Saturday, February 11, 2012

California Prop 8 Gay Marriage Ban Unconstitutional?

California Prop 8 Gay Marriage Ban Unconstitutional?

By; Steve Klien

A judge in California who is now retired has made a decision that any ban on gay marriage in the state is unconstitutional. After he made that decision, he retired and then announced he was gay. He refused to announce that life style choice before being called on to make the constitutional decision. Hence his decision was biased. He was also very wrong on his call on the constitutionality of that decision. He showed he knows very little about the US Constitution whatsoever.

“The US Constitution was written for a Christian people and will serve no other”. John Adams. Throughout history, Christianity has never supported gay relationships and is against the Christian bible. Our founding fathers were Christians and would never have dreamed of allowing gay marriages. I myself do not care, but do not force it down our throats and ask us to accept it especially under any form of religion. I have a zero sum issue with states allowing state sponsored gay marriages as long as religion is kept out of it and not asked to ever recognize it under any form. A ban on gay marriage is not unconstitutional but instead it keeps within the Constitution. The judge in California should be disbarred for life and fined very heavily for his decision and deliberate failure to disclose his own preferences in this matter. Any time he wants to debate the US Constitution, I will be happy to teach him what he obviously fails to understand.

Also, the media forcing this down every American citizens throat throughout the day was a very clear propaganda ploy to get ,“We The People”, divided on this issue. It was deliberate to force everyone to deal with it. Divide and conquer. Makes no difference what the issue is, just get people divided on it.

If we are to accept this, why not accept child porn as a life style choice? Human sacrifice for the soon to be departed against their will, for religious freedom? Free opium for everyone so we can all trip the light fantastic? Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds anyone? Let's distribute pot in the schools so all the children know and understand what it is. It's all in the Constitution. The right of freedom of choice you know. The Freedom to be happy. For that matter, let's all just go out and take everything we want from anywhere we want and never pay for any of it. It's freedom of choice to do so. Rape should also be legal too since it's a freedom of choice life style. Legalize anarchy as it's our constitutional right to be happy.

Time to call ridiculous what it is.

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