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Friday, September 29, 2017

Governor McAuliffe Receives 2017 Virginia School Board Association’s Legislative Award of Excellence

Once you are done gagging on the self grandiose nature of this release from the governor's office, please watch the video below for the truth about public education.

 CHARLOTTESVILLE – The Virginia School Board Association (VSBA) today honored Governor Terry McAuliffe with the 2017 Legislative Award of Excellence for his tireless advocacy for Virginia public education, through his work to help struggling school divisions, his continual commitment to funding for public schools, and his efforts to veto legislation which would have undermined the commonwealth’s public schools.

“Virginia’s economic prosperity is inextricably linked to our world-class public schools,” said Governor Terry McAuliffe. “I appreciate the Virginia School Boards Association’s continued partnership in improving student outcomes and investing in our future. Together, we are transforming the way we approach education in the 21st century and creating a foundation for long-term success.”

The annual VSBA Legislative Award of Excellence has recognized individuals’ work on behalf of public education and the VSBA since 1985.

“The VSBA is honored to present Governor McAuliffe with the VSBA Legislative Award of Excellence”, stated VSBA President Robert Hundley, Jr.“Governor McAuliffe has demonstrated his continued support of public education through legislative deference to Virginia’s local school divisions. His administration has partnered closely with VSBA creating innovative accountability measures, recognizing teaching excellence and providing an equitable allocation of resources allowing the students of the Commonwealth to receive a relevant and dynamic 21st Century public education.”

About the Virginia School Boards Association Virginia School Boards Association, a voluntary, nonpartisan organization of Virginia school boards, promotes excellence in public education through advocacy, training and services. The Association offers conferences, information, training, and counseling designed to meet the needs of the Commonwealth’s educational leaders.

Normally we stay away from Info Wars videos, but this one is an accurate presentation of our present educational system.  Or, what is being called education.  I have nothing against the teachers who have and continue to be brainwashed into furthering the nasty agenda of the collectivist mindset, nor do I have anything against the folks at the local school board.  I am against what they are all forced to follow under and put forth .  It is not a locally run system.  It is a Federally run system and only has the guise of local control.

  I highly advocate for pulling your children out of this system as fast as possible.  No good is coming from it.  It is not education but instead, full indoctrination.  Sending your children to school is the full destruction of what remains of this nation now as we know it.  Do not be a willing part of this destruction.  Private schools are not a better choice nor is online education.  Start from scratch.  It's never to late to pull your children out.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Who Controls The Children In Education? Part 2

Here is a must watch video.  It's nearly an hour long, but you need to see the entire video to see what this teacher uncovered about local, state and federal involvement in our, actually their, educational, or better put, propaganda and indoctrination system.  If you think there is any real control over the educational system at any level by our local officials?  Think again.  This woman documented more than you would ever expect.  Now the video is comparatively old, 1990's, but the situation has not gotten any better.

  What we keep hearing is that more money must be thrown at the school system to improve education.  This is a broken record and a full out scam.  This ploy has been used now for the past 100 years and it works very well.  If you listen to this teacher, sending your children to public school is a horrible idea.  Think private schools are better?  Wait til the end as that question is answered in the video.  We viewed this video in it's entirety and we were shocked with what is revealed in here.

  Teach your children at home otherwise you are going to seriously dumb them down and hurt their real potential of what your children can really become.  It's by design and it's well documented.  What we are going to continue to put out is all very well documented.  Again, for any teacher that may find any of this offensive, we are working on a sensitivity class for you, so do not worry about any of it.

  Coming up we will be showing the shocking history of indoctrination education since the early 1900's and who has been behind it all.  Yes, it has always been the plan to dumb down the population.  Those behind financing education did not want competition in their future.  They planned well and have pretty much succeeded in those plans.    

Friday, August 25, 2017

Our Present Educational Crisis, Part One, Common Core

In the above video, a mother from Arkansas destroys common core education in front of her local
officials.  Watch the video.  It's pretty shocking, especially if you do not really know what common core is about.  It's not about education folks.  It's about the full fledged dumbing down of our youth.  It makes no sense whatsoever.  And the school boards all across this country are all screaming for more money.

  Here is the bottom line on what is really going on.  For the past 100 years education has been on a very steady downhill curve.  It's by design.  Can you think of a better plan to pull more money from people than to tell them you need more money to fix issues with education?  This ploy has been used on us for the same amount of time.  The state of education is falling, we need more money to fix it.  It never gets fixed.  It continues to get worse.  We need more money to fix this.  For a century we have been throwing money at a system that just keeps getting worse.  Blame the parents.

