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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dr Walter Reed and Yellow Fever, Gloucester, Virginia History

Dr Walter Reed Birthplace.  Gloucester, Virginia.  Photo by Chuck Thompson

Science, Dr Walter Reed, Gloucester, VA from Chuck Thompson

While doing some off the wall research, we ran across this story in an old comic book and had to grab a copy to share.  It's a short story, but puts Dr Reed's major accomplishment into perspective for everyone.

An extremely rare peek inside the birthplace of Dr Walter Reed's humble beginnings.

Another view inside Dr Walter Reed's birthplace.  Very simple, yet very charming home.
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Friday, August 10, 2012

Gloucester, VA County Fair - 2012 Updated

The Gloucester County, Virginia Fair has been canceled for 2012.  This announcement was made back around April if I remember correctly and was in the local Gloucester Mathews Gazette Journal.  The reason we are making this announcement is because we monitor hits coming into our site and what people are looking for and we continue to get hits from people looking for this information.

  The past three years has seen a very steady decline in traffic to the fair to the point where it has been made very clear that there is little interest in this event anymore.  Will Gloucester ever see a county fair again?  Hard to say.  Based on the incredibly low attendance levels over the past three years, it's probably best to just put the county fair to rest.  The park where the county fair has been held would make a great location for other area events such as the Renaissance Fair or Civil War re enactments.  The Gloucester Courthouse location for the Renaissance Fair we thought was always a really bad idea and poorly laid out for that type of event.  What would make for a great county event but would be difficult to put together is a Pocahontas  John Smith, John Rolfe and Chief Powhatan story.

  Another great story line event that could also be created for the county is Bacon's Rebellion.  For that matter, there is so much rich history in Gloucester that it is criminal that Gloucester does not capitalize on such.  The John Clayton story is little told.  Walter Reed's story is not really promoted.  Rosewell Ruins is left in the dark for the most part.  Also, the Battle of the Hook re enactment should not be put together by a private business the way it was done in the past, the county fails to capitalize on this area as well.  We have often heard how the county wants to capitalize on the tourist trade that benefits Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown and other surrounding areas, but Gloucester won't lift a finger to help itself in this area at all.  But yet it spends resources, hence, money on stupid ventures like save the Edge hill gas station that should have just been demolished.  Exactly what benefit is a 60 year old abandoned gas station going to do for the people of Gloucester?  Drive in tourist dollars?

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