Monday, February 6, 2012

Sheriff Steve Gentry Steps Down And The Real Reason Is?

As of Friday this past week, Sheriff Steve Gentry stepped down from his recently elected position to spend more time with his family. Well anyone who looks at the facts knows that you do not spend a great deal of time and energy as well as those who invested in getting you re elected into your post and then just step down a few months later. The official reason reported in the papers is because Mr Gentry wants to spend more time with his family. The unofficial reason that has already been made public is sexual harassment or sexual misconduct. I will not defend that but I do question it.

I have a number of years of experience dealing in that area of law. From what I have seen in the public posts about this issue, this is something that has been going on for a long time. Inexcusable as it may be, the legal precedence in this type of situation where sexual harassment has been going on for an extended period is hard if not near impossible to prosecute. The reason as I have seen in the past is because a precedent was set and no early charges were filed. Even where multiple charges are filed through a number of employees, if it has been going on for some time, the precedence has been set. Again, I am not defending what he did if he is in fact guilty of this.

What I am saying however, that the chances of the charges actually going all the way through are not in favor of those making the charges. I am not blaming them for making them either mind you. I just do not see sheriff Gentry stepping down because of these charges. I think it might be some other reason. What that reason is I do not know at this time. But I do know that we are now looking at an all new election for sheriff. It takes a very special kind of individual to fill those shoes. It's a rare person who has the stamina both physically and mentally to handle such a job. You have to play politics at the local, state and federal level. Then you have to deal with all the issues in and around the county. Everything from those who want to argue a ticket to the street criminal and everything in between.

Either way, things are rather interesting to watch right now. This should prove to be an interesting year.

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