Saturday, February 11, 2012

Virginia State Legislators Smoking Dope?

Virginia State Legislators Smoking Dope?

By; Steve Klein

Okay, let's look at whats going on in the world around us. We are clearly in a shrinking economy. It's not going to get better any time soon and everyone knows this, yet our state legislators are sitting in Richmond planning on the largest budget in the history of Virginia. All I can ask, are they all smoking dope in Richmond? Where is it that they are planning to get all the funding for this new massive cash cow from? We the people? Are you kidding? Who has it? You folks have already taken it. Ain't nothin left thar, Jeb.

Maybe the legislators in Richmond have found a new money tree? They need to share that. New businesses coming into Virginia that we are not being told about? Massive new plants coming into the state? Are we the new China manufacturing machine? Get real. Our politicians need to stop playing games with the money that obviously isn't there and come into real life. I know where they can get a lot of their money from. Do not take any pay for the work you are all doing in Richmond and do not take any write off's for all the travel you have to do to the state capital either. Pay for that out of your own pockets. Pledge your pay to help fund the new budgets. Won't do that? Don't do it with our money either then.

In fact, all you legislators should sell all your assets and pledge them to the new budget to show how serious you all are to the health of the state and the people. Sell your cars and take public transportation to the next meeting in Richmond. Can't afford a room there? Go to one of the homeless shelters for the night. Have other income from other businesses? Donate 100% of it to the state budgets. In fact, just donate your entire business to the state and sell off all the assets. Liquidate all your holdings and add it into your new budgets. Show us how serious you are about your plans. Lead by example.

Maybe we can get a loan from China for the new state budget. Wait, let's just sell the state capital to the Chinese. I bet we can get a barrel of oil for it. Let's also sell route 95 to the Arabs. Maybe we can also sell 64 to the Russians for some Vodka. Let's also sell the Chesapeake Bay to the Germans and let them worry about cleaning it up. We can also give Mathews county away to anyone willing to put up with the new UN rules and laws. Let someone else deal with that headache. Wait, let's open a bunch of casino's and meth labs. We can use all the old schools for the new meth labs. Who cares if they blow up then? Legalize dope then we can tax the hell out of it and the legislators won't have to worry about getting busted.

Okay that was purposely absurd. But then again, so is putting together the biggest budget in the history of the state of Virginia during a shrinking economy. That is if our legislators are planning on funding the budgets through new and or increased taxes. Maybe the state should just take it's excess holdings and fund everything that way instead? Ya think? Nah, they are not going to admit they have it. If that were to happen, a lot of people would get awfully mad once they found out about it.

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