Monday, February 6, 2012

Gloucester To Waste $70,000.00 of Tax Payer Funds?

Back in October of 2011 the majority of Gloucester supervisors voted to spend about $35,000.00 per year over two years on a Pictometry tool for use in aerial photography. Guess no one on the board of supervisors ever heard of Google Earth? A free tool that even the federal government uses? Will show all the aerial photography anyone in the county can use for planning. $70,000.00 can be put to better use in many areas. School funding is cut yet the county has money for a fancy aerial camera that they do not need?

More of your tax dollars working against you. We spend a lot of time criticizing the county on many areas, the objective being to help make Gloucester a better place to live. It is always possible that there are very sound reasons for all the folly we presently are reporting on. Then again, it might just very well be folly that needs to be pointed out and something done about it. There are plenty of families in Gloucester that need help so spending $70,000.00 over two years on an expensive aerial camera in this economy when there are free tools already in place makes no sense. We would like to hear why the county can not use free tools in place of expensive tools. What about the possibility of hiring an outside contractor to take the aerial photography needed at a much lower cost where Google Earth might have some unknown shortfall for county assessments in certain areas?

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