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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Free Mp3 Album by InShape, Reversible

IMG 0119 ep
IMG 0119 ep (Photo credit: Eric.Parker)

Something to help you move your feet to while doing some exercising.  Electronic tunes with some great beats.  Check them out.  Download individual tracks or the entire album.  Play them at the studio for everyone to dance to.  It's free and legal.  Enjoy.
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Free Mp3 Album, Nanofly by StrangeZero

Free (Free album)
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

StrangeZero with their album, Nanofly has recently been put out and is rather good from what we have heard so far.  We downloaded the complete album ourselves, however, you can download only the tracks you want or download the full album.  It's your choice.  Listen to the tracks first and see what you like.  Each track has it's own download button.  Enjoy.
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Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Card, Free Christmas Mp3 Album Downloads From Ox3

Cover to the 1988 re-release
Cover to the 1988 re-release (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ox3 or Out of Orion has a number of Christmas albums and we are having a hard time finding other composers with full Christmas album offers, so as long as we can continue to bring you great tunes, we are going to do so.  We thinned out the best free music available for download out there.  We are down to a very limited collection.  We can continue to bring you plenty of music after the season is over.  In fact, we have millions of tracks to choose from.  So you are going to have to stay with us after the season is over to grab more great tunes especially if you get a new Mp3 player for Christmas or a tablet that is going to need some songs on it.
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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Elektrotango Maktub by Santiago Louvet, Free MP3 Album Downloads

bikini front
 (Photo credit: picable)

  15 selections on this album.  Play them and download whatever creates your fancy.  It's free and at a very low cost of we may bill you later.  Then again we may just call Bob and see if maybe he would be willing to bill you later.  Call someone you don't know and tell them how excited you are about this offer.  Now close your eyes and try to imagine how your life may have turned out had you not run across this post today.  Did we mention that these tunes are free?  Don't tell your friends about this.  Keep this a secret okay?  It's just between you and us.  If word ever got out, your friends would be listening to the same thing as you are.  We can't have that happening now can we?

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Empathy by Evil Inside, Free Album Mp3 Downloads

English: Leopard bikini.
English: Leopard bikini. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Evil Inside with their album, Empathy.  Extreme heavy metal from Spain.  11 tracks to play and determine if this is what you are into.  If you are, then download what you like.  It's all free and no cost and it's all legal.  Even though the band is from Spain, the lyrics are all in English so the only issues are trying to understand what they are saying while they are screaming.  Add these to your iPod, Mp3 player, tablet, smartphone, computer or flash drive.  Burn them to CD and play them til you just can't stand them anymore.  Tell your friends about us so they can get free stuff too.  Or keep it a secret and share the cool stuff telling everyone you paid a fortune for it all and now you are willing to share these tracks with them as you are such a nice person.

  Enjoy.  ;  )
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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fool's Paradise by Spinefish, Free Mp3 Album Downloads

English: Naked girl shows to the people her bo...
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Fool's Paradise the album by Spinefish.  A Russian Indie Band with all the songs in English.  It's dark with heavy leanings towards Gothic rock.  You can play each and every track.  Whatever you like, you are free to download and put it onto a CD, your iPod or Mp3 player, add it to your smartphone or you are even free to use the tracks in a video as long as the video is not for commercial use.  Yes you can use the video on YouTube.  Just give credit to Spinfish for the song and include the track name or names.  

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Zoe Leela, Digital Guilt - Free Mp3 Songs

Zoe Leela with her album, Digital Guilt.  Check out the tunes above, they are really good.  Play them above and if you like any of them or even all of them, please download what you like.  That round little blue icon next to the minutes of the song is where the downloads are located.  Just click it next to each song to get your free download.  Enjoy.

Myfest 2010 -  ZOE.LEELA auf der Bühne vor dem...
Myfest 2010 - ZOE.LEELA auf der Bühne vor dem SO36 (Photo credit: gillyberlin)
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