  Over the next few months we are going to cover many areas on the present state of education in this country and in Gloucester.  That is if you want to call it education.  It's going to offend a number of people, especially those employed in the field.  But hey don't worry about that, we are working on a new sensitivity program for you so that you will no longer be offended, instead you will back everything we say.  On some early advice, we recommend a mass exiting of all students from the public school system as fast as possible.  You will fully understand why when we are done with this series.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Governor McAuliffe Announces Federal Grants to Improve School Safety and Mental Health Services for Students

Issues in Mental Health Nursing
Issues in Mental Health Nursing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Governor Terry McAuliffe announced today the Commonwealth has been awarded two five-year federal grants totaling nearly $13.3 million to improve mental health services for students and expand programs to make schools safer by reducing violence and disruptive behavior.

A five-year “Project Aware” grant from the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration will provide more than $9.7 million between now and 2018 to support statewide training for teachers and other public school employees to respond to mental health issues in children and youth; and connect troubled students with appropriate community- and school-based services.

The Project Aware grant also will fund pilot programs in three school divisions — Montgomery County, Pulaski County and Fairfax County — to create safer learning environments by improving communication and coordination between public schools, mental health service providers and other public and private agencies that focus on the well-being of children and young adults.

In addition, a five-year “School Climate Transformation” grant from the U.S. Department of Education will provide more than $3.5 million to expand the “Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports” (PBIS) program to 45 additional school divisions. The PBIS approach to improving behavior and safety emphasizes consistent schoolwide rules, consequences and reinforcements for appropriate conduct, and intensive support and services for students engaging in disruptive behavior.  

Currently, 61 of the Commonwealth’s 132 school divisions have implemented the PBIS approach. Funding from the School Climate Transformation grant will support training and technical assistance for the additional school divisions and supplement the nearly $1 million in annual state funding appropriated by the 2014 General Assembly for PBIS implementation.     

Virginia is one of only nine states whose applications for the two grants were approved. States were required to explain in their applications how funded services would be integrated into a broader initiative to improve school climate and the well-being of students. 

“This is a big win for Virginia schools, students, families and communities,” Governor McAuliffe said. “I want to thank the team of state agencies, led by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE), that collaborated on these grant applications for their successful efforts, and for their vision for improving mental health services for students and for making our schools safer places for students and staff.”  

“These grants will allow schools, mental health care providers, juvenile justice agencies, law enforcement and other organizations that interact with schools and students to address collaboratively the critical and overlapping issues of school safety and mental health,”Superintendent of Public Instruction Steven R. Staples said. “By educating school personnel and other adults who come in contact with youth about what to look for, children that have or are at risk of mental or behavioral health conditions can receive referrals and treatment more quickly. At the same time, hundreds of additional schools will be able to implement a proven approach to preventing violence, bullying and other disruptive behaviors that interfere with student learning.”

The Project Aware funding will support the training, beginning this fall, of as many as 750 teachers and others annually in “Mental Health First Aid,” an internationally recognized course on identifying and responding to persons who are developing a mental health condition or experiencing a mental health crisis.

The following state agencies are collaborating with VDOE in implementing the Project Aware grant: Department of Medical Assistance Services, Department of Social Services, Department of Health, Department of Juvenile Justice Services, Department of Criminal Justice Services, Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, and Office of Comprehensive Services. Two non-profit organizations — Voices for Virginia Children and the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Virginia — are also participating.

The 45 additional school divisions implementing PBIS with funding from the School Climate Transformation grant will be selected through an application process developed by VDOE.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Gloucester, VA Response To Brian McGovern Concerning School Board

Brian McGovern recited the following at the last School Board meeting.  After Mr. McGovern's opinion you will find my response.
Local Government is Cause for Concern
Recent actions by the Gloucester Board of Supervisors regarding public education in the county are a cause of concern on a number of levels.

In the recent budget hearing, more than 100 citizens attended with many requesting that the board of supervisors increase its financial support for public education in an effort to maintain high quality schools. Most advocated fully funding the school board’s budget request. Most recognized the effects of underfunding public education in Gloucester : A reduced school calendar; neglect of capital improvement needs; deteriorating and outdated textbooks; an exodus of highly-qualified teachers and staff who can no longer afford to support families on annual salaries $10,000 below the national average. One teacher, who happens to hold a master’s degree, reported that his family is eligible for WIC benefits.

