Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gloucester, VA Early History Series Continued

We are adding yet another piece to our early Gloucester, VA history series with this special e-book we have just finished putting together and re-publishing.  Now the works states Jamestown, but for the beginning period, Gloucester, Virginia was very much a part of Jamestown, Virginia.  We are giving away free downloads on this e-book and it is licensed under a Creative Commons license 3.0.  You have two choices of where you can download the book from.  One is from Slideshare itself and the other is form our own link.  CLICK HERE for your free download from our own link.

  In the event you have any confusion on how to download the e-book from this site, https://sites.google.com/site/gloucesterresources/download-info for help on your download.  While on that expansion site, you can also download the free e-book conversion software and turn this e-book into another format to use on other devices in more useful ways to you.

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