Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pat Robertson On Investing In Gold IN This Economy; Why You SHould

American Buffalo (coin)
American Buffalo (coin) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pat Robertson talks about investing in gold and why everyone should consider this option.  There are many ways to invest in gold.  We have seen a number of ways of investing in gold that include online investments where you hold fractional shares in an account based on the amount of money you invest and the spot price of gold on each time you make an investment.  Issue with that option is that you usually have to pay a storage fee and account fee.

  Another option is buying and holding actual gold holdings in your home which can be risky and very expensive.  You can buy bullion or coins or even jewelry.  There are many ways to do this.  One issue with buying and holding actual gold in the way of coins is that if the government decides to once again make gold illegal for individuals to hold, they can force you to turn it in and in a worse case scenario, only pay you face value of those coins.

  For bullion, they could set a price that will be paid that could prove to be below actual market value, but you will not have a choice.  Further issues with buying bullion or coins is the cost.  Bullion prices for an ounce of gold or half ounce must be paid in full before you can take possession.  Are there any options out there that make sense?

  One option we have come across is buying bullion by the gram and if you set up your account just right, you can have it stored without cost and the account set up is free.  Karatbars, International offers an interesting option that is worth exploring.  The way you want to set up your account is as an affiliate that allows you the opportunity to store the gold offshore for free and at affordable prices starting in the one gram weight.

  One of the areas that has captured our attention is that Karatbars, International is working on establishing it's products as a payment system in place of cash and they are doing this worldwide.  You will be able to take your Karatbars and use them to make purchases or get cash at participating merchants.  If you are a merchant and this appeals to you, you can set up a free account and sign up to accept Karatbars fro your customers.

  The only way to get an account is through an affiliate.  We have become an affiliate because we like the merchant option and see it as very viable in the near future and we also like the fact that you do not have to buy large amounts in order to invest in gold.  We have more information on this site on the side bar as well as at the bottom of this site.  Not to worry, if you need more information you can visit the link below for more or if you are interested in signing up for a free account, you can use this link to do so.

CLICK HERE for your free account or for more information.

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