Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gloucester, VA Job Board Now Up And Running

The new Gloucester, VA Job Board we have been told is now up and running.  We checked the site out and sure enough, it is loaded with jobs.  They have an incredible deal that not even the local papers such as the Gloucester Mathews Gazette Journal or Glo Quips can even come close to matching.  Employers can post help wanted ads on the site for only twenty five dollars per job for an entire 30 days.

  We have also added other job listings that cover the Norfolk, Virginia area.  If you are willing to travel, then there are more options on the lower right hand side column of this site.  Gloucester has lacked a good place to search for jobs for some time now.  Gloucester, VA Jobs is now filling that gap.

  We are working to add more features to help everyone get the most out of your Internet experience.  We are now working on bringing in a new staff member to write articles about job searching and success strategies for landing the interview and then landing the job.  We have linked Gloucester, VA Jobs at the top of this site and on the right hand column sidebar of this site.  Or  http://gloucesterva.jobamatic.com/a/jbb/find-jobs is the direct link to the site.

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