the plant’s assets overseas brings to life an impressive yet completely unutilized facility that will create good paying jobs right here in Virginia.  It is outstanding that we are able to bring a new company like Vireol to Virginia by leveraging an existing asset and Virginia’s outstanding climate for business.  As Vireol begins production, we’ll have new jobs in Hopewell as well as a new market in which Virginia farmers will be able to sell their grains.”

           In addition to the investment and jobs created in Hopewell, Vireol Bio Energy will spend more than $100 million to purchase from Virginia producers approximately 21.7 million bushels of grains that the company will need over the next three years, providing new opportunities for Virginia’s farmers.  Vireol Bio Energy plans to produce over 170 million gallons of ethanol over a three year period, utilizing corn, wheat and barley, which will ultimately be blended with gasoline for fuel. 

            “The Vireol Bio Energy project creates good jobs at its facility while providing new opportunities for agricultural producers throughout Virginia, the very reason we created the AFID program two years ago,” said Todd Haymore, Virginia Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry.  “Vireol’s commitment to source at least 30% of their grain needs from Virginia, as required by the AFID grant, creates a substantial opportunity for grain producers in our rural communities while also generating additional activity in our transportation and aggregation sectors.  The byproducts from this facility, like the dried distiller grains, a much sought after component of animal feed, also provide new domestic usage and export opportunities for Virginia.

"Many thanks for the grant.  This is great for the City of Hopewell, great for the Commonwealth of Virginia and great for our farmers." said Delegate Riley Ingram (R – 62nd District). 

            “Several jurisdictions within District 16, including Hopewell, Prince George, Dinwiddie and Chesterfield, have significant agricultural activity and will benefit from AFID grants,” said Senator Henry Marsh (D – 16th District).  “I am excited that the Governor has issued the first two grants and look forward to expansion of the program across the Commonwealth.”

The company will improve the facility’s ethanol production capabilities as well as expand and construct new value-added processes at the site.  One major co-produce byproduct of Vireol Bio Energy’s ethanol production are dried distiller grains (DDGs), a high protein feed ingredient, sought out by poultry and livestock producers.  The company is also investing in a facility to capture the high-quality carbon dioxide that is created during fermentation that is utilized for beverage carbonation and food preservation.

           “The City of Hopewell eagerly anticipates the potential opening of the Vireol operation here in our great city,” said Hopewell mayor, Michael C. Bujakowski.  “We are appreciative of the Governor, our State Representatives, and our State Senator for the support they have shown toward both Vireol and Hopewell.  We anticipate a long and prosperous relationship with our new business partners from across the Atlantic.”

A $250,000 AFID grant is being awarded to the City of Hopewell to assist the Vireol Bio Energy in the restart and expansion of the ethanol plant.  Hopewell is providing a rebate of their local machinery and tool tax, an incentive offered to businesses in their Enterprise Zone, as the required local match for the grant.  The company will also receive Virginia Jobs Investment Program (VJIP) employee training incentives, various state Enterprise Zone incentives and qualifies for the Biofuels Production Incentive Grant, recently passed by the General Assembly.

           Peter McGenity, Chief Executive at Vireol Bio Energy LLC stated, “We’re delighted to announce that we will be starting production of renewable ethanol this month and we are looking forward to a long and successful future for Vireol in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We greatly appreciate the wide-ranging support from our US partners, including the Commonwealth of Virginia and the City of Hopewell. Governor McAuliffe and the Commonwealth have recognized the potential of this opportunity and have provided us with the perfect springboard to launch into the US. Their support has been central to the decision to invest on the other side of the Atlantic.”
            According to a 2013 economic impact study conducted by Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service at the University of Virginia, agriculture and forestry are two of Virginia's largest industries, with a combined economic impact of $70 billion annually.  Agriculture generates more than $52 billion per annum, while forestry induces over $17 billion. The industries also provide more than 400,000 jobs in the Commonwealth.

About the Agriculture and Forestry Industries Development Fund
The AFID Fund was created during the 2012 session of the General Assembly and is being embraced by the McAuliffe Administration as an important tool in growing the Commonwealth’s agriculture and forestry sector and helping to make Virginia the leading exporter of agricultural and forest products on the East Coast.  More information about the AFID grant, which has the flexibility to assist projects large and small throughout Virginia can be found at
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