Conversely, fewer than a half dozen citizens spoke advocating no increase in school funding. That’s right, 100:6. Those in attendance that night witnessed this lopsided ratio, and noted that the vast majority demanded that those who control the purse strings appropriately fund public education in Gloucester . As this community is now aware, this vast majority was ignored by the board of supervisors when it came time to vote on the budget.

There are some who have argued that there would be more funding had Gloucester simply replaced a 1953 school with a 1953 school on a dangerous stretch of a four-lane highway. They will no doubt continue to lecture those who disagree with them. This was not an issue raised by those who asked for appropriate funding for schools this year. The majority of Gloucester citizens simply want good schools.

The BOS has also given itself license to attempt to make administrative decisions for the school board. In addition to ignoring the will of the citizenry, the BOS also voted unanimously to earmark excess funds for bonuses for “selected” school staff.

The board of supervisors is charged with simply providing “lump sum” funding for the school board. This latest move is tantamount to “line item” funding and is an inappropriate role for the board of supervisors, if not an abuse of power. It is interesting that the BOS now seems to be interested in helping education support staff after one member suggested outsourcing the same support staff, many of whom have dedicated years or decades to the school system.

Instead of these political shenanigans, what the county board should have done was to listen to the collective voice of the majority and fully fund the budget request of the school board, which would have provided modest increases for all school staff, not just those inappropriately selected by the board of supervisors.
The school board asked for funding for a 3 percent increase for support staff as well as a 2 percent increase for teachers. The role of the board of supervisors is to provide funding for schools, not to decide who gets an increase or bonus, and who does not. The board of supervisors should do its job and leave it to the school board to oversee the operations of the school system. This author does not speak for the school board, but on behalf of the interests of public education in Gloucester County and the men and women who provide services to more than 5,000 children and teens on a daily basis.

Brian McGovern, President
Gloucester Education Association
I am writing in response to Mr. McGovern’s opinion titled; “Local Government is Cause for Concern”.
It is understood that numerous citizens attended a recent budget hearing and requested the Board of Supervisors (BOS) to fully fund Mr. Kiser’s and the School Board’s (SB) proposed budget.  The BOS and SB were directed by the people, through the results of the last election, to rein-in spending throughout all departments.  The citizens of Gloucester have demonstrated their desires to have good stewards controlling the money and an effective, efficient and equal public education system.  The BOS is charged with overseeing all of the County’s financial resources and the Code of Virginia allows them to either provide lump sum funding or categorical funding to the school system.  If the mentality of the School Board does not change soon, the method of funding could very well change.  The school system is not a sacred cow or privileged special interest group without financial boundaries.
Replacing Page with a 1953 school was not considered.  Many citizens and supervisors requested that Page be repaired because insurance proceeds would have covered most of the construction costs; developed athletic fields, utilities infrastructure connections and VDOT school zone safety requirements were already established; Page would have re-opened in 18 to 24 months; busing and modular space for the displaced would have cost half of what it is now.  The financial path Mr. Kiser and the SB created and chose to follow has now resulted in belt tightening in more areas than just the school system. 
Let’s not forget that along with tornado damage to Page the SB was also faced with closing T.C. Walker, obtaining school admin space and the issue of pay increases.  Now we learn through the budget process that the community is in need of large recreation spaces like the auditorium and regulation size gym that Mr. Kiser and the SB tore down.  A few months before the tornado, tens of thousands of dollars was spent to determine the cost of converting Page into an Administration and Operations Center.  This conversion could have been accomplished through the post tornado repair process for 4 to 5 million dollars.  T.C. Walker could have been refurbished into the new Page for 8 to 10 million dollars.  At least 8 million dollars of the 15 million would have come from insurance proceeds leaving only 7 for the County to pay.  Now it will cost well over 30 million with the County paying it all except 8 million.  Mr. Kiser and the SB do not seem to realize credit is not free money.  They also fail to realize the citizen’s pockets are only so deep. 
Mr. McGovern said, “Most recognized the effects of under funding public education in Gloucester: A reduced school calendar; neglect of capital improvement needs; deteriorating and outdated textbooks; an exodus of highly-qualified teachers and staff”.  In reality, Mr. Kiser and the SB have failed to properly prioritize updating textbooks, infrastructure maintenance and capital improvements. Under funding is not the cause, mismanagement is.  If there is an exodus of teachers and staff it certainly will not be the BOS fault. 
We the people have decided enough is enough and intend to bring about some serious changes.  I encourage Mr. McGovern to get his facts straight before rendering any more opinions and to join the rest of the citizens in attempting to re-focus the SB and school administration on providing an effective, efficient and equal public education program.
Kenneth E. Hogge, Sr.
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Friday, November 22, 2013

