Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gloucester, VA Courts To Create Conflict of Interest?

At this point, we have to ask the question as to who is going to hear this case from the articles below this one.  Will it be Judge Shaw?  If so there will be a clear conflict of interest as Judge Timothy Shaw was the judge in the case that we have been reporting on.  This is the link to the full story.  With published complaints against Judge Shaw on the way he handled the case, it would be an extremely clear conflict of interest.  Will it be Judge Long?  We have no personal issues with Judge Long however again, it is fair to claim a conflict of interest as Judge Shaw and Judge Long were and may still be business partners that also included Michael T Soberick who is the attorney we have also published serious complaints about.

  In fact, pretty much any Gloucester County Judge can be fairly claimed as a conflict of interest.  Gloucester County would be well served finding a judge from outside of the county with no discernible ties to any of the local judges or anyone in the local county government.  The court date and time is this Thursday, August 2nd, 2012 at the Gloucester County Courthouse at 3:00 PM.

  Special invitations have already been sent out to Delegate Kieth Hodges and commonwealth of Virginia senator Tommy Norment of the 3rd district to view this proceeding and watch out for any potential conflicts of interest as well as watch out for Gloucester County officials potentially once again making up their own laws as they go along.

  Other members of the press are being sent special invitations to attend this proceeding as well.  Anyone with an interest is also invited to attend to see how the county handles this matter.  At present, numerous Commonwealth Officials are being asked to investigate the corruption of Gloucester, VA officials from the Gloucester County Sheriff's Office, Gloucester, VA Animal Control, Gloucester, VA court clerks, several Gloucester County Commonwealth attorney's, potential corruption of county judge, Judge Shaw, local attorney Michael T Soberick, Holli M Cohoon, and others based on the evidence presented on this site as well as the linked site above and a special locked site where evidence is presented that will not be made public.

  Complaints have been sent to Kenneth T Cuccinelli II, Virginia Commonwealth Attorney General, Virginia Governor Robert F McDonnell, Delegate Kieth Hodges, Commonwealth Senator Tommy Norment, 3rd District of Virginia, the Virginia State Police, and the Newport News division of the FBI.
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