Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Card, Free Christmas Mp3 Album Downloads From Ox3

Cover to the 1988 re-release
Cover to the 1988 re-release (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ox3 or Out of Orion has a number of Christmas albums and we are having a hard time finding other composers with full Christmas album offers, so as long as we can continue to bring you great tunes, we are going to do so.  We thinned out the best free music available for download out there.  We are down to a very limited collection.  We can continue to bring you plenty of music after the season is over.  In fact, we have millions of tracks to choose from.  So you are going to have to stay with us after the season is over to grab more great tunes especially if you get a new Mp3 player for Christmas or a tablet that is going to need some songs on it.
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