Thursday, August 2, 2012

Gloucester, VA Unclaimed Money Resources

Janet Clemmons Found $450!
"I was working for a company that I ended up quiting that job. I was told I was not owed any more pay. I questioned this company, wrote letters to their corporate office in San Francisco and never could get a response, other than we still do not owe you any money. Something just told me the story was just not right. This has been going on for five years now. I found your website, joined up and I found this company owed me $450. On one hand I was very angry at this company but then on the other hand I was very grateful for your company and your website. 

I contacted made some calls and the money is coming to me now. I am in the city of Detroit and things are doing bad here, the car industry is doing bad here, the film industry is doing bad here. So really $450 is a lot of money I will be able to use for groceries, medical bills. It will take a lot of relieve off of any bills I owe. I am very happy I found this site. I also recommended to friends and family and I was able to find about $1,000 for them. Thank you very much."

Brittanny Coleman Found $3,000!
"I would like to share my success story. I went on line and found that I had $3,000. This helped me out a lot because I was pregnant and my baby had nothing. I was able to get my baby a crib and everything she needed. I was able to get an apartment and I was able to go to school and better my life for my baby. And thanks to cashunclaimed money we are doing pretty good right now. And I recommend unclaimed money site because it helps a lot."

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