Over 60% of Virginia Schools Could Potentially Benefit in Years Ahead From Change to Federal Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit

Governor of Virginia Bob McDonnell speaking at...
Governor of Virginia Bob McDonnell speaking at CPAC. Please attribute to Gage Skidmore if used elsewhere. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Governor McDonnell Releases Comprehensive Study of All K-12 Facilities in the Commonwealth
817 Facilities 50 Years or Older; Additional 410 Facilities are 40 to 50 Years Old

RICHMOND – 1,227 of Virginia’s school buildings and facilities, more than 60%, are 40 years or older according to a new comprehensive study ordered by Governor Bob McDonnell and concluded at the beginning of this month. The governor today released the results of the study that looked at all existing Virginia public school buildings, including those not currently being used. The study was compiled by the Secretary of Education and the Department of Education. The governor ordered the report in August in order to gain a more accurate picture of the current state of the Commonwealth’s educational infrastructure, and to demonstrate how a change to the Federal Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit, to allow for its use in the renovation of older school buildings for continued service as public educational facilities, could benefit the Commonwealth specifically, and the nation in general. To benefit from the Tax Credit a building must be considered historic, and facilities 50 years or older are most likely to qualify.

            The governor’s state inventory found:

Summary of divisions/schools reported:

·         Number of School Divisions reporting (100%):         132
·         Number of schools reported:                                      2,030
·         Number of schools 50 years or older*:                       817
·         Number of schools 40-50 years old*:                         410
·         Total student capacity of buildings:                           842,481

Speaking about the inventory, Governor McDonnell commented, “The Department of Education’s review of Virginia’s public school buildings found 1,227 school buildings and facilities in Virginia that could potentially be eligible, now or in the next ten years, for the Federal Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit. These buildings exist in every region of the state, and service hundreds of thousands of Virginia students.  Eliminating the ‘prior use’ rule is a commonsense, bipartisan issue supported by Senator Mark Warner, Senator Tim Kaine, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Governor-elect Terry McAuliffe, and many others.  It would enable the private sector to invest in modernizing our schools, while simultaneously saving our localities money.  This inventory demonstrates in real numbers what establishing equity in this existing federal tax policy would mean for our communities and our students, and I hope it will prove to be helpful in the ongoing efforts to get this legislation passed at the federal level.”

Paul Goldman, former Chairman of the Democratic Party of Virginia, advisor to Governors Mark Warner and Doug Wilder, and longtime proponent of modernizing the federal law, commented, “By fixing a bureaucratic glitch in the IRS code - stuck there for 27 years - Virginia localities could have modern 21st century K-12 facilities at a cost of 35-40% less than the federal government requires them to pay now.”

            The full inventory of schools is available here.
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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Gloucester, VA Public Schools Trending Downwards Fast

Now here is information you are not likely to find in any of the other news sources in Gloucester.  Recent trends show that Gloucester Public Schools are on a downward spiral in many areas and our children are not getting the education they deserve yet our costs are going up, up, up.

  The following information has just been shared with us and we want to share it with all of you.

and fill in the form for “School Division Report Card” you will find the Gloucester County Public School System did not meet all Federal Annual Measurable Objectives for the 2012-2013 school year.  While you are there be sure to look near the bottom of the page where you will find the School Safety statistics.  You will quickly see the bad trend.
If you visit the same web address and fill in the form forGloucester High School you will find that GHS was “Accredited with Warning”.
The Gloucester County Public School System is once again demonstrating its need for more effective administration and management.  During the October 8, 2013 School Board Meeting the board was given a presentation of the federal and state yearly public school system assessment results.  School system administrators focused more on rendering their negative opinions about the assessment criteria and providing excuses for the deficient areas than they spent on discussing a plan of action and ways to meet and exceed the standards.  Most board members demonstrated a lack of knowledge about the evaluation systems that monitor the quality of education being provided to Gloucester County students. The presentation did not provide the Safety portion of the assessment results which reflects a substantial increase in disciplinary infractions during the 2012-2013 school year."

An increase in disciplinary infractions?  Yet The Kiser has recently stated that these kinds of issues just do not happen at our local schools where a student recently committed suicide due to being excessively bullied?  Take the time to look at those reports.  They are very revealing.  
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