Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gloucester, VA Court System Fails To Give Due Process

This is the next article in our story about how Holli M Cohoon keeps going after the victim in the case we have been covering. is the link to the site with the full story.

  You can blow up this image by clicking on it in order to see everything we discuss about this document.  To begin, this is a Petition For Protective Order.  It has been filled out by one Amy Pierce who is a Gloucester County Court Clerk.  We have a number of issues with this document which we will cover in just a moment.  We want to point out that we are not blaming Amy Pierce in any of this despite the fact she created and signed the document.  Many times these things are done under order.

  That order came from Judge Timothy Shaw.  This is the same Gloucester County judge that allowed false evidence and very very questionable practices to happen in his courtroom trying this victim.

So to begin, there is a biased conflict of interest  with here.  But that is not the nasty part of this document.  The nasty part of this document is the fact that Due Process Was Never Given or followed through on.  Look at the date and time of creation.  July 26th, at 1:35 PM.  Now look at the date and time of the court hearing to issue this document if needed.  July 26th, 2:00 PM.  The victim was never given the chance to be heard in this matter.  That is a complete failure of Due Process.

  Now this could be a standard practice in Gloucester County, Virginia Courts, it could even be a standard procedure throughout the entire commonwealth of Virginia.  We have no idea.  Either way, no citizen in the commonwealth of Virginia should ever find this acceptable under any circumstances.   The victim was given 25 minutes to show up in court to argue this case without even being notified of the summons?  Look at the form.  It is a summons with no way for anyone to ever possibly meet especially when the victim isn't notified.  Who are they kidding?

  This is just Gloucester County making up it's own laws as it goes along and the hell with the law books.  What we see here is an awful lot of issues to questions to ask.  We will do so in our next article.

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