Monday, February 6, 2012

Politicians Unresponsive To The Masses

Politicians Unresponsive To The Masses

by; Steven Klien

In TTC Media polls, 96.7% of the people polled said that they believe elected officials should answer to the people who voted them in. 100% of the people answered however that they do not believe that our elected officials actually do answer to those who voted them in. 25% of the people did however feel that once in a while, elected officials make somewhat of an effort to seem like they do care about what their constituents issues are.

Commentary from those polled believe that politicians instead answer to the bankers and wherever the money is flowing from. The statistics do not speak well at all on the current state of political affairs as the polling made no distinction between democrats, republicans or any other political party. Finger pointing from one party to another can not be done here.

The statistics would suggest that the system is now so corrupted that it no longer matters who you vote for or who gets in. Politicians are going to do whatever they want despite the promises and it's for the power and the money, not for the people they are supposed to represent.

The death of the American system as we have been taught from early childhood has been long held by many with more people adding their names to the list. The future isn't looking very bright when it comes to politics.

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