Saturday, November 9, 2013

Elektrotango Maktub by Santiago Louvet, Free MP3 Album Downloads

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  15 selections on this album.  Play them and download whatever creates your fancy.  It's free and at a very low cost of we may bill you later.  Then again we may just call Bob and see if maybe he would be willing to bill you later.  Call someone you don't know and tell them how excited you are about this offer.  Now close your eyes and try to imagine how your life may have turned out had you not run across this post today.  Did we mention that these tunes are free?  Don't tell your friends about this.  Keep this a secret okay?  It's just between you and us.  If word ever got out, your friends would be listening to the same thing as you are.  We can't have that happening now can we?

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