Monday, February 6, 2012

TC Walker School To Close

In a meeting held for teachers of the TC Walker school here in Gloucester this past week, it was announced that the TC Walker school would be closing it's doors to students for good. The results of a meeting held behind closed doors on Tuesday evening last week? Yet the speculation continues that Gloucester is planning on building the new middle school replacing the damaged Page middle school just across the street from TC Walker? Gloucester is looking at an 18 million dollar loan to finance the construction of the new middle school across from a school they are now closing. Anyone mad about this yet? The 18 million dollar loan is coming from the tax payer pockets mind you, not from out of thin air.

Now I have some questions here that I am sure will not be addressed unless the county officials are forced to address them, as they should be. For a county that makes a lot of noise about being part of the green environmental movement, (just go to the official Gloucester County Gov site and you get inundated with messages about how the county has been going green), why would the county close one school and build another across the street instead of recycling a school they are planning on closing? For that matter, why not rebuild Page middle school right where it has always been? There is still a perfectly usable shell there in place with all the land already cleared. Why is the county going to destroy forests, killing trees and shrinking the wild life in order to build a new school when they already have the land and a partial building still in place? Or another school they are closing and will not be filling for the much needed replacement of Page middle school?

This is not at all green but instead, hypocritical. One must ask if the real motive for these acts is just a way of some seeking to maintain their positions and try to increase their value in a governmental system? Further questions to explore, we understand, that students at TC Walker produce the highest grades overall in the county. That would make TC Walker the model school of the county and not the one you would think any sane body would dream of closing, unless of course you are seeking to lower the overall value of education throughout the county for some reason.

What TTC Media has always said about those who claim to be green not really believing what they preach is self evident throughout the county anyway. Anyone traveling along the 17 business corridor by the public library can clearly see that EPA violations seemingly are taking place except when done by either the county or the state of course. Then no violations exist. If that were you or me disturbing the wetlands the way that are being done by the library, we would be forced to pay massive fines and also pay to restore everything we disturbed. We would probably end up with jail time to boot. Anyone still see any value in green environmentalism or is it just a way of controlling the masses against their will?

Further questions to ask is why is the county holding closed door meetings while planning on spending tax payer money without any input from those they are going to be taking the money from? That is government by the government for the government. Not government for the people who elected them. But then again, many people still believe that the US Constitution is still in place somewhere.

It's easy to criticize the county and those in charge. In these areas the criticism is needed. There are other areas that the county excels in and I do not take the position that the county officials are always flawed. We have some very outstanding people doing a superb job and we are blessed to have them. Many buildings along Main Street have been saved from demolition and have been restored. They are not eye sores and there is a lot of community involvement here in Gloucester that you do not find in other areas of the nation. Cities and towns have deserted Main streets that look horrible, yet our own Main street is in great comparative shape and we are blessed with the Gloucester Main Street Association that works very hard at attracting new business to the area and also maintaining high standards for the area. They work closely with the county and it all works to the benefit for all of us.

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